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Ball-Jointed Doll Abbreviations, Terms, and Meanings Guide

Sep 3, 2005

    1. Here's a collection of Terms and Abbreviations :D

      AES - Angel Elf Soo, a Cereberus Project doll
      AlchemicLabo- Doll company that makes Unoa's, etc
      Allegorica- A doll company
      Angel Region (AR)- A Doll company
      Antique Rose Hard to find doll eyes
      AR- Angel Region, Doll Company that carries 10cm, 42cm, and 58cm dolls.
      AR- AR can sometimes also stand for Antique Rose in rare cases. They are Hard to find doll eyes
      Bambicrony (BC)- A Doll Company
      BC- Bambicrony, a doll company
      BF- Blue Fairy, Doll Company that carries tiny size and 42cm size dolls
      BIN Buy it now, usually refers to Ebay.
      Bishounen House (BH)- Doll's Made by Donn. Taller than most BJD's. Based in the USA
      BJD- Ball Joint Doll (asian) Made of polyurethane resin, this is a blanket term for all of the dolls out there that are Asian, resin, and ball jointed like the type that’s featured here.
      Blue Fairy (BF)- A doll Company
      Blushing When your dolls face, hands, or body gets blushed with pastels or airbrushed
      BUMP- Bring Up My Post
      BW- Beauty White, Also reffered to as Snow Skin
      Candydoll a doll company
      Catish doll- a doll line found at dollmore
      CH- Custom House. Doll Company that carries dolls of all sizes.
      COA- Certificate of Authenticity.
      Con- A Convention for an event (such as anime, doll, games, etc)
      CP- Cerebus Project, Doll Company that carries all sizes of dolls.
      Coating- When you coat your doll with MSC or another spray to prevent your dolls face-up from coming off or yellowing to the doll skin
      Crazy Legs- When your doll has trouble standing or kicks their legs because they are strung too loosly or too tightly.
      Cresent Shop/CS- A service to purchase dolls and doll related items through yahoo japan auctions and japanese stores
      DD- Dollfie Dream around 60cm tall, Doll Line by Volks
      DES - Dark Elf Soo, a Cereberus Project doll
      DIM Doll in Mind, a doll company that makes different sizes dolls
      Dive A doll company that makes doll heads only
      DOA- Den Of Angels
      DoC- Dream of Child, Doll line by Dream of Doll
      DoD- Dream of Doll, Doll Company
      Doll + A doll company
      Dollfie- Commonly used blanket term for BJD, albeit an incorrect one. (But one you use in Ebay to turn up the most responses) Dollfie is the 1/6 model that Volks makes, ONLY. In a perfect world, that's the only doll that is referred to in that way.
      Dollish A doll company that makes heads only
      Dollkot A doll company
      Dollmore A doll company, also can go by DM
      DollnDoll- A doll company and doll shop
      Dolls in Mind A doll company
      Dollshe Doll Company that carries dolls such as Hound and Bermann and more
      Dollstar A Doll company
      Dollstown A doll company
      DollZone- A doll comany
      DOLPA- Doll parties hosted by Volks
      Domadoll- A doll company
      DOT- Dream of Teens, A 60cm Doll line by Dream of Doll
      DP- Dollfie Plus, 12" dolls made by Volks
      DT- Dollstown, a doll company
      DZ- Dollzone, A doll company
      EA- Ethereal Angels, doll eye company
      ED- Enchanted Doll, doll eye company
      Elfdoll a doll company. dolls done by Rainman
      Elf Elly- a tony size doll line found at dollmore
      Elysium a doll company that only makes doll heads.
      EMS- Express Mail Service, Global Express. A mailing option at the Post office. Usually takes 3-4 days including sunday deliveries.
      F01-F21 are Head Molds for Volks Dolls through Full Choice System
      Face-up When your dolls face gets painted
      Fair- A 60cm Doll Type by Angel Region
      FA- For Auction
      Feelers when someone is thinking about buying, selling, trading, or commissioning something
      FCS- Full Choice System offered by Volks to Create your own doll
      Forever Dolls A Chinese Doll company that is no longer in business because they made poor rip-offs of Volks dolls
      FS- For Sale
      FT- For Trade
      Gyoxa A doll company that makes heads only
      Haraku A Doll Company
      HD- Happy Doll, Doll Company
      Hound- A doll by Dollshe. Taller than most BJD's.
      Hypermaniac a doll company
      Idollstar- Makes doll heads and doll eyes.
      I-Elf- a doll company
      IIRC- If i remember correctly
      IMO In My Opinion
      IMHO In My Honest Opinion or In my Humble Opinion
      JollyPlus- A doll Company
      JP- JollyPlus, a doll Company
      K-Doll a doll comapny that makes heads only
      Kawaiinino A doll company that makes doll heads only
      Latidoll A doll company with 16cm and 30cm dolls, also called Lati
      LD- Latidoll, a doll company
