ATStudio Dolls

Mar 1, 2021

    1. Just got permission from the mods that they're on topic, so I decided to make this thread for these gorgeous boys.

      They don't have a website it seems, but are active on Weibo and Instagram.


      I have one of the special Baker heads (not the elf version, though I'd love to have one of those too):

      Anyone else have any of the gorgeous ATStudio boys?
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    2. Thank you @Chikku for starting this discussion.
      I do not have these boys but I am falling in love with "Orion" He is very gorgeous and I really like his open eyes face. I hope I can find one (body and head)!
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    3. Orion is so gorgeous! Such a beautiful sculpt. I wish these boys were easier to find-- or at least had an international order period. I think she released a body last year too.
    4. Agreed! Orion is beautiful! Its so sad how difficult these guys are to come by:pout:
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    5. Ive just snatched one Baker full doll last week. Im waiting for him to arrive. And yes, thank you for making this!
    6. I'm waiting for Auriga to be released as he's super handsome and I love how his face is sculpted!
    7. I also long for the head of Orion or the new Baker. I am desperate that there is no international sale.
    8. Congratulations!!!!! I do know that these boys are very limited release and no international selling (as of now), hopefully that would change!
    9. Their boys are gorgeous :whee::whee:
    10. thank youuuuu! That was what the previous owner told me as well. And hopefully the artist do! They have such amazing dolls! Will post lots of pict and possibly a body review when he arrives!
    11. @lizumi156 I cant wait to see him!! Hope he arrives safe
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    12. He looks gorgeous!

      They really are, aren't they? :D

      Yes, please post when he arrives! I haven't seen much of the body, so super excited!
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    13. ATStudio dolls are to die for. I'm also eyeing Auriga, he's such a beautiful, sexy boy! And it seems like he's coming in both SD and MSD size with a new body line. I'm hoping if there's enough people demonstrating their interest for international orders, the artist might open them up for international sale. One can only hope, right?
    14. Completely agreed! I so hope that orders are opened internationally soon

    15. Video edited using Inshot
      Music by Maipen Lei
      Musician: Beltone
      I dont have any camera at the moment, so decided to do just a quick body review on this guy - (cap.hook0101 on insta) ATStudio New Baker in normal skin. The body was just released last year I think, so Im hoping this helps since I barely see any review of this body online.
      Resin: His overall resin quality is pretty similar to my previous doll - Granado Lucifer on Vigor 75cm. Kind of plastic/ glossy looking compared to the more matte finish in some other dolls. Resin color is like cream in color, and not too yellow. The doll is quite heavy, though its a given since he’s 74cm. He does not have any seam lines, and he arrived very clean. Ive yet to see the inside of the body though, but the inside of the head as well as the body look neat in general.
      Sculpting/ Detail: I love his face the most. He has an open mouth with the upper teeth and tongue showing. He does look similar to most Idealian sculpts. Yeah, the body looks a bit tad like that of the Idealian body, the overall silhouette that is. Though the hands and feet dont come with the extra circular resin part that I think the idealian body has. The neck looks really wide too. He has detachable man parts - one that seems like a peen cup (good when wearing pants), and the regular peen (uncut, yes I had to say that). Overall I love how the body looks. It’s the typical muscular body, though at some angles he looks rather curvy than broad.
      Posing: He has no thigh and waist joints, which makes his range of motion limited. He is double jointed. He came out of the box pretty tightly strung, and can sit and stand fine. The arms I think move well, he can touch his face etc. Other movements seem standard. He can barely crouch though. His torso can move back okay. Overall Im just glad he can do basic poses, though it would have been nice if he had a thigh joint, and can slouch a bit better. In short, theres nothing spectacular about his posing ability.
      Others: His box is really pretty (not shown in the video). Its very sturdy. Inside is the standard protective foam. I really love his COA as well as the care manual, and how it was placed inside a pretty envelop. It looks really neat.
      When bought straight from the artist, he ought to arrive with an extra elf head, and a pair of hands with long sassy nails (or claws).
      I like the doll overall. Though I may be pretty biased since I’ve really been wanting a doll with the soom Idealian aestethics. Also, I rarely open dolls inside their original company boxes since I prefer buying secondhand, so this was a nice experience.
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    16. His thigh can also be rotated, which is nice. The Granado Vigor body poses well, though the thigh rotation was somehow restricted. Feel free to ask questions on the body, or on the doll overall <3 Ill try my best to answer
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    17. @lizumi156 Congratulations! And thank you so very much for your video! I do not have any questions and to me your video show me what I need to know!
      I was thinking after watching your video that Idealian jointed hands may not be able to use with AtStudio body. That will be something for me to think about. Thank you, again!!!!!!!
    18. Congrats! Hes so pretty! Newbie question but what are thigh and waist joints? :sweat
    19. @_doll_ingg_ Thigh joints are a division that allow the leg to be rotated /edit: in motions from the hip, such as sitting cross-legged. The waist joint is a division between the torso and pelvis (basically where the waistband of pants would sit) which lets the upper body lean a bit forward, backward or side to side.

      I found an article here on thigh joints! Also, a comparison of legs with and without a thigh mobility joint here. (Beware dolly nudity, lol.) Here’s an example of torso jointing with and without as well. Hope that helps!
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    20. @Deux Silences OHH! Thanks! I didn't think that the elastic could restrict movement like that. Yes I know what a waist joint is... I forgot lol:doh