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Bad (and lengthy) experience with Bambicrony -- Resolved 5/10

Apr 27, 2007

    1. Final update: I got the replacement torso on 5/10, and it's a very good (though not perfect) match. They didn't tell me they'd shipped it, but I can't complain too much since it got here.

      I'm glad they finally resolved my issue, but considering how much effort it took to get it done I'm still a bit hesitant to deal with them again.

      Update 4/30: They've replied to my Q&A post, in public this time (and also to my Paypal claim with the same message):

      So it looks like I'm getting a new torso! ...I hope. Well, I'll believe it when I get a tracking number, I guess.

      Update 4/27: Bambicrony replied to my Q&A post:

      They also locked the post so that other users can't see it. I replied to them in an unlocked message explaining that this isn't acceptable to me.

      I'm incredibly angry and disappointed. I feel like Bambicrony is dealing with customer problems by denying the problems exist and lying to customers. This is my third doll -- I KNOW this isn't a normal thing for a doll bought all at once. This is a bigger resin difference than I got when I bought my DOT some option hands two months after I got her.

      ...basically at this point I'm going to have to advise people to avoid buying from Bambicrony. When things go well they're fine, but if anything goes wrong with your order Bambicrony is not interested in resolving it.

      Original post:
      I've had a really terrible experience ordering from Bambicrony, and I sort of feel like I should let people know so they know what they're getting into if they order from them.

      CAVEAT: I know lots of people have had great experiences with BC. I'm just most emphatically not one of them.

      On March 17 I ordered a sleeping Kumi with a general faceup (more accurately, BC received my payment on March 17). I examined BC's Q&A board to see if they took custom faceup requests for their general faceups, found that they did, and followed their instructions for making one (it was a very simple one -- I wanted more natural-colored lips as opposed to the default pink ones).

      When I ordered, the item page said it would ship within 20 business days.

      So 20 business days (~four weeks) came and went, and my status hadn't changed from 'Payment Received'. I posted on the Q&A board asking when my order would ship. Bambicrony replied that my order would ship tomorrow.

      The next day my order didn't ship. My order status didn't even change. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited to see if it would ship on the next day, a Friday. When it didn't, I replied to their post noting that my doll's status had not changed. Bambicrony didn't reply, so a day or two later I made a new topic on their Q&A board noting that the doll hadn't shipped when they said it would, and asking when it would ship. They replied and again told me that my order would ship the next day.

      Well, surprise surprise, my order didn't ship the next day. It did, however, ship the day AFTER that, and so I was happy. But for some reason my shipping notice didn't include a tracking number, and neither did my order page. The doll shipped on Friday. On Monday I posted asking for my tracking number, and got this reply:

      Well, that seemed a little weird to me, but I just let it go and waited a day.

      Predictably, I was not emailed a tracking number. I checked my spam folder and everything. I waited one more day just in case and then went to yell at someone on the Q&A board. While I was on the site (and before I posted) I checked my order status... which had now changed to "ship complete", and now featured an EMS tracking number in the comments field.

      When I went to track my package it showed that the package had been shipped that day, Tuesday May 24. Four days after I was told it had shipped. Worse, when I asked for my tracking number, rather than saying "Your doll hasn't shipped yet," or "the postal service hasn't picked up your shipment yet," I was told that they couldn't give me a tracking number because they weren't in their office.

      Basically, Bambicrony lied to me not once but three times about when my doll would be shipped. I accept that there can be delays, but I also expect companies to be honest about those delays. I cannot think of any circumstance wherein you would think that a doll would be ready to ship the following day and then suddenly have it be delayed two weeks.

      I finally received my doll today. When I opened her box I discovered that not only had Bambicrony ignored my faceup request, but that her torso was a different color than the rest of her body (naked doll torso warning). It appears that she has a snow skin torso. I've notified BC and given them that photo, so we'll see what they opt to do about it.

      tl;dr version: Bambicrony's customer service has been appalling and they've lied to me repeatedly about my order status, and on top of it when I got my doll there was stuff wrong with it. I won't be buying from them again -- it's not worth the frustration.
    2. That sounds appalling. Thank you for letting us know. I hope you can get her torso problem sorted out.
    3. OMG. How HORRIBLE!! On all accounts! That's extremely unfair for the company to do that to you, and then especially make that kind of mistake on her body!
      I really hope they step up and give you better customer service for that.
      I really wish you the best of luck in fixing the problem!!
    4. heh, i didn't have a great transaction with them either. I ordered a blank Kumi in January on a Saturday, Monday she shipped, and that Wednesday I got her home.

      i found that both of her hands had large air bubbles in them. I've had a mythdoll leroi before, and he didn't even have air bubbles, i didn't expect Bambicrony to send out a doll with apparent defects.

      i contacted them about the hands, and they said they would ship two new pairs out the next day by air mail. A month almost passed, i contacted them again, and they said they would send two pairs of hands out the next day by ems.

      Three days went by and then i asked for a tracking number. they said sorry, that he/she wasn't in the office and couldn't send me it. Another 4 days went by, and nothing. I got pissed and told them again, and then finally 4 days after that, i got my replacement hands.

      So, you're not alone in bad customer service from Bambicrony. It seems a hit or miss with them. They did send me free soap with the replacement hands, but i just would have liked to have non-defective hands in the first place. Sad to say, i shortly sold my Kumi shortly afterwords. :(
    5. That's horrible!
      I had an order (not from bambicrony) that the ship date kept being pushed back, but they said they were having delays and didn't lie to me.

