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Attitudes towards your dolls/hobby now versus then.

Aug 23, 2010

    1. Searched around, but didn't find a thread like this (unless it's somewhere in last page limbo), so to restate:

      How is your attitude towards your dolls and the hobby now versus the time you received your first doll?

      Do you feel that you need to keep your interest in the hobby as you did when you first started? If not, does this make you a negligent owner?

      As for me, I got my boy back in 2007 and loved the time I had with him. I took so many pictures, was never afraid to take him out wherever I went, I always loved dressing him in many different ways, and even did drawings of him and other bjds I liked.

      Nowadays, my attitudes toward the hobby have changed. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I feel that I don't have the same enthusiasm as I used to have about the hobby. It wasn't even that long ago that I got him, but lately, the hobby has bumped down my priority list because of school, jobs, etc. I felt bad neglecting him for so long and I even tried to sell him, but had no luck. I didn't know how much commitment came into owning these dolls (reselling is so hard! DX ).

      Now I've tried to regain that interest, and it seems to be working out a bit. I've been re-styling my boy and have a new set of clothes for him to wear, and it seems that it's bringing me back into the hobby. I still don't think I'll do as much as I used to with my boy, but I hope that doesn't make me a bad owner. I do a lot to take care of him, but I just don't "play" with him as much any more. My life has to go on, and it seems that the bjd hobby isn't much of a hobby for me anymore.

      How do you guys feel about changed attitudes about the hobby? Does it just happen? Has it happened to you? Will it ever?
    2. I'm still very new to the hobby, but I additude has done basically a 180 from where it was.
      Before I really knew what BJDs were, I had only seen them on DA and had only seen pics from only very few different owners so I hadn't seen any variaty. I have to admit, I belived for a long time that:
      1. they were all male
      2. they were all emo
      and 3. they weren't customizable (otherwise why would there only be male emo ones?)
      I really kind of hated them. I would see a pic and just think "oh great another stupid emo pic of this person's doll":roll:
      It wasn't until I started looking for a doll I could customize that I started paying attention to them.
      I've since been enlightened, and like almost all of them (even the emo male ones):lol:
    3. I love the hobby just as much as I ever have. However, over time I've figured out better what I like and what works for me. Even though I really dislike having to sell dolls, I am willing to do it now as well as change a doll over to a different character. I'm really trying to stick to pre-existing characters now and focus mostly on one storyline -- I've basically started working on making the group more cohesive, and setting more limits at to who and how many I end up bringing home.
    4. Ah, I am just like that too. When I got my first girl, I was so enthusiastic, and I brought her so many places. I did face-ups more often, and was on DoA a lot more too. Now, I have really started to focus on other things that have to be a priority. I'm no longer taking easy English classes or ridiculously simple core requirements; school taking a 180 (I'm now in the math and science college) has meant that many other things have gone that way as well. Before I used to have time to see large groups of friends, and now I barely have time to text my closest friends. :( That said, my doll hobby has sort of turned into a "sit on the couch and look cute" collection instead of the former artistic projects. However, that's not really a bad thing either, and it's encouraged me to branch out into other spectrum of the hobby that I wouldn't have delved into earlier.

      Never before would I have bought a fullset doll if a basic version was available. I recently bought a fullset because when it arrives mid-late-semester, I'll be able to enjoy her as she is out of the box! This certainly helps keep me enthusiastic about the hobby, even if it's not everything I want it too be at the moment (I originally got into these dolls because it has me doing art again), and it's not like I won't have breaks here and there.

      I still intend this hobby to be mostly artistic, after all, I have a few floating heads that I refuse to sell for this reason. Eventually I know I will have time again. However, in short, I have become more comfortable with others doing the customization on my own dolls if I didn't have time.
    5. I'll take this question from the time I first heard about them till now (since I only just received my first doll.)

      When I first found out about BJD's I didn't really like dolls, but I loved sewing. My aunt thought a good doll would be perfect for me to practice my sewing and so she got a doll magazine. when I flipped to the page containing the Super Dollfie limited doll I fell in love. I got on their website (which they only had in Japanese at the time) and used a currency converter to find out that this doll was way too expensive to ask for for my birthday or christmas. I was crushed.

      over the course of interveneing years my interest has wavered. at times I went months without even thinking about the dolls or looking at the volks website (since it was the only one I knew of at the time), and at others I was practically glued to my computer with the desire to have one of these dolls.

      now that I'm set to get my Pan I'm super excited but I know that everything goes in cycles so I'm pretty sure there will come a time when I go days without touching my Pan even once, but after that I'll fall back into a frenzy of sewing and picture taking and so on.
    6. I've had a large change in the way I view my dolls as well.

