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Ball Jointed Doll website

Mar 16, 2012

    1. I'm making a website about ball jointed dolls for my web design class, and I know this is a website about bjd, but it's also a forum, which means you have to sift through several posts before you find what you're looking for.

      It'll probably never be launched as an official web site, but if you were to go to a website completely about bjd that is neither a wiki nor a forum, what kind of things would you like to see there? I already have pages explaining what they are, and how to care for them. I'm also compiling a list of companies, their websites, and price ranges.

      What other things would you like to see, though? Like resin comparison, doll reviews, or what?
    2. Resin comparison and a chart listing what matches what would be useful. :)
    3. Totally agree!!

      Also, average waiting times from companies, if possible. and places to buy clothing based on style or price
    4. A resin comparison chart - that's updated on a regular basis. The one on here seems have no one to update it, which is probably why so many people are asking what matches what. I'd also like to see a hybrid section that also has info on what parts will work together; it's not just about resin matching - it's also about the pieces being able to fit together.

      Also, a clothes chart of some kind, where you could list dolls, and what company's clothes fit them. The info would be submitted by owners. That way, you eliminate the risk.
    5. Ok, cool! I had a great thought recently: reviews about art supplies for faceups (the best pastels, paints, etc) and a listing of doll conventions!
    6. A size comparison chart that includes detailed measurements. I know there is at least one such chart out there, but it's also outdated.
    7. Definitely a who-can-wear-what chart-- especially for those hard-to-clothe odd sizes.

    8. Maybe even some helpful resources on fitting patterns to dolls, or how to make a pattern for a doll?

      Someone said something about a great pattern-drafting book (I don't have it with me, ATM, but it is mentioned in "What are you currently sewing...5". Someone made pants with it. I bought it, and made a pretty well-fitting dress with it, and am currently working on making a shirt. It requires you take certain measurements, also size your paper, manipulate some of those measurements (as in either doubling them, or dividing them by 2 or 4).

      Sometimes, it can be hard to find patterns for your doll, and it's probably impossible to draft your own if you have no idea where to go for help.
    9. yeah, patterns escape me....
      Hmm. I wonder how I can make an atrractive chart without having an enormous file size....
    10. Since it's not going to be a 'real' site, just do a small sample chart. Have four or five companies, and do everything with those. Since it's not going to be open to the public, it doesn't have to be all-encompassing.
    11. Aesthetically speaking, I think good quality, relevant pictures that accompany word explanations are a plus for any website. Not only would it be helpful if it's correctly placed and used, it also breaks up the monotony of really long paragraphs of text and add variety (in the way multimedia does).
      That's not to say put pictures in willy-nilly, but some really nice ones would accent what the text is saying.
    12. Great suggestions! I can't think of anything else to add.

      I think it is very smart that you asked fellow collectors. I wish you well with your project.
    13. Good luck on your project!
      Where to buy clothes sorted out by style ex. Modern,historical,fantasy. That would be amazing!
      A shoe size chart of who can where what.
    14. Prehabs some small and simple tips on photography for the beginners.
      The pics we take of our dollies are a big part of this hobby, and everyone stared with the first shitty picture and wanted help. The simple basics, the gods know that sometimes I'd do unthinkables for some simple basics well explained, that goes for photography too.
      The basics on face ups/stinging/cleaning/handling in general, traveling, etc.
      Ow, and a link list of usefull sites were you may find more info. We all know that nobody is an omnipotent god, so different opinions and tips are always good to read/hear. Make it easier for people to contast information.
      Don't forgdet to ad a guestbook thingy or something, for your "viewers" to contact you about new ideas/done experiments and their results/etc.

      I love nice picture galleries.

      Hope it helps.
    15. Maybe you could do an article on the main companies and the features of their dolls that are specific to each company, and what brands of clothing fit which dolls!
    16. I had to build a website in one of my digital design courses. Good luck!
    17. Since you're making it for class, I'd say go for themes that can be easily illustrated.

      I'd recommend that you should address themes like the origin and history of ABJDs, the different sizes available, the material (resin) and the difference between the different resins available, how to take care for them (restringing, cleaning, etc.), how to customize them (changing wig, eyes, moddings), how to paint them and the materials needed for it), where to buy them, links to websites and so on. Maybe also a gallery with beautiful pictures. Stuff like that.