      LE- Limited Edition
      Leaf- a doll company
      Leeke- Leeke is a doll company. They also make wigs in various sizes and styles
      LF- Little Fair, A 42cm Doll Line by Angel Region
      LH- Lovely House, A Doll Company
      Limhwa A doll company
      LJ- Live Journal
      LSG- Light Slate gray, skin tone color from bambicrony
      LTline A doll company
      Luts- A site that carries Cerebus Project Dolls and Other BJD dolls.
      MD- MythDoll, A doll company
      MIA- Missing in Action
      MIB- Mint in Box
      Mini- A Size for ball joint dolls in the 42cm range
      MNF- Mini Fée dolls from luts
      MOD- Moderator. A person that watches over the boards
      Model Doll- a taller girl doll line from dollmore
      MP - Masterpiece Eyes, a soft-glass eye company
      MSC - Mister Super Clear, a coating used to prevent yellowing and staining on dolls; comes in three forms: Matte, Gloss, and UV-Cut (which protects the doll from yellowing ultraviolet rays)
      MSD- Mini Super Dollfie, Doll Line by Volks, 42cm tall. Also people refer to MSD for size dolls
      Musedoll- a doll Company
      MythDoll- A doll Company
      Narin- A doll company
      Narsha A doll company
      NIB- New in Box
      Nobility Doll- A Doll Company
      Notdoll a doll company
      NRFB - Never removed from box
      NS- Normal Skin
      NSFW- Not safe for work
      NTB- Need to Buy
      NWS- Not Work Safe
      OBO- Or best offer
      OOAK- One of A Kind
      OOP- Out of production
      Obitsu- A doll company
      Oldskin- Oldskin refers to Volks bodies and skin color that they used in their older dolls.
      One-Off's- One of A kind Dolls
      Orientdoll- a Doll Company
      OT- Off Topic
      Peakswoods- A doll company
      PF- Pocket Fairy, Doll Linemade by Blue Fairy
      Phantom Doll a doll company that makes 22cm dolls
      Pippilonge Doll- A doll company
      PM- Private Message
      Pureskin- refers to Volks bodies and skin color that they are currently using.
      PW- Peakwoods, Doll Company
      Rainman Produces elfdolls
      Rainydolls Rainman's 60cm doll line
      Rasendo A Doll Company
      RD- Rainy Doll, a line of dolls by Elf Doll
      Rhea A Doll Company
      Ricky A doll company that makes heads only
      Rinkya- A service to purchase dolls and doll related items through yahoo japan auctions
      RML a Doll company
      Roxy- A Doll company
      SA- Dollshe sleeping/dreaming versions of doll heads
      Sanding- When you sand out the seams on the doll or alter the appearance of your doll
      Sato- Tenshi no Sato Volks Store, Certain Models of Volks heads and Skin color are only available through their Full choice system
      Sch. A/Sch. B- School Head A or School Head B, Both Doll Heads made by Volks that are only available through classes.
      SD10- Volks Doll Body Type
      SD13- Volks Doll Body Type
      SD16- Volks Newest Mature Body Type, Yukinojo and Olivia
      SD- Super Dollfie, Doll Line by Volks, around 58cm tall. Also people refer to SD for size of dolls
      SDC- Super Dollfie Cute Line by Volks
      Secret doll A doll company
      Serendipity A doll company
      Soom A doll company, Also known for their doll eyes
      Sonokong- A doll company
      Souldoll- Doll Company that sells all sizes of dolls. also known for there doll eyes.
      Ssin A doll company
      Stringing/Restringing- When you put your doll together or when you take your doll apart and restring them to replace string or to help with posing and standing.
      Sueding- Using suede inside the joints to help with posing and standing
      Tan/Tanning/Tanned Refers to a tanned colored skin on dolls
      TDF- To die for
      Testors/Testors DC- an alternative coating spray to Mr. Super Clear to protect your dolls from the sun and stains.
      TL DR- To Long: didn't Read
      The dolly A doll company
      Tiny- For the Tiny Doll sizes
      UD- Unidoll, a doll company
      UFK- Unfinished Kit, Doll comes unstrung and unpainted for you to put together.
      Undine A doll company
      Unidoll- a Doll company
      Unoa a doll line made by Alchemic Lab
      Volks- Japanese Doll Company that kick started the Asian Ball Joint Dolls.
      WIP- Work in Progress
      Wiring- When you add wires to your dolls arms and legs for better standing and posing
      Wishel- a Doll company
      WTB- Want to Buy
      WTC- Want to Commission
      WTT- Want to Trade
      Yellowing- When the Dolls skin starts to yellow from being in the sun for too long and other elemental factors
      YJ/YJA- Yahoo Japan Auctions
      Yo-Sd, Yo's, Yo-Tenshi- Volks 30cm-ish doll line
      Yubin A doll company that makes heads only
      Zoukei-Mura also known as Zouks, are very nice glass eyes made by Volks and only available though FCS

