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B&G (Boy & Girl) Doll elf boys discussion

Apr 27, 2008

    1. I'm really liking them--especially the second one. He would be really good for a character that I've considered getting a body for (I still don't know if I will get him a body or not, but it's nice to know that there's a good option available). I also like the choices between the two ear styles--that's a nice touch.

      I recently bought a B&G head off the forum, and since then went to investigate the company more. For some reason, I never paid a lot of attention before, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with a lot of their headsculpts.
    2. The boys are gorgeous, usually I don't pay much attention to elf dolls, but these I like:) I love how angular Elf B face shape is. grr, I cant decide which I like more
      I agree with kogepan tho, i wish human ears were an option (maybe they'll have them later :XD:) I cant wait to see what the new hands/body will look like!
    3. Man, they are awesome! I've always liked B & G, but this takes the cake!
    4. I love the new elf boys! They are so gorgeous. Gah, I really don't need another doll right now:) Anyway, I am so anxious to see the new body and hands. I already have a B&G Sky, so I'm planning on ordering 1 of the new elf boys and getting the new body. That way both of them will have different bods. I am really curious how much they are.
    5. I want to get Elf B with a girl body. I think she would all spunky with the right faceup. :)

      Or maybe... looking at it again, Sapphira's chin is not as smooshed as I thought in the profile.

      I love those ears!!! I hope we can get both pairs.
    6. They scream WoW imho- which isn't a bad thing^^ Who's getting one of those little critters?!! (Not going to order one myself but I'd LOVE to see owner pics!)
    7. Okay, so I have pretty much been obsessed with these boys since my Fiance pointed them out to me earlier. Sooooo..... I decided to do a mockup of what I would want my guy to look like. Strawberry blonde with yellow eyes, a color combo that none of my current dolls have. I like it alot! Thoughts?


      I'm dying to know how much these guys are. I may order when they release! Yayay!
    8. Holy gorgeous! :o
      Okay, I think I've come to the conclusion that this household can't have enough elves....
      *adds both to wishlist*
      I'm very interested in seeing the new body and hands that were mentioned as well....
    9. Man, I was gonna get a sky in the next few days, but I believe... I have just changed my mind >.>
    10. I'm hoping that they're not limited, because it's going to be a while before I can save some money for at least one of them, but I like both. I also really hope that you can buy both sets of ears. Maybe if enough people ask for it, they'd make human ears for them. *shrug*
      I'm thinking I'll get Sapphira with the straight ears, if I can't get both. He's sooo pretty. I'd also love to see owner pics.
      Anyone with a B&G doll already, what do you think about the body and the resin itself? Anything you don't like about it? Anything you really do like about it?
    11. Noooooo, I do not need more dolls. OwO;;;

      Whitney: Haha, that's the one that I'm really looking at too! (although not that color combo, haha) We're just going to have all multiple dolls! Matching Shiwoos, matching Hanis, XDDD
    12. Same here :sweat
    13. Genie: that is sooooo funny! Great minds think alike! Haha.

      Anyway, I have B&G and the quality is GREAT. They are nice sculpts, great resin, and my Sky is my best poser of my crew. Go for it, B&G rocks!
    14. ...I'd be jumping on it like right now before you can say WAIT! if there was a human ears option. DDDDDD:
    15. Do you think the new body will be the same as the old one with like, double joints and such - or just a whole new sculpt? I can't wait to see the new hands, I was planning on getting some CP hands, but hopefully I don't have to *-*

      Weeee! I've never had crazy timing like this before, it's awesome! 8D
    16. I have Freya and I love her to death! but now I'm thinking of getting one of these elves! I might just buy the head and shelf my Freya head until I can afford another body.
    17. Man, I just found out about this, and I've already fallen head-over-hills in love with Sapphira :aheartbea I really don't have the money though :( I hope they aren't limited *crosses fingers*
    18. So gorgeous! If they came with a tan skin I'd be forced to get one, but it's still very tempting... :)
    19. I love them- figures after I just ordered another doll..I wonder what type of eyes they use with their dolls. I am also smitten with the strawberry blonde and greenish-yellow eyed combo!