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Auro's Feedback Thread ~ Cookies<3

Mar 2, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Greetings and Salutations my friends!:aheartbea As it says, this would be my feed back thread. I have just re-amerged into the BJD forumn, what with now being able to afford it. I have started with my first doll, and am now on the way to building up a nice wardrobe and history here.

      Thank you to all who drop by and say hello, and MUCHo love and adorance to those that help me on my way to a wonderful Resin Family.:love

      I have worked with:

      [​IMG]aibakaneko : Half Payment on her SOOM Namu - March 1'st
    2. Forgot you couldn't edit the first post in here. I feel quite daft now. I'll just go look for a mod.. inthe main time *puts link in siggy*
    3. WOOT! Muahahhahaha.. MIne!!'

      Auro is Awesome! She purchased a SOOM NAMU from me, and i was SUPEr HAPPY that she's gonna be the new owner! Throughout the whole transaction, we were talking online and keep in touch! Her payment was fast! Easy to deal with!
      She's sooo adorable and nice that i can't resist but spoil her new boy for her while she waiting for him. XD
      I would recommend her to ANY BUy/SELLERS out there!

      *hug Auro*
    4. My thread v1g1nty! It are gone!
    5. Auro took part in my Dollmore group order and she was just a pleasure to deal with. Her payments were made quickly and she kept up great communication. Very friendly and easy to deal with! :D

      Thanks for being such a great participant~

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    6. March 27'th
      Currently Waiting For:

      Chair and Sofa: Ebay purchase on March 16 = Expected 6-10 days shipment
      Current Status: Day 11 (7 if you take away Easter weekend) --> Getting Worried
      Feedback: Waiting for Arrival

      Dollmore Order: Group Order. Sent from Forbidden on March 26'th = Expected 4-8 days shipment
      Current Status: Only day 1, so not worried at all.
      Feedback: Waiting for Arrival

      Being sent to timchener by aibakaneko for asthetics March 19 = Expected 8-10 days shipment
      Current Status: Day 8 (Day 5 if subtract Easter) <-- ANXIOUS! ;_; I waaant hiiim!
      Feedback: Left feedback for aibakaneko after purchase of Nigel.

      Antler's from comicbookartistboi : Paid for March 25. Waiting for updates.
      Current Status: Not a tick worried.

      ... I'm doing this mainly so I can remember with my addled little mind what I've already purchased! Cool my spendy spendy wanty wanty it will....
    7. March 29'th

      Chair and Sofa: Ebay purchase on March 19 via USPS
      Currect Status: Customs as of March 27'th

      NIGEL!: Sent to timchener for asthetics March 19
      Current Status: ARRIVED! March 28'th. Aesthetics paid in full. <3

      Dollmore Order: Shipped on March 26'th
      Current Status: Day 3, not worried.

      Antler's from comicbookartistboi: Paid for March 25'th
      Current Status: Day 4. No updates, but not worried.
    8. April 2'nd

      Chair and Sofa: Has ARRIVED!
      Status: Chair is the right size but a wee bit rough for wear, so I'm refurbing it. Couch is a bit small but in perfect condition, so I'm leaving it alone.
      Feedback: Leaving tonight. Work internet has eBay blocked.

      NIGEL!: Getting purtied at timchener's
      Current Status: Being worked on, no furhter updates.

      Dollmore Order: Shipped on March 26'th
      Current Status: Day 8 w/t weekends, day 5 w/o weekends. Getting a tad worried.

      Antler's from comicbookartistboi: Paid for March 25'th
      Current Status: Apparently out of the oven and getting painted as of March 29'th. Not further updates.
    9. April 5'th

      Chair and Sofa
      : Recieved
      Feedback: Positive feedback left on Ebay.

      Dollmore Order done by Forbidden: RECIEVED! Friday!
      Feedback: Left just now. Would have left yesterday but DoA was down.

      from comicbookartistboi: Paid for March 25'th
      Current Status: Havent' heard anything since the 29'th.

      NIGEL!: At timchener's
      Current Status: No idea whaen he's schedualed to be worked on.
    10. UPDATE:

      All Shipments have been recieved, INCLUDING NIGEL!

    11. Rodered two carrot wigs from Jpopdolls on ebay, and they were delivered lickity split and wonderful! <3

      Also, ordered three pairs of pants from Marsh Pants. Shipped out on May 28'th.
    12. I've ordered and recieved Several pairs of pants from Marsh Pants and two sets of Knives and many other little things. all have gone well een including a little address mix up for one order XP . XD much awesome.
    13. Auro bought two SD size knife sets from me. Communication was great and she was very nice. She even included a little bonus in her payment, which I thought was very sweet. x3 I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction! <3
    14. Auro bought Pipos Mango from me. She was super to deal with, great communication, and I'm glad Mango has a new home to call her own :D. Thank you so much!
    15. auro had a WTB for a particular doll, and i contacted her about mine. she was a darling to deal with, answered all PMs and paid promptly..... she is refurbishing the doll in the manner to which she deserves. i trusted buyer.
    16. Auro bought a March Dali from me on layaway and did a fantastic job of paying off the balance before the layaway period was even over!

      Great buyer!
    17. Auro bought a Latidoll yellow dress from me, her payment was fast and her communication was friendly. Highly recommended. :)
    18. I've had the pleasure of working with Auro again. She participated in my ninth Dollmore group order and everything went through amazingly well. Smooth and easy from beginning to end, the transaction was pleasant and not at all disappointing. Payments were swift and communication was up to par.

      :bcake Thank you for being such a wonderful participant in this order. :bcake
    19. Auro commissioned me to work on her Cocori and Dahli. She was amazingly patient as it took quite some time for them to get finished and she was an absolute pleasure to work with! She paid on time and let me know when they got home safe. I would gladly work with her again in the future and am very happy to have made such an amazing friend.

      Thank you again!
    20. Auro purchased a wig from me, and it was a pleasant transaction, thank you! :)