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B.F.C. INK? What size tinies do these clothes fit?

Sep 6, 2009

    1. I was at Wal-mart today (REALLY?) and I was looking at the new mods for toys. They have some new toys and among them are dolls called BFC INK (best friends...?) and they have the cutest clothes. I was wondering if anyone had tried these clothes on anyone yet? Hoping they fit pukifees?

      :EDIT: Because some people think I'm talking about the large sized ones. Just letting everyone know there are two sizes to these dolls, the taller ones and the small ones. I bought two packs of the small sized clothing and they fit pukifees. : ) The pants are too long, but you can hem them up. Everything else fits it seems.
    2. Nobody at all? I guess I'll buy a pack. I don't think it'll fit anything bigger than a LTF.
    3. Bump I saw these On comercial The BFC Ink large dolls look almost MSD sized
    4. No the large dolls are American Girl sized.

      The small ones apparently are best fit on Blythe sized tinies like my PpoPpo.
    5. has anyone tried the large pieces on sd girls like the one casual cool set with the leggings if their AG sized the width should be about scale with sd but just more cropped on them then on the bfc ink large girls. hoping someone has pics my daughter has the liv dolls she mugs for her bbb 27cm hopefully these will be a good choice for the larger girls.
    6. Here is MGA Entertainment's website for them...they might have some size information and they have a contact page, so you could even e-mail and ask the doll's dimensions.

      The dolls themselves are adorable, actually.

      MGA Entertainment's B.F.C. INK Dolls

      Edited to add...here's an even better website! B.F.C. Ink
    7. ty for the link i wrote them to inquire on their measurements "crosses fingers" my daughter has a DD & a BBB you sd girls and if these are a good fit for one of them it would make a nich inexpensive gift for christmas and still very cute at the same time. if will post with measurements if they replay to me with them ^^
    8. so they're like a slim 18" doll more (the big ones) more like the carpatina girls???
    9. They certainly look more like the slim 18 inch girls in person. It looks as if the bodice is a little big.

    10. The dolls ARE adorable, I have two of them, and all the clothes they have to offer sitting in my closet, wrapped, waiting for Christmas morning.

      My daughters saw them, and fell in love.

      On topic: I THINK I saw someone saying on a forum (not this one) that they fit chubby MSD's. Not sure though, just kind of glanced over it. I was actually just looking for reviews of the dolls, as I don't like to buy anything that is going to fall apart.
    11. Makes me wanna run out to wally world and see if they have any of them here : O
    12. the large BFC ones are American Girl sized.

    13. They are the same height as American girls, but much slimmer.

      I haven't opened the box or anything, but compared it to a generation girl (same size as AG) you can tell that they are much slimmer.

      I can tell you, that while the clothes are cute, some of them have unfinished hems and such. I think they left them unfinished to make them look "distressed".
    14. I just bought a fashion pack at Walmart for $11.00, it fits their large dolls. It is a little big on my dollmore msd...with the attachment of a snap on the skirt, it would work great! I think it is great and super cheap...a thee piece outfit for 11 dollars...can't beat it. I will add photos soon.
    15. I bought a couple of packs at a walmart here in Canada for $9 each. The funny thing is, they didn't have any of the large dolls themselves. They only had the little fashion dolls.
      I got the "Pretty Preppy" pack - brown jeans, pink blouse, brown argyle vest and plaid backpack. And the "Casual Cool" pack - black leggings, white tank top, bright blue denim skirt, flowered hoodie and maroon backpack.
      The leggings and backpacks are the only things that fit my 43cm Narae straight out of the package. The good news is, the pants/skirt only need to be taken in by maybe 1/2 a cm on each side and the shirts (depending on how tight a fit you want), also under 1cm on each side. (just turn everything inside out, put it on your doll, pinch it on either side until it fits, pin it in place, take it off and stitch!)
      I'm not taking in the hoodie, because it's lined so it'd look a little funny, and since it's only about 1cm too big, it just looks like she's wearing a baggy hoodie.
      I'll take some photos once I'm done sewing. I hand sew so it takes me a while.

      The shoes are far too big, but I don't know what kind of BJD they'd fit as I only have a Narae. I'm planning on bringing them to a meetup later this month to give away. They're just plastic.

      hint: if you want to try the clothes, don't buy these off of amazon, they're $30+ each there and you can get them at walmart for around $10 each
    16. Just letting everyone know there are two sizes to these dolls, the taller ones and the small ones. I bought two packs of the small sized clothing and they fit pukifees. : )
    17. Sorry double post.
    18. The larger doll fashion packs fit the Iplehouse JID girls. There are several photos in the IH Mini thread.

      I'm not sure about the slim Barbie like fashion BFC ink girl clothing though. I am guessing it would be too tight for LTF.
    19. the larger doll packs sorta kinda fit unoa or minis like blue fairy or DOC.

      the same company also makes wee little dolls, and now THAT stuff fits lati yellows and pukifees. pants are too long, but there's a set with wee pink courderoy shorts that, when I put on one of Lolly's lati yellows, we squeed in unison and just about died.

      hope that helps.!
    20. I'm wondering if the smaller would fit a Notdoll Miriam. I'll have to test it when I finally finish my layaway.

      I was able to get most of one of larger sized fashions on my 60cm obitsu including the shoes. I didn't try the skirt 'cause it was lined in a black knit fabric. Dangerous stuff for an Obitsu.