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Baby BJD's <3

Aug 9, 2010

    1. I just became a mom last month, and already my little boy is growing :aheartbea! I just told my husband how if I had the money, I would commission a BJD of my son as a baby from one of the doll makers here. It would be a cute way of capturing his image rather than just taking pictures and videos. Any other moms here that would do the same? Or am I weird for thinking this?
    2. Thanks, I'll check it out! And thanks for thinking I'm not weird for wanting it!
    3. Hm, maybe they would. Their pricing is based on 63 cm dolls, and I would want a 10 inch long doll at most. Well, I can't afford it at the moment anyways. Maybe sometime soon though. Here's hoping!
    4. Would you prefer a human scale baby BJD (like a Reborn doll) or a baby doll that's in scale with other dolls? I'd love a "realistic" baby doll to go with my other dolls, but for me it would still have to look like a doll and not a miniature replica of a real baby.
      There are parents who have used the DIM MiniMee service to get a doll sculpt made of their (somewhat older) children, but I'm not sure how that would work out for babies.
    5. Yeah, I thought about MnM, but do they do body sculpts? I thought it was heads only? I could be wrong. I would want a doll with actual baby proportions that is 5 - 10 inches in length that has my son's facial features. But as I said, I won't be financially able to for a while. :(
    6. You don't see it that often anymore, but sometimes people make a cloth body for heads that don't have a resin body yet. If you are a bit crafty, you could make one until you are able to get a resin body. Nobility doll takes requests for custom resin bodies.
    7. Congrats on your being a mummy! It sounds a really cool idea, I've often thought about having an actual baby-type BJD. Littlefees are close, but they're more like older toddlers than actual babies.
      This is OT, but you could commision a Reborn artist to make an actual baby-sized replica ^^
    8. Wow, I've never heard of a Reborn artist until now. Cool! And yeah, you never see any real baby type BJD's. I'd love to see someone start making them. I bet they'd sell well. Too bad I suck at sculpting!
      @Muisje- Yeah, it's a good idea. Too bad I cant sew. ^^;
    9. Angel region makes nappy choo which is a good in scale baby bjd for other bjds http://dollsoom.com/eng/shop/item.php?it_id=1271234235 but it isn't quite what you wnat probably. You could ahve nobility of dim make a head for you son for the nappy chuu body, that would bring costs down
    10. Good idea! I'll look into it. Thanks!
    11. Having a reborn I did, and running out of room for it, I'd say get a 12-15cm tiny. There are some who are more realistic looking than others, you could paint them up like a human baby. Being they work with traditional dollhouse size you could make a miniature replica of your nursery and add more family members as they come.

      A cloth body on a BJD would be interesting. I thought of doing that with a spare tiny head and hands in a stuffed baby outfit but I missed the extra head promo. It would make bigger dolls easier to carry.
    12. I think it's a wonderful idea! Congrats on the new baby!
    13. Congratulations on your new baby! I also think it's a very cute idea. Some people commission tattoos of their kids, so I think a dll isn't strange at all.
    14. Congrats on the baby! My friend is about to be a new mommy herself, she's due very VERY soon, so I'm always happy to hear about other people's kids.

      However, on the doll front, I, personally, would sort of give a really weird look to someone making a doll of their baby. Especially a realistic-looking one. Dolls in general, outside of the stylized BJD world, give me the creeps. Especially baby dolls, because to me, they just look like dead babies, and I can only imagine if you had a doll of your own baby that would be..... A bit morbid I think. I'd rather have something like video or photos or maybe a print of your kid on a cup or a tee shirt. But not a realistic-looking doll replica. It just squicks me a bit.

      But this is me, I don't have kids, even though I'm 25, and I don't plan on ever having any. I have enough nieces and nephews and younger siblings that I've taken care of/am still caring for that I don't need kids of my own. Though if one more person tells me 'you're not a parent, its different when they're your own' I may scream myself hoarse. XD
    15. Congratulations from me, too!

      A baby-BJD is a cute idea, especially if his size fits the other dolls and they can do photoshoots together. There are very few really baby-featured tinies now, but they are not unheard of...Nappy Choo was already mentioned, and there are the fabulous Baby Supia dolls, too - I think they are quite realistic compared to other tinies. And Felixdoll has (had?) the very-very teensy Small Comfort dolls - adorable^^
    16. DollyKim- A mini nursery? That's a cute idea! Although this little guy is keeping me too busy to get crafty at the moment!
      sealion and Crimson cat- Thank you!
      KarieChaos- Yeah, I figured it might weird some people out a bit. And boy, do I know what you mean about the "You won't understand until you're a mother yourself." phrase. This is my first child and I'm about to be 33. So during my fertile adult years before now, I got pissed when anyone told me that.
      Smaug- Thanx for the links!
    17. Congrats on your newborn!

      I'm sort of looking for a 'baby' to fit with my SD couple, though, them being 60 cm a newborn would have to be at least 16 to 17 cm, which is a third of the average length of a human full term newborn. Considering the length of puki's, tiny's, soombabies and the realistic dollzone ones, they'd all be premature.
      So I have till Christmas to look for a "Baby Jesus" for my BJD Christmas scene but I doubt I'll find one. At least I did find a plastic substitute of the proper length. Looks pretty cute with mommy :)
      I don't think it's weird wanting to capture the look of your newborn that way forever. They grow up so fast.
    18. I'd really love to have a 1:1 scale toddler doll, similar to Lusion Dahlia. Something that could wear regular toddler clothes. That would be so adorable <3
    19. Off topic as they may be, I happened to run across this custom reborn service tonight which is almost exactly what you're asking for; a to-scale baby doll of your son, a 3D snapshot if you will. Just throwing it out there :daisy