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B&G (BoyAndGirl) Limited dolls Aurora, Yulion and Morant discussion

Oct 14, 2008

    1. I really love these new dolls! And very pretty faceups they have too. :D

      So many questions about them though. I hope we get more info about them soon. :)
    2. Wow! It looks like they took a few pages from other companies in creating some beautiful dolls! <3 I hope we get some full pics soon.
    3. They are so wonderful! :o Yulion looks like Heath from X Japan @_@...must have.....
    4. Morant is gorrrgeous and would be perfect for a character I have in mind. Anyone have any idea what size these beauties are? I may of missed that part..
    5. Judging by the price, I am guessing they are 1:3 scale, though now that you mention it I couldn't find that info listed anywhere. :doh Though the dress seems to be available for sale separately and is for 1:3 dolls.
    6. They are all so beautiful, especially Morant and Aurora. I love the designs around their eyes. I wonder why poor Yulian didn't get any.
    7. Any idea if the face-up is included in the price or not? $330 seems really low if it's going to include a face-up by Hector.
    8. Maybe Hector is doing the free default faceups instead of the usual artist, and that's what makes this a special release? :? Gah I am so curious to find out more.

      And I just noticed that Aurora would totally make a perfect younger sister for Soom's Beryl. :aheartbea
    9. Wow, these are so cool! I can't wait to hear more!
    10. It looks like the dolls are not limited, just the special face-ups~. Thank goodness! I think I've fallen in love with them, so I'd like them to be around when I have money~ <3
    11. I am so confused - when I click on the link it just sends me to a mail page. Where do I go to look at more pics of the dolls, prices, dresses, etc.?
    12. So far, the teaser pics are all that's available. Hopefully they'll post more soon.
    13. Ooooooh, they are lovely things. ;o; Darnit, B&G! Stop trying to take my money!
    14. I think I rather like Yulion, but yah, more info is definitely needed! I tried navigating the web/forum page, but I couldn't quite figure it out :sweat
    15. Yulian and Morant are beautiful.. I hope the sculpts themselves are not limited! There were other things I was planning to buy at the moment... D:
    16. Mm yay, i was going to get a B&G girl for a character i have in mind.. But i was undecided on the sculpt.
      Now i know it'll be Aurora!
      She's so heavy lidded and lovely~
      I can't wait to see more of her.
    17. Hi~ let me explain this "Art limited".
      These one girl and two boys are our new dolls.
      We will launch them as Halloween Art Limited Set. They will dress whole Halloween style dress with other outfits and face-up will be painted by Hector.
      And also we launch them as basic set which mean with no outfits or dress.
      The basic set price is 330 USD.

      The Halloween Limited images and price will be show out soon.

      Thanks all of you!
      Have a nice day~

      Yours truly
      Layla from B&G
    18. They're all so gorgeous!
      B&G are way awesome!
      I think I fell in love with Morant <33s;
      He'd be perfect for a char that I had in mind o.o;
      will all these dolls be limited though?
      Another doll is coming my way... so... .____.
    19. I like them all, and now think of ordering Morant :) Will wait for more information to decide, weather I want him in limited or basic set.
      And Aurora is also beutiful... :)