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Audrey Doll

Jul 23, 2007

    1. I placed an order...in all sites (every kind), if they don t know the shipping, they send u a mail, asking ur confirm...AT AUDREY DOLL THEY DON T DO IT!

      u have to pay the "unknown" shipping fees...i m in EU and so they could be even 30$... and if i want to delete my order (made 2 hours ago, not days!) i have to pay a penalty??????????? are we crazy?????????????
      i m mad about this! really really angry!
      I want to delete my order if they can t say me the shipping fees!
      Do not buy from them!

      they wrote:

      We have no way of knowing the cost of shipping until the goods are received by us from our suppliers. Only then we can pack the order and weigh it for determining the cost. We charge actual cost by air mail postal service plus $5.00 for handling of papers for customs, etc. We do not charge unreasonable prices for shipping but you cannot place the order and then change your mind without paying a penalty. We ship to 49 countries outside the U S and our customers feel that our shipping cost are reasonable. Please contact us right away if you want to cancel the order. Thank you Audrey
    2. demanding that you pay a penalty for an order not yet confirmed as being in process is unethical. i suggest you cancel the order and state exactly why you are doing so, and that if they attempt to collect from you money for non-payment of some 'penalty' you report them.
    3. It seems i can t delete it!I told them by mail that i want to delete it and i will not pay anything!!! Cause is not right! They could ask me 100$ if they want to and i should pay anyway???
      Your orders with audreysdolls.com are below.

      Your Most Recent Order is: Order #14390 Click here to review

      To view the details of any order click on the Order Number below.

      Order History for Cristina ***. Your Customer ID: **
      Order Date Location Total Billed Shipped
      14390 07-23-07 Genova $26.11 NO NO
    4. This is totally ridiculous! Not supplying a shipping fee is, in my opinion, not justified. They should be able to calculate shipping by the weight and/or size of package and they should know, or can find out, the weight before hand.

      You didn't say what you purchased, whether it's clothing or something else. If it's clothing that should be very easy to calculate shipping price. I also dislike companies that charge a handling fee on top of shipping. What constitutes that kind of fee? Is it for packaging or paying an employee to box an order? Whatever, that cost should be the responsibility of the business, not the customer.

      And charging you to cancel an order is probably not legal, and by all means not ethical. Sometimes if you return an item the company will charge you a 'restocking fee', but to ask you to pay for an canceled order is robbery.

      Does it say anywhere on their website that they would charge this fee? If not, then you did not agree to pay it and you had no knowledge of it so I would refuse to pay it.

      Send them an email stating that you are cancelling the order and that you don't intend to pay any fee. Keep it and any emails they send to you. I doubt very much if they can enforce the charge, especially if you're in Italy and they're in the US.

      They won't send the item unless you pay for it.

      Good luck with this!
    5. Thank u elf moon...and thank u para_chan...
      I purchased a wig and a 2 pair of sandals!
      Pf size wig and sd sandals...

      They wrote me this:
      As far as "it is not right to sell things
      without telling the shipping prices" we have been processing our orders this
      way for over 25 years and saving our customers thousands of dollars in
      shipping cost. We wish you luck in buying from other sources who will likely
      charge you higher rates for the supplies as well as the shipping cost.

      By the way they will delete my order...but i think it s still not right to sell without telling the price...especially if the payment is taken from the CC directly!
    6. thats absolute bull! if they are going to 'save' money by waiting to see what the over all shipping is going to cost they should be over estimating then issuing you a refund! thats totally unethical
    7. Yeah I ordered from them once and never again! Shipping was insanely priced. Also not all of their items are even in stock! So after you do the order and they charge you, you might not even get everything you ordered! >.< I live in canada and they charged a horrible amount for shipping.
    8. This policy is clearly stated in their terms of service.


