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[B&G DOLL]Halloween Art Limited!!!!!!!

Oct 14, 2008

    1. Hi every friend~

      Good news!!!
      B&G will launch new dolls!!!
      There will be 3 dolls(not elf dolls) who will be sale as "Halloween Art Limited".

      Here are they:
      (The images are not limited set)

      more images: 1 2 3

      more images: 1 2 3

      more images: 1 2 3

      *Basic set price : 330 USD
      *Halloween Art Limited (30 sets/each): ?
      *Halloween Art Limited will be sale from 15 pm Beijing Time 20th Oct 2008.
      Sale Time changed, it will be on 27th Oct

      *Halloween Art Limited face-up will be painted by Hector.
      *If you would like to order him/her, please go to the International order website click me and post thread.:)

      Have a nice day~

      Yours truly
      Layla from B&G DOLL
    2. I like them all! :)

      layla-mi, could you please post more detailed information about dolls?.. For example, their names, what is included in limited set, skin color, eyes and wid size for them, etc?..
    3. Info I got from the B&G site:

      Names (in order of above pics)

      Also it doesn't look like Aurora's dress is going to be limited for those who were wondering since they have it for sale on the site separately as well.

      I love the face-ups very beautiful.
    4. Omg! Lovely I can't wait. This could mess up some things. They are lovely.:D

      Oh, and I wonder if eventually Jack from eBay will sell them. Is that possible?
    5. May I ask if these dolls are limited head sculpts? Or is it the makeup or something else that makes them limited? I ask because Luts uses the term "Art" for dolls that are non-limited head molds but with limited makeup and stuff, so I have that association with the term. XD

      Also, since this is "Boy and Girl Dolls", is it possible to order each doll with either male or female body? ^^

      My apologies if my questions should not be posted here. I just figure that others may be interested to know too. :sweat
    6. Hi~ let me explain this "Art limited".
      These one girl and two boys are our new dolls.
      We will launch them as Halloween Art Limited Set. They will dress whole Halloween style dress with other outfits and face-up will be painted by Hector.
      And also we launch them as basic set which mean with no outfits or dress.
      The basic set price is 330 USD.

      The Halloween Limited images and price will be show out soon.

      Thanks all of you!
      Have a nice day~

      Yours truly
      Layla from B&G
    7. Wow¡¡ i love the girl¡¡
      Well, if i understand well, the basic set is a satandar, we can buy later than halloween, really?
      The limited are the halloween set only. Isn't?
    8. Yes layka, you're right!!!
    9. Layla, are these new face sculpts?
    10. Will they have the same face-up when they are released as a basic set?
    11. so beautiful~!

      so how much do they cost with outfit and special faceup?
    12. NOTICE!
      Sale Time changed, it will be on 27th Oct

      Sorry for this~

      Layla from B&G
    13. How much will full Halloween sets cost?? And while these sculpts be made available after Halloween? Or will the sculpts themselves be limited to 30 pcs?
    14. Blacklight - it has been stated in the discussion thread that the sculpts are NOT limited. The sculpts are new B&G sculpts.

      The Halloween art versions will be limited to 30, but the sculpts are new B&G sculpts and will not be limited. They are just launching as the special edition ones.

      We still have not seen the Halloween Art versions yet, the ones pictured in the thread are not the limited ones, according to Layla.

      Found this information here: In this thread

      Looks like we'll get the full price on launch.
    15. Ok, understood. Thanks!
    16. From now on you can order any of them~~~

      Please go to here for post your order~

      Thank you very much!!!!!!