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Update B&G International order information here(New website!)

Apr 17, 2007

    1. News!

      B&G International order forum started.
      Please click this link:
      and post a thread for your new order.

      Thank you very much!

      B&G Dolls
    2. Is there a B&G america, yet?
    3. it just struck me, are sky and freya the same mold?
    4. To blakrose: Yes, you can get order there.^-^/

      To keii_chan: Yeah...they have the same face, but one is male one is female.^-^/

      Maybe that's why the B&G be called "boy & girl". Same face but one of them is boy another is girl.
    5. Wowww looks very promising ^^! You have a very talented face-up artist!

      How much is your shipping estimate for a 45cm/60cm doll in UK?
    6. West Europe: 1/4 doll~32USD;1/3 doll~47USD ^-^/
    7. What would be the estimated shipping time for a 1/3 doll with a face up to the Uk? :3
    8. no more than 4 weeks to UK^-^/
      I am in UK now, but all dolls and outfits are all come from Beijing.
    9. What is B&G America website?
    10. We do not have American Home.
      You can get order in European Home (because I am living in UK^-^+)
      The shipping fee is here
    11. Are the photos of the dolls on your site shown in white or normal skin?

      and, if not specified, will the faceups be similar to what is shown in those photos?

      thanks, M
    12. To mhdolls:
      They are all white^u^
      The face up painter is G S(Gao Si Tianshi告死天使).
      If you add the face up, she will paint for your doll as the same as the images which we showed.
      You will never despond, trust me. ^0^/
    13. Do you have any photos of the 1/3 boy's normal skin body, by any chance? I've only seen one set of owner pics so far and the lighting wasn't great. ><
    14. once I got any normal skin pictures, I will let you know~~~~^-^/
    15. Do you take layaway?
    16. To Tacti: Sorry.....we cannot.
    17. Hi! It's nice that You have your European shop. Congrats!

      I have some questions
      1)How much is your shipping for 1/3 boy to Poland?(Europe)

      2)Do you lower the package value and send as gift on customer's request?

      3)Which wigs, eyes, shoes and clothes from different dollfie's companies do fit your dolls?

      4)Are you going to sell wigs and all that stuff in your shop?

      5)Is it french resin or not?

      Thank You very much for your reply. I wish You good luck ^-^.
    18. To kou_andri:

      Thank you for your asking^-^

      1)The shipping fee: 1/4 doll~32USD;1/3 doll~47USD
      2)I am not sure about this, please wait~~I need ask my boss.
      3)I will give the details of our outfits and skins images.
      4)Not yet. Our outfits will be the free gift with dolls now.
      5)No, Japanese.

      Thank you for your view~~~^-^/
    19. I don't think that would be needed, as Poland is a member EU and you don't get charged local VAT when you buy from within EU and the packages don't go through customs. The box wouldn't even have a customs declaration.

      EDIT: Actually after checking the shipping rates and previous answers, it seems the packages are being shipped from China! I assumed the shipping would be from UK... Never mind my original answer in that case.
    20. layla-mi: this might be an odd question; do you have one of the b&g dolls? what does the resin feel like? and they take custom face ups right? do they do every kind of face up,like gothic or scars etc?
      i really want one but i'm a little weary in buying from china >_<