      And that torso mix up is unforgivable. Why didn't whoever was stringing it say...gee, that don't seem right >,<"
    6. I know that bambicrony had a good reputation--I was one of those people who ordered from them right after they opened up their own site, and I think I even posted somewhere (tiny forum maybe?) specifically saying how impressed I was with every aspect of my order. But from the start of this year, things have been a different story entirely. My second order with them changed my mind, and made me regret recommending them. I don't know if they grew too fast, or tried to do too much at once, started cutting corners, or what... but they seem to be more and more in the habit of making lots of mistakes. What's more, when people point them out, their customer service people either lie or get defensive, rather than explaining themselves... -_-

      Regardless of whether they're being consciously deceptive or just sloppy--it's totally inexcusable, all the moreso when you're paying that much for a product.

      Err, and now that I'm off my soapbox--I will summarize with a "you're not alone, I agree" and--good luck getting the torso issue resolved!! It sucks to have to say it, but just be stubborn and keep posting about it, make public posts if you have to, but don't give up, okay? ;)
    7. When I ordered from them, it was during the time of the Charity head event. had to wait two months before they shipped my dolls (I was ordering another for someone else with mine, so I could get the head). They first said that the dolls would be ready soon, then said, no, it was because ViYa was behind (I was told by a friend of ViYa that Bambicrony had apperantly been blaming their delays on her). Well, no, they were redoing the molds during an event. No, wait, the mold broke. No, wait...
      They ended up giving the other person a free basic faceup and sent two wigs, but I heard that they were giving away wigs sometimes anyways, and the wigs barely fit the doll they were intended for. :/ I put a thread up in the Transactions section, just do a search there for more details.
    8. While I'm sadly used to delays and waiting when it comes to BJDs and BJD items... I think companies make it so much worse when they aren't up-front with their customers.

      And even worse, when they mess up on an order that is already going to an annoyed buyer. That mis-matched torso is bizarre. How can they not catch something like that before they send it out to someone??? *_*

      I hope it gets sorted out ASAP.
    9. Updated with BC's response to my Q&A board post. They told me there's nothing wrong with my doll.

      (Edit: I also unlocked my original post. No, Bambicrony, I am not going to let you hide the evidence from other users.)
    10. This is terrible. I really like the Bambicrony dolls and have even been setting money aside planning ordering one when they start introducing the new molds next month.

      However, if they are sending out poor quality product and then not offering to set things right, that is unacceptable. I just can't risk spending that much money on something that could arrived so flawed and I'm sure many others feel the same way.

      It's just common sense that all the pieces for a single doll are cast from the same batch of resin. Or, at least, the resin batches are numbered and all pieces cast from that batch are numbered to match. Just like dye lots for yarn. It's also common sense for any company to have some sort of quality control check prior to the dolls being assembled and shipped!

      I'm heartbroken that Bambicrony would behave in such a way. I certainly won't be ordering from them until they start owning up to their mistakes and setting things right.

      Who can afford to take such a gamble?

      I hope they do right by you, Chibaraki!
    11. Ah geez. And here I was, wanting to get a BC Gun... I don't think I'll be getting on any time soon, until they get their customer service situation all worked out. This is just appalling and no reason for it -- especially with the amount of money people are putting down for these things.
    12. I'm sorry about your situation, Chibakari.

      I was also gonna get a BC but opted to buy a Pipos Baha Cat (which I equally wanted) instead. I think I'll put off buying a BC until next year.

      I really hope they do the right thing for you. :(
    13. I hope that you guys who are reconsidering buying from Bambicrony will consider emailing them or posting on their Q&A board and letting them know that their poor customer service is making you change your mind. Maybe if they know that what they're doing is discouraging potential customers they'll shape up.
    14. Wow... That response was... SO inadequate!!!

      I've got one Misty Blue Kumi, and I've got a LSG Pepe still coming (been waiting over a month)... and I'm worried about color fading. BC won't let anyone cancel an order after a few days of ordering and paying. They are SO cute... but that doesn't make up for problems and bad customer service. Hopefully this is just because BC is having growth problems and going through a bad phase... BUT this won't help people who are having problems NOW. :(

      Keep after them, I say! They need to send you a replacement! Even if you end up selling her, at least you'll have a whole doll in decent shape.

      Your postings have been very politely worded, by the way. Good idea about filing with PayPal...
    15. I would keep posting, unlocked (don't let it get buried by just posting it as a response). Take a new picture in different lighting or next to other dolls that don't have mismatched parts and make a new post with your 'evidence'.

      Resin color may vary, but from DOLL to DOLL, not between PARTS of the same doll.

      Really appalling on their part, I added a comment to yours, hopefully they will see how stupid they're being... -_-
    16. This morning I fell hard for Pepe, and had hoped to get one later this year. Now I'm not so sure. I feel very sad for you having to deal with such bad customer service from Bambicrony. I hope they shape up and you get your baby's torso in the RIGHT color. Though they definately should take care of this, I just wanted to throw out the idea that I am sure someone with an airbrush could straighten her out if BC never gets their act together. I wish you the best of luck one way or the other. <333
    17. Looks like theres a new response...I tried to read it on the Bambicrony board, but it's locked again. ^^;

      I wish you luck!

    18. That's really crappy, bad enough to have any kind of internet order go wrong, but when it's with a doll it just sours your whole perception of them sometimes :| Good luck getting it resolved and please keep the rest of us updated.
    19. Bambicrony lied about the ship date of my doll too, twice. They did manage to ship the doll on the 21st business day, though.

      I can't believe they are ignoring your torso problem! Don't give up until they resolve it!
    20. Just keep bugging them, took them a freakin month just to send me replacement hands. >< But, of course the wrong color torso is way more important, I hope they get it right, it's a shame when good companies start to go downhill. :(