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B&G new dolls and B & G Events

Jun 3, 2010

    1. Tanks for everyone the general support, and celebrate B & G website revision and B & G 1/3 type3 double joint body and 1/4 type2 double joint body come into market,.
      So planning follows events in June.
      A: In the June period, order 1/3doll (choose1/3 type3 double joint body) current prices just need US$389, Original PriceUS$429.
      B: In the June period, order 1/4doll (choose 1/4 type2 double joint body) current prices just need US$190, Original PriceUS$210.
      The event will cease on 01-July-2010, when prices will resume
      If you have any question please send email to: mybgdoll@hotmail.com

      New 1/3 doll Grenville(1/3 type3 double joint body) US$389

      New 1/3 doll Gwilym (1/3 type3 double joint body) US$389

      BG honey doll Melissa
      BG honey doll Sophie
    2. Oh, new dolls! :aheartbea Love them!

      But what I'd like to know is if you plan on releasing high heel feet for SD's some time soon?
    3. Will you be selling the bodies separately?
    4. They have been selling the bodies separately - yesterday they were up at the old version of their site.

      I think the renewal is not finished yet and that's why everything else except for the 1/3 and Honey size dolls is missing from the site (for example...the Kid Dolls are even included in the event, but right now they are not on the website o.O)...I'm sure they'll continue selling the body parts, too^^
    5. will you be selling the head separate?
    6. Oh, Honey are cute! Are you have pictures of nude doll? Are they include in the event too?
    7. hi Rillja : i am so sorry ,no high heel feet for SD's now . when can releasing , i don't know .i can help you asking .....

      hi chibialex :yes sell the head separate

      hi krysia : yes,yes sell the bodies separate too
    8. If anyone is interested in these beauties! B&Gdoll has new faceups on older sculpts and has a bunch of new dolls on their site. They really look great!
      They have new double jointed bodies also.


    9. Oooh, they're so gorgeous!! :D Is there pictures of the different resin colors? Thank you!
    10. HOLY, I can't find the information on your website; I'm glad to see you post here that heads and bodies are available for separate sale. What is the cost for each and how do you order them separately?
      I'd like the Elf Afra head on a female body. I also really like the Grenville head for a girl.

      Is Elf Afra head available with human ears?

      Does B&G offer layaway?

      MODS: I couldn't find the thread because the search engine doesn't allow "b&g" it says it's too short. Sorry. :sweat HOLY: perhaps you can edit your original title to say "B&Gdoll" so we can find the thread when we search. :) thanks!
      I notice it is always difficult for me to find B&G threads. I couldn't find a Discussion thread in Large Dolls either probably because of titling. :( When I find them I subscribe so I can always find them. But for now I'm still troubled.
    11. DanceCat: the site isn't showing up? In the 'Parts' section shows the price of the different bodies *there's version 3 and 4, different price* They don't have the blank heads up yet, and Afra's elf ears are interchangeable due to magnets, they haven't post human ears separately yet..Hope that helps!
    12. I'm pretty sure B&G doesn't offer layaway ^__^;; i've never heard of a B&G on this payment plan.

      Also Human ears ARE available for both Sapphira and Afra but you have to ask for them specifically from what I hear.

      Also be prepared to glue or tack the ears in xD the new ear magnet system is not stable at all (i say this from experience - I own a Sapphira) They fall out with a small knock DX

      Easily fixed though ^D^

      As for the bodies...

      I can't see a problem with them swapping the bodies over, as Afra and Sapphira have yet to have official female versions...

      You just have to send a mail to B&G and wait for a reply ^__^
    13. Hm, thanks guys. Rika, I didn't know they had anything on their Parts page!! I've tried it a few times and it comes up with no items! OK, scratch that, just got it to come up for some reason.
      Also, I did a copy/paste of the URL. *scratches head*

      Deni, thanks for telling me that. That's great to know about the ears. The layaway is ok, I just wish they had it, it would make it more convenient for me.

      I really love the Grenville head too, but would want that on a female body too. Love my pretty girl dolls! :aheartbea But I have to have that Afra head on a girl body!! :D

      Thanks guys!
    14. DanceCat: OH sorry, the URL was a typo, I meant to put it at the bottom cause the front page didn't work for me, looks like it's fixed now though *sweat*. I guess since they recently 'revamped' the page, they're still fixing some things..
    15. FYI Both threads have been combined into one B&G News thread pertaining to their new dolls (this one).
    16. Dear DanceCat
      i am so sorry , that head is myself Sculpting , not BG company doll, if your like when i make finished i like show you see see ,thanks

    17. Will you offer separate hands eventually? I would like the option of different hand positions.

      Also, do you have pictures of the different resin colors?
    18. dear uno-kun ,yes hands can separate sell , price 25$USD. ABOUT pictures of the different resin colors today make pictures , please waiting.....