Preorder Atelier Murinae Mouseling preorder

Feb 17, 2017

    1. Hello!
      It's my second preorder but a debut on Den of Angels :)

      Mouseling is a 10.5cm anthro petdoll modeled after my own pet mice, it features 15 points of articulation including magnetic tail and fits perfectly with 1:12 scale dollhouse items.
      It will be professionally casted by Haru.

      The preorder runs from February 16th till March 3rd
      The price is 189USD + shipping

      Payment through Paypal after the preorder ends, estimated shipping time is May.
      Faceup and handmade clothes also available

      You can find out all the details at

      Feel free to PM here or email to [email protected]

      Thank you for looking!




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    2. Do you have a picture of the back that shows the tail better?
    3. Took some photos that show the tail. Haru's magnets are so strong you can actually pick the doll up by it ^^


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