Event B&G Doll Discount for 60cm Boys

Sep 16, 2018

    1. Hello everyone!

      Here is B&G DOLL.

      We decide to discount all 60cm boy dolls. You can easily find them all marked $449 on our website (B&G DOLL -) . After this event our recent 60cm boys will be up-grade. And our company will start for a new journey.

      This event is not including:
      Moonlight forest-Thamior-SP, Sky-SP, Freya-boy

      We set the event price at $349 for each doll, extra $40 for make-up if customer need. You can find all event dolls easily on our website marked $449. ( B&G DOLL -)
      All price is including PP fee, not including shipping fee.

      If you cannot visit our website,you can E-mail to us to get a catalog ( [email protected] ). Our TOW series are sold out, only naked doll accecable.
      Or you can ask your local dealer.
      This is the last time we promote our 60cm boys, they will all be up-grade after the event.

      Please don't hesitate to connect us if you have any questions.
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    2. Hello,

      How long does this event run? Also, will the 60cm dolls be discontinued after this?

      Thank you.
    3. I believe it will last till the end of October at least. It depends on when we get ready to our next step. So the ending time is not decided yet.
      We won't sell some of the dolls any more after the event and the 60cm boy body will be off-shelf too. Then we will make them new.