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attending a physical volks after event?

Sep 6, 2005

    1. i'll be in tokyo next week in time for the nagoyaHTD after event at the volks stores.

      just wondering if anyone here has attended one and can share their experiences?

      basically, i'm looking to adopt toppi, and maybe try for a few of their clothing releases, just wondering how hard it will be...^^;;;

      thanks guys~ :D
    2. I'm going to the Nagoya shop for the After Event.... I'm planning to try to get Sweet Dream Rengemaru and a few things for friends. I'm really stressed at the possibility of not being able to get him... and then you hear about horrible things like getting shifted to lottery after people have been waiting in line for hours, and then some people getting one of each thing to scalp. I'm really nervous! :cry:
    3. *double entry*
    4. oh dear, i hope they don't shift to lottery, that wouldn't really be fair. imo.

      do you know how early people would start to queue? i'm staying a stone's throw away from the studio alta branch, so getting there early shouldn't be a problem methinks?

      good luck~ sleeping renge, is totally adorable.
    5. It says on the afterparty page that they won't allow an all-night vigil... but I don't know how early they find acceptable. I don't know what they'll do if people DO show up that early either. I mean... I'm not planning to go till 7:30 or 8 because I'm not so fussy, and I would be happy with Rengemaru or Suzuna. I think everyone's going to be trying for Toppi and Magical Michael.... so good luck with getting Toppi! I hope you can get her. She's really cute, especially repainted.

      Our staff told us that last afterevent people were lining up at 4 am. :oops: I'm not that devoted, I guess!
    6. I went to an after-event in Osaka. When I got there at 7:30, there was already a huge line and zero change of getting a limited. (Which was fine with me, I wasn't there for that anyway.) I think you should at least get there by 6am, but it wouldn't hurt just to keep an eye out earlier if your hotel is really that close.

      Edit: Oh, and I should add that the staff had a stack of little ticket things and as it got closer to the opening, they went down the line asking people what they wanted to buy. You needed a ticket for the limited dolls and some of the other items, like sunglasses. You didn't need them for clothes, eyes, etc. When the store opened, people just brought their tickets to the register, and if you didn't have the right one, then I suppose you were out of luck.
    7. I guess I'm a little optimistic because last After Event, I couldn't go because I had to work... so I went about 15 minutes before closing that night. They still had like, 12 Heaths and one each of Rengemaru and Suzuna (though there were no Liz or Arashi). So I'm not sure what I'm planning...

      Nagoya's a smaller city, I can only hope that it won't be as crowded as bigger shops like Tokyo or Osaka. Still, I guess I should motivate myself out of bed and to the shop at 6, huh?
    8. I am also planning on attending the After Event in Japan. I'm getting more nervous about it just hearing everyone talk about it. I'm -desparately- wanting to get Rengemaru. armeleia good luck vibes to you for him as well!!!!! XD

      I have been to some of the Sumika around Tokyo and asked about how the lines will be set up this year. The Harajuku Sumika is DEFINITELY doing it by lottery. The Shinjuku Sumika isn't sure yet. The only other one I asked was the Lalaport Sumika in northern Funabashi and they're not sure yet either. ~_~;;; They suggested calling whatever store you're planning to go to a day or two beforehand and ask them how they'll be setting up the lines.

      I will most likely go to the Lalaport Sumika as it's closer and seemed less trafficked. I HOPE they do it by "first come first serve"... I have really bad luck in lotteries.

      inertia sent me THIS link to Cassiel's journal detailing her experience at the ALTA Sumika :)

      Good luck on getting Toppi!!! She's adorable!!! XD And good luck to everyone pining after the AE items!!!!
    9. *dies* The Nagoya Sumika is closed (for rennovation, we think?) until the After Event. I can't call to find out! I'll have to try e-mailing Volks... If I'm understanding Babelfish though, it looks like the Nagoya Showroom is getting a Robot Stadium (!!!!!).

      Good luck getting your Rengemaru too!
    10. thanks guys for the info, i'm thinking, if i can wake up, i shall go at 5am. :P

      armeleia: oh dear, i hope you do manage to get your SD renge *prays for you~*

      just one more question, if it's a lottery, do they do that on the spot?
      *has horrible luck tho..*

      good luck to all~ :D
    11. revelation, when I asked the gentleman at the ALTA Sumika, he said it would go this way if they used a lottery system...

      1) everyone lines up
      2) everyone is given a lottery ticket
      3) everyone lines up according to the #s on the lottery ticket
      4) they pass out the limited cards
      5) entry into the building for purchase

      I have crappy luck with lotteries myself, so I'm hoping that they don't do that at ALTA, where you're planning to go. Also hoping that Lalaport doesn't do it either, but the lady at the counter there said they usually do it first come first serve, but that because they have so many popular children this year, they may do it differently, in other words, lottery. That may be the case at ALTA as well. If you can, give them a call the day before. Words to watch out for are "senjaku" (first come first serve) and "chuusen" (lottery). Good luck with your shopping XD
    12. soulabyss, thank you very much, that's incredibly helpful information.


      can't wait till next weekend...:D
    13. soulabyss, thanks! That's really useful. I e-mailed Volks to ask them about my branch, and they said most branches would be doing it by lottery... but couldn't tell me about mine in particular.

      I've heard that if you show up earlier, you get "better" lottery numbers... anyone know if that's true?
    14. revelation & armeleia No problem! I'm glad that my Volks store-hopping has been able to inform! :)

      That kind of sucks about Volks saying most of the stores will be using lottery. If the stores we go to do it that way, let us all pray to the gods of GOOD lottery numbers for each other. But they did not say ALL! Which still gives some hope.

      I don't know about early=good lottery numbers, but I might be wandering the streets overnight as the earliest train wouldn't get ANYWHERE until 6:30 or so. WAY too late in my opinion. Living in the boonies sucks ~_~
    15. Heh... if we can both get our Rengemarus, we should let them be friends or something. :D Like lucky little stars. Good luck on your Rengemaru! My friend is coming with me, so she'll be getting a lottery number too... twice the chance, maybe! Do you have anyone who can come with you to get another lottery number?

    16. Totally!! :D That would be lovely~ Good luck to you too. I sincerely hope you get him. I'll cry in public if I don't get him, I swear. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends in my area that would be willing to, or even interested in coming with me. I was hoping one of my teachers might be willing to check the website or the phone for me, but that would probably wind up with me putting too much faith in something that would be forgotten. *le sigh* SO it's just going to be me myself and I hanging out in front of some Volks store at all hours of the night. %D Fun fun fun! I'm PRAYING that everyone goes for Toppi and Michael. ANYONE but Rengemaru ;_;
    17. good luck to alll~~~~ :D
    18. To anyone going to the Shinjuku ALTA Sumika OR the Lalaport Sumika... THEY ARE BOTH LOTTERY!!! :cry:

      The ALTA Sumika will apparently STOP giving out lottery numbers at 9:00am so be there BY 8:30AM!

      For anyone considering going to Lalaport (besides me...anyone want to come with me? ;_; Two numbers are better than one~~) they're opening at 9:00 so anyone lining up has to be there before then.

      Good luck to everyone, I hope you all get the dolls and items you are hoping for!
    19. oh no, :cry: but thanks for letting me know~

      i hope everyone gets the dolls they want too~~
    20. Good luck to everyone who's going, and to everyone who's trying the online After Event! Post tomorrow with your good news!