Bambi Crony November Elf/Angel Dolls

Nov 6, 2006

    1. I can't wait to see them. =D I'm so addicted to BC dolls!

      I wonder when the will introduce the Bella Bambi line, that's what I'm waiting for. =D
    2. Where are they selling them? Do you happen to have the link to their website? ^_^;
    3. double post sorry
    4. Thank you!:aheartbea
    5. Oh! I can't wait to see pictures!!
    6. I want Tan ELF Kumi wonder if thats possible?
    7. Argh, so Luts won't be selling BC dolls anymore? Yup... they've marked them all as out of stock on their site. It's a shame, because I always thought Luts did the better faceups :/
    8. OMG I love the wings... XD
    9. Wings and elf ears? Resistance is futile

      I wonder if they mean that they are the ONLY sellers and Luts will no longer be carrying their dolls?
    10. Lolly: I was wondering that too. I got my human Kumi from Luts, since Bambicrony itself was having mold issues at the time.

      Now I'm going to be a jittery mess today, because I'm going to be stuck in an unavoidable meeting with the COO until 4 or 5pm, and this is all I'm going to be able to think about! The 'limited edition' part is killing me *_*.
    11. Luts marked all their BC dolls as out of stock on the day of the announcement, so it's looking that way :/
    12. bah dun really trust what luts said about restock..i asked about if pullip moon will be restocked and he said in 3 weeks, (i have asked in april) but then still nothing now XD

      Have you all see the teaser photo? I really love those wings!!
    13. Those are practically CLAMP style wings.. TOO FREAKING CUTE! @[email protected] The back of those ears are scaring me, though, I've never been one for the large elf ears. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. I really hope they release more kinds of wings, though. ^^
    14. Elf Bambi. Holy crap yes pleaes. Melodiya *needs* a Domovoi-esque cousin.
    15. ]edit[
      nevermind. ^^
    16. Moving chat posts from the News thread over here :)

      -- Andi <3
    17. oh... my... GOD...... they are so cute

      oh my god
    18. What's the height? Those are sooo adorable!!!
    19. Bambicrony's English web site doesn't seem to give the height of any of their dolls. At least I couldn't find it listed anywhere. So I went on a search to find out the answer, which I will post here for other people who want to know. These dolls are all kinds of adorable!

      Height: 27cm (10.5 inches)
      Eyes: 14mm
      Wig size: The web site lists the head as being 6.2 inches around. Usually this would mean a size 6-7 wig, but I've heard several people say that size 6-7 wigs are too big. ...

      This is approximately Yo-SD size. They are a little shorter than Petite Ai or Latidoll Green, and their heads are a little smaller, too.
    20. Slightly off topic, but is it even possible to get any of the dolls in tan skin? I've seen two people mention tanned skin, but when I went to the site I checked every doll and they only list normal and white for the options.

      I want a tan Gun for Christmas...

      EDIT: Nevermind... >< I just looked at the sight more. Please excuse me for asking a question before doing all the research myself.