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B&G new doll and new size!

Dec 26, 2008

    1. Is there a price for her? I don't see one listed.
    2. She doesn't seem up for sale just yet, so I expect the price to follow soon. Keep your eye on the B&G site :)
    3. The site is in RMB money. So large one is eg. 400 RMB so convert to US dollar its 60.00 US so the tini would be alot less than 60.00 US OMG I will definately buy then WOW :)
    4. Is there an international site ?
      or do they sell on Ebay ? I am very interested ..but cant find how to order ?
    5. DenverDoll carries B&G, but you can also order from hertiger.com/shop.
    6. Is this an offer that will be made through all B & G agents? There are several, and I haven't seen anything about this promotion except on that thread.
    7. Im wondering if Honey is a new size ...but Leile is the limmited one
      which isnt much good to me as its Leile I want :(

      I have asked on http://www.herbtiger.com/shop/
      if there is a price for her
      but I havent been answered yet
    8. [SIZE="-10"]The information is up on the front page of B&G's website ( in Chinese, naturally ), however, the event does not start until the 1st of January so I guess why there has been no "official" mention of it yet.

      I don't see how them having a promotion like this is any different than the other promotions, actually, such as the one where free smaller dolls were offered for Dollzone doll purchases. I saw a comment here that didn't sit well with me earlier, however I see that it's been deleted. I just wanted to say that B&G has not been promoting Leile as that poster claimed. If you notice, her price has been at 0RMB since she's been added to the website. I don't see anything shady about that. Doll companies add new event items to their websites and set a blank price for them all the time. Why is this any different?

      Remember, the person that started this thread introduced her, not B&G. They are an agent of B&G, I see but still, B&G themselves have not promoted Leile in a way to make anyone think that she was for sale. At least not in any way that I have seen.

      Keep in mind that Leile is not the only option for a gift with the purchase of a doll ( as I originally thought, which was my mistake, I'll admit ) during the event. You could just as easily opt for the random wig, pair of shoes and outfit if you have no need for a small doll. It's like a little something extra for those who may have been purchasing a doll anyway.
    9. this girl is selling on ebay so anyone who wants her can get through ebay.