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back to you in the end

Jun 14, 2007

    1. I remember the first BJD I ever saw a couple of years ago on a web site; he was Volks F16. At first I thought he was cute though I wasn't all that taken back by him, but he did make me want to know more about these dolls.

      As time went on I looked at the photos of a lot of dolls in a lot of different sizes by a lot of different companies and even squee'd over a few for the longest of times. The site gigglegeek and the DOA database pages became my gods as I researched more on all of the different dolls and companies out there *_* .

      In the end I wound up back at the feet of the F16, the first BJD I had ever seen, only now for whatever reason I was taken back by him stronger than any other doll I've ever looked at. When I save up enough i'd like him to finally be my first BJD :aheartbea .

      Do you remember the first BJD you ever saw? Did it in the end become the doll that you set out to purchase?
    2. Aww, f-16's are an awesome sculpt. The first resin bjd I ever saw was sweet dream mika, and I did end of purchasing her, she's the one that started my crazy bjd obsession now I'm lucky to have twins of her. :)
    3. Well, I didn't end up getting the first BJD that I saw, but I did end up ordering from the same company. The first one that I saw was a Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Jerome. He's cute, but he just seems too sad. So I got the much happier seeming Niky. It was probably almost 2 years since I saw the Jerome that I ordered my boy. It took me a little while to get really become obsessed with it and buy him. I :aheartbea my Seth! ^_^
    4. well its a bit differnt for me, i liked looking at pictures of them, then i went to Jube Jube's site and fell in love with unoas
    5. I'm pretty sure the first BJD I saw was a Volks and he was lovely, but they didn't really "get" me until a teeny tiny grumpy-butt Naripon caught my eye. I am a pushover for small, cute, juvenile delinquent types. Badtz Maru, Mashimaro, and my Naripon Pansy. *dead meat* Still don't have a Volks, and with their expense I'm afraid a number of "impulse buys" at 1/3 the cost have taken precedence over them.
    6. The first BJD that I saw was D.O.T. Tender Shall and I thought that she was absolutely gooorgeus! And I still do. I'm saving for heeeer!!
    7. Oh wow, twins? Now that is love. ;)

      Yes I know what you mean. I've looked at tons of database pictures, gallery pictures and off site pictures of the F16 to the point where I can no longer just stand looking at others pics and now have to have my own. *_*

      The unoa girls are lovely. I adore how they have such natural posing and proportions.

      Aww, when it comes to looking at photos of others dolls I usually end up loving the grumpy and pouty ones the best. They just have so much personality, especially if their eyes are not looking directly at the camera, almost as if they're dismissing your existance. :lol:

      Awesome! Good luck with getting her.
    8. Oh, yeah. The first BJDs I ever saw were in a magazine article--Lynn Turner's piece about her Customhouse dolls in Fashion Doll Quarterly, sometime in the spring of 2004. I was totally mesmerized by Flynn, the tan Ainomori Jun 2nd that Lynn owned then, and it was because of Flynn (and Jude, Lynn's handsome CH Gene) that I bought an unlimited Gene for my first BJD.

      And then last fall, Flynn himself--not just *a* tan CH Jun, rare as they are, but *that very one*--unexpectedly came up for sale. And I happened to be in the right place at the right time to buy him.

      Still can't believe it, sometimes.
    9. -ponders- the first BJD I ever saw was...slvrdrgn's Soo, Taemi, on deviantArt. I then kind of attacked her for information. Soo is a cutie, but she's not for me. I prefer her MNF cousin Shushu. :)
    10. My friend bought a CH Siwon and she showed me where she got him. I stumbled onto Sia [who is the girl version of Siwon] and just fell in love. The basic AI girls weren't in stock yet when I got my first doll but then right around my birthday they came out with the Costume Play Sound of Music dolls. There was a Sia and I knew she was perfect, she also just happened to be a unique. :D I got her as a birthday present from my mom. She's absolutely gorgeous~
    11. The first BJD I ever saw was a Hiroshima Chris way back when. I did eventually get a Chris... but I didn't keep him long! The boys just aren't for me ^_^

      But I did have a BW F28 (the oldskin version of the F16) GIRL for quite awhile! XD

    12. Definitely! The first doll I ever liked enough to want was School A. The more I researched, the more that longing grew, even as I sifted through all of the other companies and molds available. But, I thought I'd never get one because at the time, so I decided to save for Schulze, his MSD clone XD However, I started noticing that the normal going price for Schulze wasn't something I wanted to pay for my first doll. So I bought an MSD Mika, acquainted myself with all aspects of the hobby, and six months later, realized things weren't working out. Started saving for School A again, made plans to sell my Mika to a friend, and 10 months since I'd first bought my Mika, I had a full School A. Full circle ^ ^
    13. The first BJDs I saw were DoDs, I can't remember who exactly I clicked on see more first, but you know, haha.
      It was probably, actually, Ducan! Who I absolutely still adore. @_@
      That was probably a year or so ago.

