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Back in the Bag! Nap time or Traumatic event?

Jun 3, 2012

    1. Alrighty so I just received my very first doll a few weeks ago, I live in an RV with a young kitten, so space being at a premium and the dangers of a tiny ball of fuzzy teeth roaming around, he has to stay in his bag when I'm not around to supervise. I was putting him back in his bag after I was fished with a sewing project and when I laid him down in the bag he seemed to have this expression of dread almost saying "Oh no, not again!" Im not sure if it was the lighting or the way his hair fell, but in that moment I felt terrible for him! So he came back out of the bag until it was time for bed.

      I got to thinking, how should I treat bag time? I never really considered him in the bag before now. So lets have it! How do you all View, Treat or Rationalize going back in the Bag, in Storage or on the Shelf?
    2. Uh... well I only put her in the bag when I want to take her outside, so I consider it a safety measure? Keeps her out of direct sunlight, out of danger from small, stupid children, and keeps her from losing her wig or being damaged.

      The rest of the time I keep her on a shelf and I do tuck her in, but part of that is because she's in a skirt and has no panties, so I'll put a little blanket over her lap so her naughty bits aren't exposed to the world. :P My dad walks by her shelf quite often and it would be awkward for him.
    3. I cant really say i have had this experance yet. I'm still waiting for my dolls. I've also read allot of posts where people swear there dolls have expressions on there faces when there putting there doll away etc. I have already gotten things for him to sleep on so i dont have to put him in his box/bag. I think id feel terribly guilty having to put him away at night. I intend to just make a little sleeping bag or something for the time being ^^
    4. Consider your doll sleeping, I guess?

      I don't put my dolls away in a bag or box or anything like that. I don't have any children or pets, so there wouldn't be any issues with them getting knocked down or damaged.
    5. I guess I just consider it naptime. Like nighty night. Sometimes it's a fairly long nap but hey i'd rather them be safe then become a chew toy for my cats, dogs, or birds even. (My first cockatiel loved to chew on my first doll"s hand when I wasn't looking) D:
    6. I don't consider it much of anything other than a means of transportation/protection. I do get a little annoyed about it sometimes as I only have a mini sized carrier which will fit my 55cm boys, but it's a tight squeeze and I worry about their face-ups and fingers, not about them being "unhappy" about being squished. If I wish to lug one of my bigger dolls around it requires an actual box and then it's just a pain in the rear.
    7. I probably should have added Shelf/Storage time to my OP, which I still may. My boy has to go back in his bag at night, I'd keep him out if I could but I have no real choice with a kitten and space so limited. I made a pillow for his head this week and a blanket to make it more like nap time rather than going back into the abyssal, black bag of doom. I felt a little better about putting him back after that. :)
    8. Don't feel bad, I may not keep mine in a bag per se, but I do banish them to a dark room by themselves when I can't supervise them with my cats. It's for their own safety, so I don't feel bad. Your away space is just smaller since your own living space is limited.
    9. My dolls are extremely familiar with their respective boxes/bags - I've moved house twice with them in tow within a very short space of time, and for me it's a feeling of the dolls being "on hiatus" every time I box them up. It's a similar feeling to when I disassemble them for restringing or blushing etc - they cease to be 'Melinda' or 'Elijah' or whatever for that short period. A kind of dolly purgatory I guess, even though I don't believe my dolls to have souls or be sentient in any way.

      (I must add that when it comes to unboxing my dolls en masse like this, it feels like having lots of new dollies! Haha. They usually smell of new resin and everything :B)
    10. Well... My dolls don't mind being put away because they are only "active" when I decide to do something with them.
    11. yup. same here

      mine are really just piece of plastic I store away to protect from cat and sun! they are only "alive" when I play with them ^_^
      anyway, I don't specifically have a claustrophobic character xD so even then it wouldn't matter that much.
    12. For me, it depends on the doll who goes in the carrying case.

      Ryuichi HATES being put in ANYTHING...unless he's in there with his boyfriend Tatsuha. The last time I put him in a bag by himself, he kicked me for three days straight! :o Chiyoko and Ichi, my MNFs on the other hand are pretty mellow about it. They seem to like being cuddled up with Tatsuha's huge 70cm self. I usually put the three in and keep Ryuichi out. Spoiled rock star! ;)

      At night, my four full dolls sleep on my queen-sized bed with me, so we're good. And the two MNFs have a bunk bed, so even if they weren't on the bed, they'd end up there. Ryuichi happily shares his bed with Tatsuha, so all five of us are all good! ;)

    13. When I first got my new "dream doll" I stored her in her box at night to keep her safe. It was the first or second night I put her in there; when I took her out the next day she clearly looked disturbed and had some kind of transparent mark under one eye - it looked like a tear but whatever it was it was dry but not sticky. I have no idea what it was or how it got there. It was a very eerie experience! But I never put her in her box again. I bought her a chair and she sat next to my bed for a long time. I also have cats, one that likes to bite resin. So now I have shelves that I bought and put up high on the wall where I keep all my dolls. It keeps them safe and I get to admire them.
    14. I feel bad stuffing Marc into his default Soom carrier. But sometimes I have to do it. He likes hanging out in my purse, however. There's lots of wiggle room, and since I am a tomboy, there practically isn't anything in there. Maybe my camera, and a wallet, and I have an ipod nano...so really...Marc has TONS of room.

      He loves the black shelf/case I have...it's out of the light and a nice little dark nook for him and his things.
    15. Yeah, I always feel bad putting my Dolls in a bag, but it has to be done when they can't be in direct sunlight when I am carrying them outside, or if I am carrying a lot of luggage, including their bag. I feel bad, but it's better than them getting hurt!! I thought of it more like, "I'm sorry you guys! This won't last long!" but I like the idea of a nap more that seems like a nice way to put it. :)
    16. I have two cats and a hyperactive dog, so I make sure to leave my door shut whenever I'm not around or awake in case one of the three decides to knock them down. Mine are kept on a wicker stand as I find those safer. Maybe you can find room for one of those?
    17. Uh - they're dolls. They might look like they're upset or smirking or secretly laughing their beautifully sculpted butts off but they're not. So I got no problem with putting them in bags, suitcases, boxes, whatever.
    18. Chaeri doesn't have a bag per se, but she does have a silk sheath I use to transport her when I fear she might get stained or damaged. She actually feels rather pampered, I think, being wrapped up in silk and carried about.
    19. I can't stand putting my dolls in boxes or bag or storage or whatever. I'm lucky enough to have a doll room, and they are all set up in there in their own little bedrooms or community rooms. :P My dog is well behaved and never bothers the dolls, except to cuddle on the Blueblood boys. (I'm not sure why but she likes them best) The only time they ever go in a box or bag is if they are getting shipped off to visit my bff and her dolls for pix, or if I'm taking them out in a bag, but even then, it's a tote bag and they can "see" out of it. I usually just think of it as travel time, like riding in the back of a dark truck.....i HAVE ridden in the back of a furniture truck, and its dark and hot and a rough ride, so I prefer to think of that. lol
    20. Paul (Elfdoll Special K) "sleeps" in his padded box. Michael (ResinSoul An) has his own little bed, so that's where he sleeps, and Rommie (ResinSoul Ya) will sleep there with him when she arrives in a couple of days. Echo (Bobobie Pup 37) sits up on a shelf so she can survey my bedroom from a high vantage point...and so my REAL dog doesn't get at her.

      I don't mind putting my dolls away in their box/bag. I do it as a safety precaution. I think it makes a lot of sense to take care of them that way and make sure they don't get damaged.