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B&G (Boy and Girl) dolls - Siannodel, Gwilym & Grenville

Jun 28, 2010

    1. I just wanted to open up a discussion thread for B&G's new dolls, especially their Freya-boy which is in tan skin!!!
      Their other new dolls include:

      I'm not sure exactly when these dolls came out but I think it was a few weeks ago? I hadn't been to the site in a while when I'd found out...

      EDIT: (durr) Forgot to put the link,
      Here's a link to B&G's home page :) http://ibgdoll.com/en/

      And as always!!!! Please delete this thread if there is another already existing :) I make mistakes a lot :(
    2. Oh durr, didn't mention that now tan skin is an option for all of B&G's dolls apparently :sweat stupid error, sorry!!
    3. I think Siannodel is divine! I would really like to own her. The peacock motif really suits her! *_*
    4. Definitely getting Gwilym.