      I bought my first over two years ago, just intending to have one (hah). I made him a few outfits, took a few pictures... but he mostly stayed in his box. I was extremely careful with him, since I'd spent so much money and didn't feel comfortable leaving him out.

      Then, about a year ago, I finally discovered and joined Den of Angels. My doll focus has turned around completely. I now own about five dolls, practice modding and faceups, sew frequently, and, best of all, actually have them out on display (in my always-dark bear-cave of a room, lol). I browse the internet looking at doll pictures in a lot of my spare time, and even have enough of a knowledge base about the hobby in general to help newer users.

      It's not like I interact or "play" with the dolls every day. During the school year, there were times I've gone weeks without touching them, and I don't expect that to change much during college. But I enjoy them a lot more now than I used to, mainly because I know how to.

      I'm very curious to see what impact college is going to have on it, though.
    7. I'm still just as crazy about them as ever, but I'm a little more careful about adding new ones to the group. There's only so much room in this house.
    8. I think I love them more now, actually. It's not that I didn't before, but in a way it's like I didn't "get" them at first. I loved my girl and put her in pretty things and added more to my collection, and they went places with me, but it was reeeally recently when I realized I could be doing even more with dollies!~

      So now I'm an amateur dolly artist learning the works and I am crazier about them than I've ever been before. :3 :aheartbea
    9. I'm still pretty new, but for my experience with other hobbies, I can tell that you attitude about a certain thing always changes. The way you behave, the things you consider important, change according to the things that worry you the most.

      Say, as an example, that you get a new job today. You keep working for two years and your only worry is to save so you can get your dolls. You're enthusiastic and all. Then, one day, they fire you. Your priority changes. Well, it's the same with every other little thing. The mind tends to give priority to things we need more. It doesn't mean you love them less, just that you must worry about other things too :)

      I know I'm less enthusiastic now that when I first bought a BJD, because I've got different things on my mind. But I still love the dolls, keep buying them, and I keep working on them when I have the time. And it's the same with my other hobbies...
    10. When I first discovered BJD, I thought they were for the most part really beautiful, but I didn't think I'd ever be able to spend so much on a doll. At the time my dream doll was around $600 and that seemed absurd to me. But eventually I got her and it opened the floodgates. I've had a lot of BJD, and I swore when I started collecting dolls I'd never sell any...yet I've since changed that perspective because life changes. I also thought I'd never have boy dolls and didn't like male BJD, but I have two now, though I struggled with whether to keep them or not, and in the end they're still here. I also realize it is getting harder to re-sell some dolls so I'm trying to be more thoughtful about who I bring home. When I got into the hobby it was always about finding a new doll to bring home and it was always about that "incoming" excitement, though now I focus more on enjoying who is here.

      All in all, I have more dolls now and spending time styling and photographing them all isn't nearly as easy as it was when I had less dolls. When I got into the hobby I was single and life was pretty boring--I just worked and focused on the hobby. Now I'm engaged and working more and have a lot more going on in life so I don't really have the same level of time to devote to the hobby but I still am happy to have the outlet.
    11. I have noticed that there has been a progression in the way I look at the doll hobby.

      When I first started, I was focused on my one doll. I found out about BJDs, was able to bring one home, and spent around two years just sewing for, and photographing, drawing, even writing a bit about that one doll.

      Now I own five dolls. Each doll I get has fewer clothes, fewer photos for each. Hehe. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy them though! I still will take one out and photograph or sew for it, but I also have less time in general to devote to this hobby due to my work schedule.

      I have also found that since I have joined DoA, that my focus in this hobby has shifted. For a while, while I was flooded with the new resources that DoA provided, my wishlist swelled to a massive size. The hobby at that time was all about seeing new dolls. However, I could not afford to purchase many new dolls during this period, so the emphasis on my time was devoted to looking at BJDs online. I would do this even more than I played with the dolls that were physically sitting across the room from me.

      Now I have matured my tastes more. I have seen more dolls in person at meets, and I have experienced dolls from different companies in my own collection. Now my wishlist is quite narrow. The emphasis is no longer so heavily on acquiring new dolls, but more enjoying the ones that I have and finishing up the little group that as it appears in my head. I have been able to purchase more dolls recently, but I know that they are dolls that are more suited to me than many that I have wanted in the past.

