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Bambi Crony News

Nov 2, 2007

    1. Didn't know if this is the right place to post or not. Just saw this on the BC website

      November 5th

      * ELF KUMI,ROKO 2nd for Sale
      - Limited Period of Time : Nov. 5 - Nov. 30
      - Skin Type : peachpuff skin, floral white skin
      - Default Wing Part : CBBW-01

      * Wing Part, CBBW-01 for Sale
      - Limited Period of Time : Nov. 5 - Nov. 30
      - Select one from 5 different colors(Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Smoke Black)

      * Shoes, Outfit for Sale

      +[BB] Marianne, Vivienne as Floral White Skin are releasing.

      Launch of Bunny Land

      - 2 types
      - Releasing Date : between Nov. 12th and 15th
      (The exact time and date will be announced later.)
      - Special Limited Sale of Dressy Doll's Outfits

      More details will be announced in Bambicrony official site.

      Thank you.
    2. What is Bunny land?
    3. ltlblkraincloud- i think it's a new line of dolls that Bambicrony is coming out with...im assuming bunny dolls but i guess we'll find out on the 12th
    4. I think its actually clothing, it sounds like that if you read again
    5. Yeah sounds like clothing to me, yay finally some more outfits for Bambicrony :)

    6. Does this suggest coloured wings?
    7. Hmm... Bunny Land is part the "Wonder World" section on the site, which also contains the elves (BC Marchen), so that would make it seem like they're dolls instead of clothes. I guess we'll have to wait a few days to know for sure, though. At any rate, colored wings sound awesome!
    8. Can someone put up a link to the Bambicrony website please?
    9. The type 3 wings are up now $50 a pair in butterfly style.


      Direct link to the wings are here:

    10. New Year 2008 Event!

      -Event Period-
      January 7th through January 22nd.

      As for [CB]torso(two parts)body, you can select between
      an elf body(with magnet) or a basic body when you.

      It applies to everyone who purchases any type of [CB]basic doll
      or [CB]torso(two parts)body part.
      (peach puff, new floral white, old floral white)

      Thank you.