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B&G Afra - Human Ears?

Mar 23, 2009

    1. I'm looking at B&G Afra, thinking of getting him from Junkyspot, and I notice that it looks like the elf ears can be removed. Can they be replaced with human ears? If not, can the elf ears be ground down to normal ears?
    2. The ears can be removed and swapped (he comes with 2 sets of ears). You could try to mold them into human ears I suppose, but you could also just leave them off. With a wig on, it hides the ear holes.
    3. He comes with two pairs of ears? What do the second pair look like?
    4. Jep, you get 2! one is straight up and the other is a lil' floppy.

      Here is his page on the B&G official website:


      If you scroll down you can see the ears :)

      I donno about turning them into human ears.
    5. He actually doesn't come with two pairs of ears anymore, that was a special for when he first came out. I believe that now you can choose one pair of ears or the other, but both pairs are elf ears. I'm not sure about modifying them, but since Afra is meant to be an elf, they never made a set of human ears.

      I believe you can buy the second set of ears too, if you wanted, but they no longer come with both.
    6. I had the same problem with my Afra when I bought it, mine came with two sets of elf ears, and I was desperate to get human ears for him, so I sent an email to B&G to the address that appears on the site (http://en.ibgdoll.com/) and asked them if it was possible to buy human ears for my doll, they replied that those were not for sale but that they could send them to me for free (I had to pay the shipping fee). I hope it helps. =)