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B&G (BoyAndGirl) Dolls -The Old World

Aug 17, 2010

    1. News thread here.
      So who's eager to see more of these boys? :D
      I figure they'll be limited with the outfits, but I'm kind of hoping that basics will be available so I'll have the time to get money saved. That gray skinned guy has claimed my heart and left my carefully laid plans in shambles. I've never seen a doll that made such a perfect Drow elf and I'm determined to own him.
    2. What a gorgeous pair! I have always been fond of B&G's sculpts and it seems they just keep getting better. Maybe we'll get a new body too! *dreams of a thigh joint or a taller boy* <-- wishful thinking I am sure, lol.

      And I totally agree with you on the drow thing! <3 My first thought when I saw the NS one though was "what a beautiful girl." xD But then I suppose that is why they are calleg Boy & Girl Doll. :lol:
    3. Oh this guy is sooo gorgeous, I felt in love with him immediately!! He is such a perfect for a Drow Elf!! Yeah, my Drow family is growing ^^

      I wish he would be 70 cm :aheartbea
      I really must have him... and I really love his armor... awww he is sp perfect... :fangirl:

      Can't wait to see more Pictures...
    4. The Drow Elf finally sold my husband in letting me have one. I had debated on satyr bodies, flashy 80's boy styles, and an FCS to call my very own. When Reshana showed me this elf I HAD TO HAVE ONE! I even managed to convince my husband of it. It seems my dream of getting my very first doll will finally come true. I'm so thrilled.
    5. I'm really hoping the grey fellow ends up coming in the other skin colors as well, I'd *love* to see him in tan! I'm madly in love with his nose right now too. >_>
    6. aaaand there possibly goes my plans for my next BJD. Poor girl was only supposed to be my first, now she'll be my 4th if I get the grey guy (and if nothing pop up after him). I'm kinda hoping that he's taller than the usual B&G SDs, because I'd be completely sold if he was taller than my Beryl.

      September 1st needs to get here faster.
    7. I love the first doll. The outfit is amazing and I so want it. I love how their sculpts keep getting better and better. I wonder if Denver Doll will have them and allow layaway on them. I'd so be there.
    8. I love B&G, and that grey elf is just...beautiful. I wonder if you can get their heads seperately. I've been looking for a Sky closed-eyes head, but I can't find it anywhere :(
    9. I am in love with the grey elf. :O Man, I have to stop looking at the news section! >_O My plans are done for now... they're done for now... *keeps trying to tell herself that* But his armor... :O
    10. It seems a great deal bases on DnD elves. A drow and Looks to be a high elf. Can't wait to see more
    11. I debated on getting an FCS Volks for my first and was pretty sold on it until I was shown this fellow. After a good nights rest I have decided I want him and any accessories they will include. I was originally not going to go for the armor but now I HAVE to have it. But first, I need employment. I hope I get that interview super soon.
    12. Love both of them. Think they make a good pair. Got to wait for more pictures to decide.. Anybody know whether B&G take layaway?
    13. I don't think so. But Denver Doll does and they sell B&G.
    14. I hope they sell the outfit separately
    15. Me too anavel. They're amazing. Though I do really like the doll on the left. Can't what for more info.
    16. sdfhasfkdfsksa they look amazing. The grey guy is just jaw-dropping and for some reason I adore his ears. O3o They're unique even for pointies. I want to see what Goldilocks there looks like under all the jewelry though. owo :aheartbea
    17. I think the gray elf is fantastic! I am sold. The only draw back would be 60 cm or less. I hope this guy is 70cm?
      The armor looks great! Cant wait till they post more pics and stats of the doll.
    18. nothing new yet... I hate this waiting.. I want more Pics... and more Informations .... Oo
    19. T_T I looove the grey guy <3 I really hope that he will be a hound >.< that would be so wonderfull ... XD every day I look on the side, but no new pics T_T that's frustrating!
    20. Whoa. Gorgeous!

      I'm hoping the NS one is male. :XD: If so the sculpt may replace B&G Sky on my wishlist.