Bambi Crony Sleeping Kumi and Roko

Sep 18, 2006

    1. Didn't see a thread about these two, so I thought I'd go ahead and make my own!

      Anyway, these two cuties are also being offered as event heads, but it doesn't say when the event period ends. There was an older event that ended in August, but on the order pages you still have the option of selecting a sleepy or regular Kumi or Roko heads.

      Sleeping Kumi:

      Sleeping Roko:
    2. It said... The event starts 19 Sept and ends on 3 October, or after 30 customers orders..
      Anyway their info is quite messy XD
    3. Wow:love I love their lovely faces:aheartbea
      I don't know about Bambi well, are they limited heads (sleeping)?
      Thank you very much!
    4. I dont think so, coz you can buy the regular doll with sleeping head at price of $286 as well :D they are lovely no? :aheartbea