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Ball Jointed Peer Pressure: Who hooked you?

Mar 3, 2012

    1. I'm still very new to the hobby, waiting on my first doll in fact and I know for me at least, it was my best friend and her wonderful enthusiasm and descriptions of her beautiful dolls that sucked me in. I call her my Peer Pressure in a purely fun capacity, I've dragged her into more then a few of my hobbies, so this time I'm joining one of hers and I'm totally hooked and psyched; I don't even have my first and I already know who my second will be. :)

      So what about some of you? How where you introduced to the dolls/hobby?
    2. My sister, definitely. She's been a doll lover her whole life, graduating to the high-end ball-jointed dolls as an adult after a childhood filled with dolls of every stripe. I was never a doll person. I had seen BJDs, and appreciated them as art pieces, but it wasn't until she got into them that I even considered owning one of my own.

      I've got three boys now, plus a floating head, and I'm planning towards my next now...

    3. My Friend Stacey got me into BJD's. I came over one day and she showed me pictures of some DOD and I fell in love with them. I was this year when she won he big 60cm that I resolved that I would buy my first doll.
    4. I think many of us use the term "Enabler". While no one else "hooked" me into BJD, (i have deviantart to blame for that) I have two of my best friends to blame for some of my purchases and such, but talking each other into them. XD On the fence about a purchase? Your wallet may not like you asking your buddies.
      I accidentally dragged my cousin into the hobby as well, though.
    5. I blame my RL friend akasora. She's the one who showed me all the different fantasy-style dolls and the variety that is out there, and showed me her dolls. She also invited me to the forum. Also, my RL friend audiencekiller helped. I blame them! It's all their fault! How dare they know the kind of things I like and then point me in those directions with dolls! >3<
    6. Soenatte aaaand Soenatte. Definitely ^U^ I've explained it in another thread also, but she introduced me to BJD and then when she bought her first one, she was talking about it all excited and such and she made me want one too and she encouraged me to get one :|
    7. I think the intenet intiallly got me interested, a girlfriend talked me into purchasing my first one, but I didn't really get hooked-hooked until I discovered that ChronicallySpaced and I had a simliar interest, and now it's kind of exploded.

      As Ice Mutt said up above, I believe "enabler" is the best term to use. That's what ChronicallySpaced and I are to each other in this hobby.
    8. I wasn't introduced by a person -- I saw a pic of someone's doll on an art site modeling some clothes she had made. I looked up Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, and was quickly addicted ;)
    9. My friend darkawaii who brought her El to work and let him visit with me frequently during our work day. :) I resisted for a few years but eventually caved.
    10. Someone on another forum posted the Vampire Woosoo (I think that was it) that she got. I was impressed enough to look them up. My first doll was also a Delf.
    11. I ended up enabling about 6 people into the hobby around the same time. I still keep in touch with 4 of them regularly, but this was back in 2006 so it was quite a while ago.

      I found out about BJDs myself after seeing a Super Dollfie advert in one of the Newtype USA issues.
    12. I am the initial enabler that got my friends into this. I was already collecting the 1/6 Volks Dollfie and when I bought the 2000 Dolpa File book (back when Dolpa were all about the 1/6) there were these big resin dolls being featured at the back. I pulled in my GF eventually, she was also into the 1/6 but was uncertain about such big dolls. Later I pulled in two of my closest friends.

      Now I have the song Pusherman stuck in my head. :sweat
    13. I discovered Ball Jointed Dolls through Shojo beat in 2007, and have been looking at them on and off ever since (with no money to get one, of course).

      A couple of months ago, I met a very sweet girl online named Sienna who had two dolls of her own. And by this time I had an income and somebody to swoon over them with me,
      so I took the leap. :)
    14. I actually started out because of a friend of a friend on facebook (back when fb wasn't all security tight) posted pictures of her doll. I mistakenly thought they were Pullips and started looking into those but was quickly steered back onto the right path. I'm the first of my friends that got into them, but so far i've gotten my best friend hooked and my art student friend/roommate into trying faceups so we'll see how long it takes her to need one of her own to "practice on". ^.~
    15. I was interested in the dolls since Volks came out with their first few but in '08 when my friend actually got one from her friend [XD its a vicious cycle] I was like "must have !" I was really drawn into the fact that they are so customizable...now its 4 years later and I have gone through a lot of dolls and finally have my mind set on who is going to be what sculpt. ah...friends . I am so guilty of tempting my best friend into buying more dolls though <.< she occasionally gets a few pms with "hey look whats out"
    16. I had no enablers at all, and only knew one person irl who had even heard of BJDs. I found out entirely through deviantart, when one day there was a BJD pic on the front page. I wasn't that interested until I realized they could be customized- after that, I was hooked. But I didn't know anyone else who was into dolls and all the dolly friends I have now, I've made since I was in the hobby. I don't think I've personally enabled many people- one, maybe?- because my own dolls are in a niche of a very niche hobby!
    17. I wasn't really introduced to this hobby by anybody, I found out about it without even looking for them. I've had an on-and-off love for dolls for years and was naturally curious. I do have a few friends on here though who I would say are enablers. They just can't help but fuel my obsession over these dolls. :D
    18. Actually, I thought no one at all in the US had heard of them when I found out about them. (Yes, I was that stupid!) Of course I found them on ebay somehow, and all the sellers were overseas, so that's why I thought that. No one pulled me in. It wasn't until after I got my first I even found anyone close by who had one!
    19. Two of my friends sucked me in! For the longest time I didn't think I'd actually buy one but then I found the perfect one! Now I'm talking excitedly about dolls with my two close friends who first introduced me to it. In fact they are laughing since I'm still waiting for my first to arrive (come faster darn it!) but am already planning my next couple dolls!
    20. Nobody. My wife and I had just both wanted them for a long time, and finally one day I suggested we go ahead and each pick one out and buy the darn things.