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B&G Dolls3 X'mas event dolls~on sale now~

Nov 12, 2009

    1. Hi everyone,

      B&G Dolls launched Christmas event dolls now.
      They are limited and full set~:pcupcake

      website link:http://en.ibgdoll.com/
      Order and question asking email box:mybgdoll@googlemail.com

      Thank you~

    2. Nailo is absolutely stunning, can you tell me if he'll be available as a basic as well, or is he just going to be the limited version?
    3. Nailo is listed as coming with shoes included... is there a photo of the shoes available, or are they random?
    4. How long will they be available for? Nailo is perfect for a character of mine but cannt afford atm :(
    5. Is nailo only a boy, or also available on the girl body?
    6. nailo is gorgeous! So tempting...I'm also wondering how long he's available for. Need to save up!
    7. Are there any B&G reps on DOA? I was going to leave a message in the FAQs but I'm not too sure how frequently they reply. I know that the old halloween limted dolls are still available.
    8. I emailed B&G a question about a basic Nailo and I got a response saying they would release him next year. :3 So, those of us who can't afford the full set will be able to buy him later.
    9. Yes, he will be launched as basic type later.(I don't know when)

      Yes, he has a pair of elf shoes which can fit with his outfit.

      I don't know. But the X'mas event has 50 itmes.

      Yes, you can choose a female Nailo. You need make a notice in your order.

      Here are reps~
      Halloween limited dolls are still on sale~~~

      No, as I know, you can order him now. You do not need for next year. If he is X'mas event doll, he should be on sale anytime before the end of this year, shouldn't he?

      Any question, just email B&G, or pm me.

      Thank you~

    10. Is it possible to buy the long-nailed hands shown with Nailo separately?
    11. Sorry, they cannot be sale without doll.