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Attention Artists: Jpopdolls is now USA Rep, for Weiju, custom bjd's

May 31, 2010

    1. Hello artists and makers of Ball Joint Dolls. I am very excited to announce that Jpopdolls is now the American rep for Weiju in China. We custom make ball joint dolls to your specification from your sculpt. We can also perfect your original dolls with our team of experts. Your dolls will stand, sit, and pose perfectly. Numerous resin color available. Highest quality resin. Low minimum quantity to start with.

      We also make custom clothing, wigs and shoes.
      to inquiry, please email jpopdolls@aol.com
    2. So, is this a service that's akin to DIM and Nobility Doll's Minimee in that it's possible to commission and otherwise purchase a 'one-off' sculpt, etc? Or, judging by the 'low minimum quantity to start with' part, is what this company offers more geared towards aiding people who plan to design and sell their own dolls?

      Additionally, would you happen to have any examples of this company's past works in terms of sculpting, clothing, etc?

      Regardless, another company offering custom sculpting work while also offering a more broad selection of resin colors is phenomenal news. ;v;

      Edit: Oh, derp. Disregard this, I totally missed the 'from your sculpt' part. So what they offer is a casting service?
    3. As a sculptor, I'd also like to know price ranges for the services and If I make a head could Jpop make a body for it? But how does the service work exactly?
    4. Adding to comment above,

      I would also like more information on what prices for each size is? (60cm, 45cm, 23cm?))
    5. Hello Everyone,
      PegasusxCroquet:The company is geared to producing dolls for artist from sculpt, however a doll can be produced from sketch, there would simply be cost in developement. For more on this please email me. Since many artist like to keep private where they have things made, I can share some photos of past work with you.
      Bubble Gum Goth: Yes a body can be made for you to your liking, please email me for details.
      Elysion Gear: Again, please email me, but to answer a bit here. Price ranges on size and complexity. Each doll is different.
    6. This is great news! Is it possible to see resin samples (as far as color and translucency)? I think that would help folks imagine how thin parts like fingers would look. Thanks!
    7. If someone has a head from a company, but wants a custom body, could you make a body to fit that head?
    8. I think the question was already asked. grael has responded that a custom body can be ordered through this service. Sounds pretty cool. ^^
    9. Resin can be made in any color, translucent or not, it can be matched to a swatch or resin chip and artist would provide.
    10. This is very tempting, but I would want more information as well as pictures of dolls sculpted/cast by the company is there any of this info available?
    11. Yes, please email me for more information.
    12. I agree I would like to see more information and example pictures of previous work
    13. I have e-mailed you but have not gotten a response yet. This is very exciting.
    14. HI which email did you use. I believe I have answered everyone so far. It appears that there are a lot of artists out there. Very exciting. I have over 50 emails I answered today.
    15. As for past work. Most artists do not like to share who produces there dolls. I can say though that they make the Kaye Wiggs dolls which can be seen on my site. WWW.jpopdolls.net
    16. This is not Bobobie related company is it?

      Very interesting! sounds like a great leg up for people with great design and vision but needing technical help :) thinks about myself!
    17. Hi Everyone,
      I am answering a LOT of emails, seems there are so many out there who want to make dolls.
      NO this is not Bobobie related!
    18. Hello everyone,
      I seem to be answering the same questions, so I would like to clarify some things here.
      We cannot make 1 doll or 1 body. In order for me to give you pricing, I need specifics, not general. This is a customization factory, so each detail of a sculpt changes pricing. So please if you are emailing, include all specific information.