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Back to the first size I bought

Mar 31, 2018

    1. Maybe this is posted before so admin feel free to remove if so..
      I started in the hobby with a yosd but started buying msd because I wanted more mature dolls. Somewhere getting my 4th msd I noticed I was not that enthusiastic anymore about the hobby even thinking of selling most of them.. I sold some, bought a yosd and loving the hobby again. Strangely this size fits me the best and I don't know why. Can someone relate
    2. I suppose I had a kind of similar thing! It was more that I was used to OT dolls and action figures though, the kind of things that are 5-13 inches, and easy to store and display. I tried to start the resin side of the hobby with a 1/3 doll (go big or go home I guess, apparently!), and that was a big mistake. It's two years later and I'm finally admitting that and selling her on, which is a huge relief. It's not for me at all, I just find the storage and space-taking incredibly frustrating.

      1/6 or YoSD is the right size for me! There's a lot of mature options around, which is fantastic because that's my preference too. I have so much more fun with the sorts of things that are able to hang out on my shelves without actually needing the entire shelf (and my books are even more important to me, I'm not giving up their shelf space!), then if I need them away, they store into standard size boxes very easily.

      I'm glad it's helped you enjoy the hobby again! I'm definitely feeling that, knowing that my SD is off to a new home. I didn't realise how much it was weighing me down until I made the call to sell it. :)
    3. I'm having the opposite dilemma, I keep wanting bigger. I started out with an off-topic tiny 11-12cm doll and I keep going up. Went from 1/6 to 1/4 to now I just got my first 65cm doll and I'm already wanting a 70-80cm. I can never go back! Soon I shall quest for the legendary 1/1 scale of my nightmares dreams!

      But in all seriousness, I can understand the appeal of smaller dolls over the larger, especially if you have a limited space. It's so much easier to make props for 1/6 and to make rooms for them!
    4. I've had that happen as well. My first was a minifee. Then I tried all sorts of sizes from Pukifee up to EID. I've come to realize I was right all along and 1/4 is the size for me. The nice thing is all of the variation within a size range. There's so many different proportions and styles! Your Yo-SD and my MSD hobby will never get boring!
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    5. I started with a 60cm Obitsu and well.. I've gotten pretty much every single size since then, though some are ot. For some reason I gravitate between favoring MSD and SDs mostly and I think it's because they're easier to make clothes for, less hand sewing and more in-scale buttons available, lol. I love my littler dolls still, but they're more likely to stay on display, while I yank the bigger girls out for the next round of measurements and fittings.
    6. I’ve been there. My first doll was 60cm, and I thought that would be the size I’d stick with. Then I got a Minifee Marcia on a whim back when the Minifee had just made the move from Luts to Fairyland, and I was having so much fun with her she started attracting more Mini friends. I considered sizing my last couple of SDs down for a while because I loved their characters but they didn’t match the others and were being neglected. I also tried out Littlefee and Pukifee because they’re stinkin’ cute, but none of them felt as... I don’t know, important to me as the big guys. I’d get one, play with it for a while, and then sell it. And I could never find the right sculpt to scale down my Delf Moon, so eventually I picked the Mini characters I really liked and sized them up instead. Now my whole collection is 1/3 scale again. It’s like I knew what I wanted to begin with but had to experiment to be really, really sure.
    7. real puki was my first and most of my dolls are tinies. but i did get 2 1/3 size dolls recently and i love the weight of them. i have plenty of space so i guess i will get to enjoy them all!
    8. I know the feeling. Whenever I hold my 1/6 dolls I get the feeling of buying more of them than the bigger size. Maybe it's because I have more choices of miniatures to spoil them with. They can easily fit in a shelf and arrange their own room right there. Finding miniature props is also a plus since there's more luck to find physical toy/hobby stores carrying 1/6 scale rather than 1/3 or 1/4.
    9. @Guinan wow, your situation is what I’ve been going through myself. I just recently got a new yosd and it has restarted my love of the hobby. I thought I could get the bigger sizes and learn to appreciate them, but no, yosd is my true love.
    10. I'm a bit concerned about that myself! My first BJD is on her way, and she's 1/4 scale. All of my other dolls are 1/6 or smaller, and I was actually on a pretty big 1/12 binge before the BJD purchase just because that size was a perfect fit for dollhouses. :lol: I'm hoping that what I lose with the whole dollhouse/furniture thing, I gain in being able to sew on a scale that won't hurt my eyes.
    11. I still seem to be all over the board. My dolls range from 60cm to 6cm. I've been buying more <20cm ones lately because they're (relatively) cheaper and take up so little space and I love really mini stuff, but I have wishlist dolls in every size. There are pros and cons and trade-offs with every doll, and I feel like I'll need to keep experimenting to figure out my "ideal" size, if I do have one.
    12. I've tried every size so far, and have realized that MSD's seem to be right for me. SD's were just too big and it sort of made me less likely to want to pose or mess with them. I really do love looking at them however. I've been in the MSD boat for most of my time in the hobby, and I don't see it changing anytime soon.
    13. I think some people do have a preferred size! They can become attracted by sculpts in different sizes, and maybe own many sizes, but still prefer one size over the rest.

      My first was 1/3 (60cm) size and I still like that size (up to 75cm), even though I own many different sizes.
    14. i feel like it isn't super common for people in this hobby to prefer yosd over mad and sd, so props to you. My first doll will be a 42 cm doll, so let's see if my presences change over time :)
    15. I've preferred SDs from the beginning and have felt no desire to change, though if I ever switched, it would probably be to tinies. There are so many unique ones. For now, I'd rather just get both.
    16. Yes and no.

      I started with MSD, then tried 70cm, which was wayyy too big for my tastes. Got a couple of YoSD to be kids for my MSD adult crew. Then, about three years into the hobby, decided I liked SD better and upgraded all of my adults and teens to the 55-66cm range. Since then, I've mostly had adult/teen SD and child MSD, YoSD and tinies, plus a few pets and fantasy tinies here and there. A couple of years ago, I tried to get in on the Minifee craze because they are cute and there are so many things made for them that I wanted, but I sold them within about a year. MSD is still not for me. I have also tried larger dolls again, thinking maybe since I'm used to SD now, 70 wouldn't be that much of a jump, but I still can't do it, and sold them again. So, it seems like for me, SD really is my comfort zone and preference, other than child dolls. Even with the child dolls, I have to be really attached to the parents/adult relatives to stay connected to the kid enough for them to stick around.
    17. I have a selection of sizes, nothing taller than an SD10 size... and my smallest being a zuzudelf. I prefer MSD/mini sizes more than any of the other sizes, though I really enjoy yoSD size as well! I think my SD girl will probably be my one and only at that size. ^^ I've always had limited space, so having MSD's are the perfect size for me.
    18. i can't say for now but i've owned relatively polar opposites of sizes and nothing in the middle.. but from experience so far, I personally prefer the appeal of bigger dolls (60cm+).. i guess i just want both arms to be fully occupied, and majority of sculpts I like range from that size so there's that.. i think anything below that would be too fragile for the clumsy me @ ~ @
    19. My fave size are 1/6! I have 12 now, 11 are yosd size and 1 dollfie dream. I prefer smaller dolls cos i can take them anywhere! :)
    20. one thing I love about doll size is being able to knit sweaters and socks so quickly when knitting is such a slow process, it often took a whole winter to knit myself a sweater. So when I was knitting for my SD size girl one thing that went through my head was "this is going to take some time!" one good reason to love the smaller dolls!!