      The first ones I saw in person were all Volks, a stock Sara, the doll shop's owners boy...though I can't remember his type or if she told me, and a cute small girl she had...

      I held Sara and her tiny girl and it just broke my heart!
      That was about a couple weeks ago.

      I want my Soom Gem Kanoa. ;___;
    14. Yes, the first doll I saw became one of my first dolls I had to have!
      I first saw a SDC Kaede in a magazine at my doctors office (I think it was Time). This was about ~2 1/2 - 3 years ago. Well, I searched and searched and found the Doll-Hobby website and Volks international site.

      I found out Kaede was only available at some special party in Japan and that I couldn't get her (that was Dolpa 11 I believe). So I bought a couple MSD (A Yuni because she had the same leg thingy Kaede had and a Shinsya becuase she was just cool looking). I then bought a Nono because, well, I just loved her!
      Anyway, Volks had this After party thing were 24 Kaedes became available for international customers. I got one! So I sold my 2 MSD's to buy her and she is my baby. I recently re-bought Shinsya. So, it has happened with 2 dollies for me. ^_^

      Wow....that was a lot of rambling on my part.....
    15. Nope, the first doll I ever saw was Shiro Tachibana (er, I think that's his name) by Volks, and at the time I thought he was stunning. Even after seeing other dolls I still thought he was beautiful, but then a few years passed and I didn't really pay attention to BJDs... and when I finally got back into it, Shiro wasn't really my taste anymore XD I highly doubt I'll ever own one.
    16. The first BJD I ever saw I didn't actually know the mold because honestly I wasn't into them at the time. But after I was hooked on them (after just holding one XD) my gf gave me a few sites to go to and well the luts web address was easiest for me to remember and I went their first then looked at the Kid Delfs over and over, continuously clicking on Aru and yeah ordered him the next day XD
    17. I saw the Volks dolls in Haute doll and was interested, I liked the customised dolls the best. Then an Australia doll dealer got Elfdolls and I saw the first Fullset Soah in the purple kimono. I just fell in love with her, but there was no way that I was ever going to pay $700 for a doll. The more I looked, the more I liked her, eventually, I ended up buying her on layaway. When she arrived, I was almost too scared to touch her because she was so expensive. Now, 2 years later, that's the standard price I pay for a doll, I've bought a sold several bjds and am working on getting a collection of dolls that really call to me. Meanwhile Soah is still my favourite and every time I look at her, she still calls to me.
    18. Nope. Dolls went under my radar as "wow those things cost too much" for a LONG time. Then I moved in with a girl who had one and she let me play with her...and then I watched The Cat Returns and decided to have a Baron of my own for a cosplay prop and a buddy, so I joined DoA and started googling for artists who would do anthro work, and found Lithe-Fider! My first doll is a one of a kind, LOL.

      Although I DO now own a doll that is almost the exact same Dollmore LE that my ex-girlfriend has (Asha Rosee vs. Asha Noir)...hummmm, LOL!
    19. I think the first doll I ever saw was probably either Delf Moon or Shiwoo, I'm not sure. I really wanted to get Shiwoo but part of me thinks that I should maybe wait until later on, the same with Moon, because first I'm not sure where to put them cause they're pretty big and another thing is that I don't want my parents to bug me about the price,I don't want to hide them from anyone and also the risk of them being broken. Maybe when I move out of my house and get a job I know when it's the right time.
    20. I don't even remember the veeeery first doll I saw. It was more around 4 years ago when I first saw them on a Japanese site and thought they were really beautiful, but I had no desire to own one. Thinking back, I think it may have been Caress of Venus' site, as I thought her Hyde boy was amazing.

      Finding them again a little over 2 years ago, though, I remember the first 2 dolls I really, really wanted. I stumbled upon Volks' site after a friend mentioned them and fell in love with Kai and Sakaki. They reminded me a lot of my original characters.

      I still want a Sakaki, and I've owned a Lucas (same mold roughly as Kai) but didn't like him as much. However, I still very much want an f-16, which I believe was one of the original dolls I saw. (It would have been an f-28 back then, but still ^ ~).