Atelier Momoni

Jan 10, 2014

    1. Hi All,

      I noticed that there wasn't a thread for these cuties yet! I have a Melo on order and would love to chat to anyone who has already received one of these lovely girls :)

      Atelier Momoni Shop - Where to purchase the girls
      Atelier Momoni Blog - Progress & Sculpt photos
    2. I hope more people order Melos, I found a few girls on flickr but I want to see more. I really want one to reshell my little fox boy. Melo's face is so cute!
    3. I placed an order for a white resin melo* with faceup yesterday. :celebrate I was bummed that I missed the last preorder, so sent a message inquiring to see if there were any extras available, and there were! I couldn't pass up the opportunity - she's just too adorable! I'm very interested in Nena02 as well, the new Reira face is cuteness personified.
    4. Me too! I can't wait to see the first resin cast, she's definitely on my wish list ;)
    5. Hi everyone!!! I bought Melo last year!!!! She is so adorable that I want to share 2 pictures of her that I took on my travel arround Japan last November. The wig does not convince me at all and I'm still working in her definitive look but well... Hope you like it!


      Hope you enjoy!!!! I wish to see more pictures of her in this treat, specially if someone has the tanned one!!!!!!!!
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    6. How absolutely adorable!! Can't wait to get my own little cutie :D
    7. Me too! Yay! Can't wait to see everyone's new arrivals :)
    8. EvilShara - aww, she's adorable! And she's got heterochromia?

      I got my tan melo* (that's the actual name of the sculpt!) today, will post some photos and a box-opening later. I wasn't sure about her when picked up the box, but the second I stuck some eyes in I knew she was staying....
    9. EvilShara love your girl's freckles and pigtails, such a cutie pie! That dress is perfect for her too :)

      My melo* came yesterday and she's soooo so so so cute! Love her expressiveness - her cheeky smile, dynamic hands, even the little arches in her feet. I was lucky and have a dress and eyes that work perfectly for her, but none of the wigs in my stash work, so I'll have to remedy that soon. But even bald she's just the sweetest thing!

      Oh also - I love her resin, and the faceup is excellent. Perfect cat - eye :)
    10. Hurray for more Melo*! I definitely think I need to order one very soon now, especially since there doesn't seem to be any boys yet XD I want to reshell my boy!

      Thankfully our financial situation is starting to get better so i'll actually be able to afford dolls soon.
    11. Hi everybody, want to share my new girl this is Peach : she is so sweet !!!

      Hope you enjoy with her :)
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    12. Yestarday I got my Melo!!
      To day I made her face up and she is really so cute now!!!!

      IMG_9731 por yotsuba_amai, en Flickr
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    13. All Melos look beautiful!!!!!!!! Lovely!!!!!!!

      By the way... Can you help me?... I'm still not sure to have the definitive wig for Melo... I have done some photos with diferent wigs... which ones do you think suits her mostly?????


      What do you think?????;)
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    14. They're all so cute, I can't choose! What size & brand are those? My melo* is still bald, poor thing... I still gotta order her a wig or two and the ones yours is wearing look great!
    15. Hi some news of my Melo : she's got a new outfit ^^

      Hugs everyone :)

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    16. I placed my order for a tan Nena02!!! So excited...
    17. [​IMG]

      Here is my girl Primrose, saying hello to everybody. ~
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    18. I placed my order for a Nena Toffe too chrissa5girl ;)

      I am so happy to have two girls from Momoni Ateliers !!!!!!!

      Bitterblue I want to see more of your little Primrose !!!!!
    19. Athenais Thanks so much, I'll make sure to post some more pictures of Prim. ;3

      Also congratulations for the Nena02 order, can't wait to see them. ~