      Now I will choose a doll on a day off, when I am going to the botanical gardens, or someplace special, and I will take one doll with me to spend time with and photograph. I have the chance to choose who I feel like creating an outfit for. And I enjoy this. I feel much more relaxed with my dolls now. I have a better understanding of how they work, and I how I work with them. So I think that I am just as in love with the hobby, though it may be expressed in a different way. ^_^
    12. My way of living the hobby changed a lot when me and my bf moved in together. From that time on I didn't have as much time as before, household, cooking, washing etx, all were more important.
      I am not able anymore to keep all my dolls with me at all times. When I still lived with my parents they all sat on the shelf above my bureau, where the computer was. Now they sit in a backroom where I had my pc untill about a month ago. My bf doesn't like the doll so he doesn't want them in the living room. (Not the most perfect place either, it's oriented south) and I placed my pc there for him, he likes having me around etx ;)

      I don't have as much time for faceups either, I used to play with my dolls a lot more aswel, just because I wasn't disturbed the entire time. Now, if I'm doing a faceup, my bf always checks in on me a few times, and comes watching over my shoulder, which is the most annoying thing in the world!

      I do try to keep at least one dolle with me when I'm home alone etx, just for company and to give them attention.

      My way of spending money has changed aswell. I didn't have to pay much to my parents and had a decent amount I got per month, so saving up went rather well. Since I had no costs all the money went to dolls, also, not possible anymore :p

      I suppose it's all natural that things change when you go live together, for me it's just the dollie life that changed a lot. But I don't love my dolls less because of that ofc ;)
    13. I got into the doll hobby in about 2006 and remember being really enthusiastic about it, border line obsessed. I remember spending most of my spare time lurking on here learning about all the different molds, company’s, and just learning as much as I could about them in general.

      When I got my first doll a MNF Shiwoo I played with him almost everyday taking pictures or doing some sort of story. I never really did take him out much if at all. My interest really didn’t waver at all for a while but soon after I got my Shiwoo I got my Dollshe Bernard. He is my dream doll I lovers him so much and I think he is the one that still primarily drives my interest. Though I have to admit I don’t spend nearly as much time with them. They do a lot of sitting around, mostly due to work. When I get home it’s usually dark and the lighting isn’t good for photos and I’m tired from work, so I just want to eat something and then veg out and watch some TV or play the Wii or DS or something. But now and again I will find myself really interested in them and want to play with them a lot.

      I know I will never sell any of them, which is just my take on it. I feel very much attached to the dolls I have and the characters they represent. I made careful decisions about the ones I picked and I’m sure it will be the same for any future dolls.

      So I don’t think I will ever give up the hobby I like them to much.
    14. When I first got into the hobby waaaaaay back in 05/06, I had this 'DIY everything' attitude. I was making clothes and fiber wigs and hell bent on not buying anything I could make. This was pretty taxing, since I would be seeing other BJDs with beautiful new clothes and pretty, pretty wigs while mine was just about dressed in rags. In about 2007, it got even worse, because I acquired a new doll that I had to struggle to characterise, so they ended up being hidden away for quite awhile and ignored.

      When I got back into the hobby again, I had a nice, full bank, and the USD had dropped by about 20-30cents to the dollar, and suddenly, wigs and clothes were cheap. I gave in and bought a ton of doll stuff. I also finally managed to get a fix on my second doll's character, and then decided that I would use the two of them to tell stories.

      Somewhere in the process of it, I ended up purchasing another two dolls, both of which I am now in the process of selling because I had managed to, uh, use up most of all of my savings. *cough* Yeap, so recently, I've been trying to be a little more brutal about my collection, instead of thinking, 'oh, someday I will, like, totally get him a body'.

      One other difference now versus back then is that now, my dolls tend to sit outside, under the table, rather than being hidden away in their carriers or in a cupboard. This is because my mother has finally been made aware that I have 3 dolls, instead of 1. >_> I still have another 2 hidden away, though. *facepalm* But I can probably come clean properly next year. *cough*

      I guess the major attitude change between then and now is that I'm more willing to spend money (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too willing, damn it) on them. =_= I suppose it can only get worse once I graduate and get a steady income. D8
    15. A lot changed for me as well when my boyfriend and I got an apartment together. Two years ago I lived on my own, had my dolls out in my room, had them sit near my while I watched TV, and bought whatever I liked for them. My boyfriend is afraid of dolls, but tolerates them. Still the bedroom is off limit for my dolls and I don't have my dolls near me anymore when I watch TV. It would make my boyfriend uncomfortable. A year ago I got a rabbit who lives in the living room and so my dolls had to go to a small room where the rabbit is not allowed. (My rabbit would otherwise "play" with my dolls if he gets the chance, which means throwing them around and a lot of nibbling/destroying.) So I don't get to see my dolls often unless I make time for them.
      Living together also means I can't (and shouldn't) hide what I buy and I've gotten a few raised eyebrows at the fifth to tenth package arriving that week. It's my money to spend, but my boyfriend reminds me that there are other nice things I could spend it on too. ;)

      When I first got into the hobby late 2006 I thought everybody was into customising and everybody took their dolls apart without thinking twice. That's what these dolls are made for, so my first doll was taken apart, had his seams sanded and put back together within 24 hours after arrival. I thought that it couldn't be hard, if everybody does it. I have now gotten used to the fact not everybody feels comfortable to take their dolls apart. Not everybody is a DIY kind of person. Some like to enjoy a nice doll, but not tinker with it.
    16. I brought my first doll about two years ago and like many people on here I thought he'd be my one and only doll :)

      I think most of us think that when we begin, but I know better now XD I have 5 in total atm and keep seeing more that I would love to own.

