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Baby Sup - Tiny from Supiadoll

Dec 17, 2007

    1. ETA - The official news is out, they are 13cm. The news thread with additional photos are here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=183082

      The official news isn't out yet, but Supiadoll was at the Seoul Doll Freemarket yesterday and introduced their new tiny. They will be released shortly (within the month, the owner said). I love the baby cheeks.

      I'm pretty sure the offical pictures will be a lot better; I don't think my photo skills do them justice. Just a quick montage I'm posting with permission:
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    2. Ooof. That's pretty darn cute! Thank you for posting this!
    3. Look! A tiny tan baby Yisol--just the cutest. Thanks so much, angmasuzy for taking these great pictures.
    4. Oh wow - they are so cute! Thank you for sharing!!!
    5. So cute, especially the little bald one in the pink rompers
    6. OHGOGHHDALivdiHS'egi'h

      tinybear hits the deck ....OMG .....NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      ok I have wiped the drool of my keyboard ...love the one in the little red dress
      I gotta get me one of these
    7. AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE their dolls, and this size is perfect! I have to get the litte blonde princess in the blue dress!!!

      I haven't even gotten my Christmas money yet and it's gone......................
    8. how adorable! the look like true babies! i wonder what the price range will be?
    9. These actually look like babies; very cute. I like the ones in rompers.
    10. So cute XD
    11. Oh God... I think I'm going to have to take a long hard look at what I can sell...
    12. OMG they look like baby Roda and Rosy, I know I will be getting one, have plenty of money left over.....:doh that can't be good.
    13. I'll post all the information when I get the prices and other info you need...

      We hinted about the Baby Supia a couple months ago... and yesssssss they do look like Roda and Rosy when they were babies!


      P.S. Just posted this in NEWS... I'll link to your thread here.

      Please don't worry, as soon as I get the email I will give you all the info. I think they were waiting until after Christmas to send the info, because they know it's so hectic here right before that time.
    14. OMG. Soooo cute and so tiny. There's a likeness to Supia's taller girls that's beyond adorable. Ran out of words.
    15. wow... they're so adorable. ;.;

      darnit... but, can't let myself even consider one yet.
      nope nope nope... ;.; other obligations.
      (besides, babies need parental figures! ...even if said figures are also tinies... >>;; )
    16. Are there anymore pictures anywhere from Seoul Doll Freemarket show would love to see what other dolls there are!!
    17. I'm so glad I told myself a long time ago "no tinies", but they are super adorable.
    18. They really are adorable. ^^
    19. Awwwww.....if I am to have a Tiny...it WILL be one of these cute babies...awwwww...I just love them........:love

      xen :)
    20. omg O_o I have to have one of them! *slaps self* aaargh sooo darn cute!!! XD