Preorder Attack on Titan "Captain Levi" is now ready for reservation.

Nov 3, 2017

    1. Attack on Titan

      Enjoy this Special Offer for you.
      Captain Levi is now available again in our online store in Ver. 4.

      Hurry up and don't miss this chance.
      Originally sell by site Levi | DOLKUS.COM

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    2. Will the outfit be available separately? I don't need another Levi, but it would be nice to have more clothing for the one I've got...
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    3. Seconding this
      I would love the outfit and extras only, I don't need another Levi either
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    4. Hello, thank you for your comments, by the way as per our management we can't sell the outfits separately., sorry to tell you guys :), have a great day.
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