      I still love the doll hobby. :) I just have evolved the way I collect. I decided very early on that I would not allow myself to get more than 2 a year (so that I don't flood myself with dolls - as tempting as that can be sometimes!!) I also agreed to only buy dolls that I completely fall in love with. If I didn't love a doll competely then I won't buy it. Simple :) It's a nice system and it seems to work :)

      I used to be more active about the whole taking photos, sewing, showing off my dolls and stuff online, but that's kinda faded now. I do spend lots of time with my resin family but they are mostly there for me now. I don't care as much now about what other people think or whether they even like my lot. I love them all so that's the only thing that matters :) I would like to be a bit more active and show off art and stuff I sew for them, but it's finding the time for it that's the trick...

      I think as you get older you find out what you want to spend your time doing, you care less about other's opinions and begin to enjoy things because you like them. which I think is an important thing to discover :)
    17. Me too. I have a limit of max 5 big resin dolls and I already have 4. I also have a no sell policy. I no longer rush to order dolls. Nothing seem to excite me a lot these days. Even very popular releases are not so appealing. My no sell policy is a problem, I'm still not willing to sell any of my dolls, not even willing split. At some point, somebody will have to be sold. 5 dolls isn't a lot, but I think it's my max. I may have to sell and exchange some dolls for a more cohesive group based on an anime/manga series.
    18. How is your attitude towards your dolls and the hobby now versus the time you received your first doll?
      It's definitely changed since I've first started. Now, I have a more relaxed attitude towards my dolls as opposed to the near white glove treatment I was giving them before. Hahaha.

      Do you feel that you need to keep your interest in the hobby as you did when you first started? If not, does this make you a negligent owner?
      I'm still very much interested in the hobby, but again, it's a more relaxed attitude compared to just fascination and hovering over various sites for possible dolls and accessories for dolls. I don't think it makes me a negligent owner, just probably more realistic.

      How do you guys feel about changed attitudes about the hobby? Does it just happen? Has it happened to you? Will it ever?
      I think it's a natural process for attitudes towards a hobby to change. There are peaks of exciting (possibly hoarding) and valleys where the dolls start to get dusty and DoA is neglected. But like any hobby, it'll always be there to entertain you as long as you want it to, so I never fear that I'll lose complete interest in it. Besides, the best part of the hobby other than the initial high of getting one is rediscovering it. =D
    19. I thought of this thread when saying to my boy:
      "You're going to be with me forever, you know" and I thought about the future.
      And after looking through the old, old threads on DOA, I wonder what has changed about peoples opinions.

      So here's a few questions in light of this.

      1. Can you predict how long you think you will be in this hobby?

      2:For those who have been in the hobby for years, what can you say about the clothes,themes, dolls and ideals that are changing since a few years or more back?

      3. Have any of your own ideals changed since the past, and which ones do you think will remain in the future?

      Give me your opinions and thanks for sharing!
    20. How is your attitude towards your dolls and the hobby now versus the time you received your first doll?
      When I first got into the hobby, I never thought I'd actually own a doll until I took notice of Dollfie Dream Saber. Even then, I couldn't really justify the price and thought "well, she'll probably be my only one" when I decided to buy her. I was also clueless about how to take care of her, where to get her outfits and wigs, and how to get any other dolls - not to mention I was terrified I'd break her. Nowadays my collection is pretty large, and I know how to take care of them and where to get the things I need. I'm still a bit new to some aspects of the hobby, though - I just got my first SD and she's so much different than my DDs!

      Do you feel that you need to keep your interest in the hobby as you did when you first started? If not, does this make you a negligent owner?
      If anything, I'd say I'm more into it than I was when I first started. Now I look forward to Dolpas and wondering what new dolls are coming out and which ones I'll have to have, I've even attended my first Dolpa recently! I'm also always picking things up for my girls if I see something nice for them. I didn't really have any hobbies other than figure collecting before I started collecting dolls, and they're so versatile that I've been able to keep my interest in them.

      How do you guys feel about changed attitudes about the hobby? Does it just happen? Has it happened to you? Will it ever?
      Things do change over time, that's to be expected. I'm sure I'll still love my dolls, but I may not be as interest as I am now. I can't say it won't happen to me, but I try not to think about it so much, as with any other interests I have.