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B&G$250=old type body+Sky/Sunny/Rin head

Nov 12, 2008

    1. Dear friends~

      How are you?
      It's me Layla.

      I got good news!
      It is Nov Event: If you order one 1/3 size doll body(old type both male and female), we will give you one head (Sky or Sunny or Rin) as your free gift.
      Thus a whole doll will cost only $250 + Shipping fee (plus 4% Paypal charge).

      Any question or order, please go to B&G International website to post your thread.
      Website link:

      Have a nice day~

      Yours truly
    2. Would we get to choose the head or would it be at random?
    3. You can choose any one head you like.

      Thank you for your question.
    4. How long will the event last? When is the ending date? Also will this be a website exclusive? Will Denver dolls also offer the event? Will the dolls come with eyes and/or wigs?
    5. Hello- I posted a question on the website but did not receive a response. Can you tell me if it is possible to get items shipped to the USA by Christmas? Thank you! Specifically, Sharon head with default face-up on girl body.