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Bambee - New Artist Head *Available in White, Normal, and Tan skins

Sep 12, 2010

    1. HTTDOLLS <click

      Bambee head



      Eyes: 16mm~18mm
      Wigs: 8-9 inches

      Bambee head is compatible with SD10 and SD13 bodies


      Color: White, Normal, and Tan.
      with flash​


      If you have any question, feel free to contact me here or leave a message on the Q&A board.

    2. So cute! Is the head limited or Standard?
    3. Thank you! I have 25 heads available in each skin color, so total of 75 heads :)
    4. Gorgeous!
      I was wondering, what neck size would the head fit? I feel like the neck seems a bit too thick with the head on volks body.
    5. After all 75 heads are sold, will you continue to make more? Please..... lol
    6. RamenNoodle - It will fit most of the 1/3 bodies. I've tried it on Customhouse girl body Hypermaniac boy body and it looked just fine :)

      Jisatsu - I can't say for sure, but I woud like to ;) I'm working on another 1/3 head right now, but I don't know if I will ever get it casted in resin ..*.*
    7. Im wondering if the teeth are removable.... I love the sculpt, whatever!
    8. Do you do short layaways for the head? <<;; Probbly not but doesnt hurt to ask haha
    9. Mobilehome - Yes, teeth part can be taken out :) Photos are on my website.

      Sakuya86 - Short layaway is possible. Please PM or e-mail me for more info!

      Sorry for getting writing back so late, I'm out of country right now and I've only been checking DoA PM box ^^;;