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B&G (Boy & Girl) Doll 60cm boy review

May 25, 2007

    1. Hi everyone! Aiden Kaoru, my B&G Sunny dollie, came and I've tested him out in various ways to try and describe him.

      Resin Quality: There are no shiny patches or rough areas. His head and body are smooth with just a little texture that makes it pleasant to the touch. The colour is nice although lacking in pink tones (he has normal skin).

      Poseability/Joints: So far he's been fantastic! His ability to stand is incredible; I just set him on the ground and he stands. His joints are very smooth and stay put for the most part when posed. He likes to sit down a lot when his legs aren't out-stretched, though that's probably because of his strings. His abdomen/chest joint pops out sometimes when bending him forward or back, but it's not all that noticeable or often.

      Face-Up: I got Aiden with the default face-up by G.S. I must say that it looks even better in person! The blushing adds life to his face and the eyebrows and lashes are so detailed, fantastic!

      Weight: He's a little heavy, but I like it. He doesn't weigh as much as some of the other 1/3 dolls I've held, but he does have enough in him to be noticed. That's a really vague description, isn't it? :sweat

      Overall, I love him. I really do. His body is a great poser and his face is just too cute to resist. The resin feels good to me and doesn't look plastic-y. I'm exceptionally glad to have adopted him into my family of humans and would recommend the 1/3 boys to anyone that wants a gorgeous and affordable SD-sized doll. :aheartbea

      If any of y'all have questions, please ask! I'll try my best to answer as I'm still somewhat of a noob-owner. :lol:
    2. Ah! Thank you so much for this! I'm saving up for both Sunny and Sky and was curious about the quality. Do you have any pics up yet?
    3. I'm in the process of taking and uploading some photos....but my camera is really old and not that great quality, so I'm trying to get a friend to let me borrow her camera. :)
    4. There are now some photos up in the Incoming Doll section: Aiden's Arrival!
    5. Aiko-chan *hugs* he loooks adorable! the eyes are very big but he is wayyy too cute! hehe i want to see one in real life now

      sounds like a good deal for him in my opinion
    6. I think it was an excellent deal. I don't think I could be happier with him (unless he was free, then yes :lol: ). His eyes are large, but they show so much expression depending on which way you look at him. Soon he'll have green glass eyes that should complement his face very well. *hugs back*
    7. I'm so glad I've found this review! I was a little nervous about buying from a rep without hearing any feedback first so held off buying Sunny until now. I'm definitely buying him now though! (He's going to be my little Kuja for Amecon.)
      How long did he take to come? I've not made his costume yet so I want to be sure I'll get him in enough time.
    8. It was about a week and a half from order to arrival. If you don't get a face-up, it may take even less time. :)
    9. Dear god that's fast! I had it worked out to order him so they'd get five weeks like the other companies. O.o

      This means I can save up even more and work on teh mother more and show her I'm saving. She's trying to stop me from getting him before the con even though that's why I'm ordering him now so he'll be ready to cosplay. Bah parents. He's cute, she'll love him once he arrives. (Really not like she can stop me from getting him.)