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Update B&G New 1/6 dolls!!!

May 12, 2009

    1. =======================NEWS=========================
      B&G New 1/6 dolls (26cm) can be order now.


      and 1/6 size doll body:
      girl body
      boy body

      Each 1/6 doll can be given an outfits set as your free gift (wig and shoes are not including):

      Thank you~

      Dear everyone~

      Long time no see.
      B&G got new English website. You can make your order there.


      I will not accpet any email or order in personally anymore. However, any question please PM me.:)
      All orders will be back to the new website.
      *new event: any 1/4 size doll order will get free outfit set gift~

      Thanks all of you my friends~

      Yours truly
    2. I went to check the English site - But on the category index pages, that show everything in a particular category - the pictures seem to be to the right of the boxes and are almost completely cut off or covered, except for a thin strip. They're still clickable, but I had to click each one in order to see the full picture of each doll on the individual doll pages.

      Edit: I'm using Firefox.
    3. I was going to say the same thing but hobbywhelmed beat me to it. ^^

      I was wondering about the event; do we get to decide the outfit gift or is it random? Thank you!
    4. I looked at the site in Firefox (pictures fine) and Safari and Camino (as described above) Looks like its one of those, 'only looks right in certain browsers' issue.

      Will we need to make a new account with you, or is the old info transferred?
    5. Is it no longer possible to purchase heads only?
    6. news about 1/6 dolls~~~

      website design finished.

      Yes, I think so. May I ask which head you would like to order?
    7. I don't see the 1/6 body measurements. Did I miss them?
    8. Ah~~~check the "honey dolls"~~~
      They're 1/6 size dolls.

      Thank you~