      Thanks to www.gigglegeek.dk for help in getting the names of all the doll companies and to all the people that have helped to contribute entries.
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    2. OOAK - One Of A Kind (because I knew this has thrown a lot of people off before)
      PF - Pocket Fairy
      SDC - Super Dollfie Cute, a line by Volks
      AR (LF) - Angel Region (Little Fair), doll company (line of said company)
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    3. I believe "sleeping" means the eyelids are completely closed, whereas "dreaming" tends to mean the eyes are open at least a little bit. That's the way Luts does it at least, and Volks dolls with half/mostly-closed eyes are called "Sweet Dreams" dolls, so... :3nodding: That's also the way I've seen people referring to this-or-that doll with partially closed eyes, as dreaming dolls.
    4. There is a difference between the sleeping head and the dreaming head. The sleeping head is with the eyes completely shut. Dreaming is with both eyes just a little open.
    5. this is awsome! although I knew what some of this stuff is. Thanks for doing this!! ^_^
    6. I think SP means special??
    7. i'd just to lto say that this guild is soooo helpful, thank you!
    8. NS - Normal skin ^___^
    9. I updated the first page with more doll companys and other abbreviations. If you see anything i need to add or correct let me know :D i hope everyone is finding this helpful
    10. Umm... I think 'Sueding' needs to be changed. I went here to figure out what it was, and it didn't help at all!
      Maybe it should be changed to 'adding suede to the inside of a joint to help with posing and movement.' Maybe that would clarify?
    11. okay, thanks for the input :D
    12. I have often seen AF used to refer to Angelregion dolls (Angelregion Fair)
    13. What does "RD" stand for? e.g. RD Soah?
    14. RD stands for RainyDoll. :)
    15. Oh, right! O; Thank you so much! n.n
    16. Thank you ^^ I found this thread really useful :3
    17. yaoi, omake, uke, kawaii?

      *some others i forget*

      not everyone on this board is anime-centric or a japanophile...plz list these also. (not being mean, i just dont speak the lingo ::wink:: )

      and what the heck does iirc mean? "if i really cared"???
    18. Yaoi: Boy/boy smut. Most artists prefer the term BL, boy love, to describe their boy/boy stories and artwork as 'yaoi' implies that it has no plot and no meaning beyond sex.

      Omake: It means 'extra'. It's used on DoA in photoshoots normally, when someone with a themed photoshoot such as every photo in dramatic black and white then an 'omake' image of their dolls with their cat in a candid moment.

      Uke: Basically it means to be submissive (the dominant being 'seme'), it's normally used by BL artists.

      Kawaii: The Japanese word for 'cute'!
    19. iirc is If I remember correctly.