      Furthermore, they remind you of this policy *again* when you place your order. :sweat

      This isn't an uncommon practice among wholesalers. They sell stuff for bargain prices, but don't necessarily have everything in stock at the time of your order...hence why they don't know the shipping cost (and why the merchandise is so cheap). I don't mean to sound callous, but if you didn't like the terms, then you shouldn't have entered into the sale.
    9. Shipping said not calculated until item in hand. and also stated to ship with lowest shipping cost which many already know what they order and how much it should be, that is true. But they should not charge before adding shipping and everything to the cost first since some items might not be instock even the very end. For instance, you order a wig, the cheapest shipping via usps would be under $2 (let say $4 to cover their packing materials and time), you suddenly get charge $10 or more plus $5, that does not show what they say is true. The reason why they do this is not because they don't know how much the item weights to give you quotes but rather how much they paid for shipping and pass it on to you. For example, they are ordering from a bigger wholesaler, distributor, or company, but if they order more, they get better rates.The problem is they might take their time in ordering many things, then the last minute need it ship fast, so they will use a faster shipping method other than sea, then they will pass the shipping to buyers. I personally hate this, as sometimes shipping will be as much as merchandises themselves. Not all wholesalers are like this but since they sell things for cheap, they will have to make it up another way.
    10. I know about their policy etc...but, i thought it was like at dick blick...when they know the shipping, they e mail u and ask if u agree with the price, if u don t, they delete the order...at audrey they delete the order but the take some money from u.
    11. The "we don't know how much shipping is yet" is something that we deal with all the time working with deputy services for Yahoo Japan. And yes, you're right, it does say so right there on the page.

      But what it does not say anywhere on that page is that you will be charged to cancel an order. THAT is just flat-out foolish, as they have incurred no costs for an order that has yet to be fulfilled. (Ok, if we want to get nit-picky, their server has used up a few dozen electrons... :) )

      If they don't have the item in hand and have already contacted suppliers to procure it before the customer has paid, then it's their problem. (And shame on them, if they've been in business 25 years and still do something so dumb).
    12. I live in Australia and have given up on that company, they charged me $20 to ship my first order of a couple of wigs. Not knowing any better I made another order. Shortly afterwards an ordinary person shipped me something similar and it cost them only $5 to send. This company's shipping is anything but reasonable for an overseas customer.
    13. I use them to look at wigs, then order from Monique directly. (BTW - they do the "unknown shipping" and never do tell me, I have to look at my bank records to see how much they charge my debit card.) I went through agony with Audrey's to get a pair of 6mm Masterpeice eyes for a DP. I ordered in September, since the doll was a Christmas present, and I didn't get the eyes until December 20th!
    14. I ordered from them and got the unknown shipping, then a shock when I saw actual shipping - $28, plus $5 for handling probably. The shipping turned a cheap order for wigs into an expensive one. I probably should have emailed them back, but just decided not to deal with them again. I would say that you will dispute any charges with your credit card company. I'd hunt for Antina's on ebay. They are LOVELY to deal with, happy to sell internationally and have just as many nice wigs at cheap prices. PM me if you can't find them and I'll hunt my ebay favourite sellers for you. PS. If they do not clearly state there is a cancellation fee, yes, you can dispute it.
    15. I am so glad that I read this, I definitely will not buy from them! Thanks for the info.
    16. Thanks hobbysue and thanks everyone for sharing ur experience with me, i m glad to know that i m not the only one that find "unknown shipping" absolutly wrong!
      I bought from tallina (now Antina), they have really lovely thing, they are cheap and the shipping is quite ok too! I think i will purchase from them instead from audreay!
    17. I would suggest calling your credit card company and explaining the situation. Ask them to deny any charge Audreys tries to make to your account. If they can't do that, they can always change your card number and void the one Audreys has in their system.

      More people should really complain to them. I don't believe for a second that they have no way to predict how much something will cost to ship until they have it in-hand. They've been selling most of those same products (or ones identical to them) for decades, by their own admission.
    18. They said they will not charge me anything for cancelling my order...i will check my credit card list to see if it's true! >.<
    19. Sorry about your troubles. I feel a bit guilty since I posted a thread about their sale last week.

      I was also kind of worried for myself, it's been a while since anybody has mentioned their shipping rates on Den of Angels. They sent my package on Saturday, and the postage was only $5.07 for three sd-sized wigs and one pair of doll socks. So, I guess they are OK for US buyers, just pretty bad for everybody else.

      I probably won't order from them again, because mystery shipping seems like a bad policy.
    20. Thanks spotty...i think it s good for US people...but for non US is really high :(!