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Baby bjd for Msd size dolls

Feb 11, 2011

    1. I rarely post on this site and I am still getting the hang of it..I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not..
      Are there any bjd babies that would be good for MSD size dolls?
      I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this :sweat*_**_**_*:sweat
    2. I think that baby supia is great for this.

    3. Oh, Cat777 your sweet little Sena is just beautiful:aheartbea I have a Seron and she's an utter delight. I love bjds that are more realistic so these really lend themselves to being proper babies, especially for MSDs it would seem.

      More or less any tiny of the roughly 9-15 cm size range can do the job very well in terms of scale but as far as bjds that really have that baby look to them it gets harder to find. I think the Supias are an excellent choice and there are definitely some off topic tinies that are quite realistically babies. Felixdoll Small Comfort is a wonderful baby whose head can also be switched out with those of Puki Pukis. Bobobie tinies make excellent babies as do Puki Pukis and Wishels. I'll see what others I can suggest for you.
    4. Just darling! Is that Yisol with the baby?
    5. That is soo sweet! And I love supia babies. Too bad they're sold out.
    6. [​IMG]
      Bobobie 15cm tinies make excellent babies
    7. It says they ship internationally, so I'm guessing that includes the US. :)

      Also Brownies can be a cute baby for MSDS. There are a few in the market place if you want to see.

      My Brownie(with his sleeping head), with his mother

      Real old picture ahead!

    8. Aww gintsukimegami that is a really cute picture!
      I can't seem to find any brownies tho.. :(
    9. Eep! Sorry, I could have sworn there were a few for sale there(they show up and disappear regularly it seems). The company themselves of gone through a lot of issues, and they've changed hands to a different company. They used to be called Felix Brownies, they are still called Brownies, but come from a different company now.

      Here's the new webpage for them...

      I am really sorry for the confusion.:sorry
    10. Oh it's okay :)
    11. Yes, thank you! It's Supia Yisol in french resin.
    12. If you are after a really tiny baby BJD. There are some more suggestions in this thread:

    13. Your little one is *beyond* adorable. :aheartbea Finding realistic looking babies is high up on my priority list.
    14. All these baby pics are so sweet; never thought about a mom and baby set up. . .hmmmm
    15. Domadoll Ippo is also quite a babyish little creature, and goes nicely in msd dolls. With bald head she´s more babyish, but the head is a bit "alien" shaped from back.

    16. Is Supia ever going to make babies again?