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Bambi crony's quality control

Jun 7, 2007

    1. I ordered two elf Pepe with fist hand parts and wing parts at 26/2, and recived them at 1/4. (late already)

      My friends and me found many problems when we were cleaning up Pepe's deep side modeling line.We just coulden't believe Bambicrony can actually send those items to clients!

      Here are the problem items I listed.

      Please see the pictures below :
      Scratch Surface:



      Too big bubbles make fingers distort:







      Secondly,one of my Pepe's right arm can't strecth:

      Problem Pepe's pic:


      Another normal Pepe's arm (without problem)


      Thirdly,One of my Pepe's right knee join get too big crevice when it stretch:


      and the final problem, Bambi gave one of my Pepe's wings set the same side wings:


      Top is problem pair,and below is normal one.

      Totally are:
      2 pair fist hand parts(normal skin)
      2 pair extra Pepe hand parts(normal skin)
      2 pair normal hand parts(normal skin)
      1 right arm
      1 left leg
      1 CBWF-1 wing

      I wrote to Bambicrony at 3/4,their replay was "We are going to make a new mold and cast new part in weekend,we will send new parts to you as soon as possible."
      Ok, then I waited until 25/4,asked them again.They said "I'm sorry but we don't have spare parts of normal skin, so we couldn't ship them.
      We're gonna cast normal skin parts in the beginning of the next week."

      Good, then I waited until they started sell new dolls!!
      They have time to do new dolls,but don't have time to solve those problems?
      I was so angry and wrote the opened message on their Q&A board.(Which been locked immediately by BC.)
      They said they forgot...

      Now I recive my new hand and foot parts.
      Will, I can't tell the difference between new and old items.See the pics below and you will understand what I mean.











      The new arm I got was the same as old one,still has same problems.
      I guess those are " good quality" for BC...:roll:

      I don't want write to BC anymore. Instead, I choose to post this on DoA,then BC can't lock my post.
    2. you arnt the first to complain about BCs quality control
      but thats terrible
      I cant open the picture of the leg ....
      that arm is an aweful fit
      and those hands would drive me NUTs if I recieved them like that :x

      I would complain again

      please let us know what they say
    3. I'm sorry to hear thats happened to you. I would definitely contact them to complain. I understand that seam lines aren't considered defects, but this is way too much. The left over resin dust is awful!

      Definitely email them those picks and see if they can replace or refund you. :o
    4. oh god you're not the only one - -b My friend recently received -W- BC PePe ..and the hands looks almost the same to yours..and the worst thing is that her PePe is one leg longer than the other - -b

      And I believed that she got her PePe no earlier than this week
    5. THank you for sharing these problems I've added a link to general discussion bambicrony. They need to work out their quality control issues and future buyers need to know the possibility of not so perfect dolls
    6. Oh my god o_O; Wow... Those hands are awful! Their QC has really gone downhill...

      My BC Kumi has a similar problem with the arm; but so do my friend's BCs, so we figured it was a general fault with the mold (as well as the knee popping out backwards sometimes)
    7. That sucks! I would probably insist on a refund. I can understand seamlines, but that's just messy. If this was a kit then I might even understand the dust and excess, but it wasn't, correct?

      If I was a newbie and received hands like that, I wouldn't have a clue how to sand them or make them look good. Some of those fingers don't even look like they would look ok even sanded.

      *Hugs* I hope you get a refund or sent better parts!
    8. Wow, and I flipped out over the rapid fading/discoloring issue. If I got a doll like this I would be positively homicidal! I would absolutely let BC know my dissatisfaction with them and demand that they send you out a quality product. They certainly have the capability--not everyone got a doll with such shoddy workmanship. Hand made product my a**, there isn't any excuse for this.
    9. That is awful, I am scared to see what my snow skin Kumi will be like when she arrives. Just wondering if anyone has received their dolls from the pair event and has anyone had any problems?
    10. As you already noticed I had a similar problem , noly worse

      it´s all over the body and also the fact that it´s a resin they´re not making anymore (apparently)

      I hope you ge tto solve your problem as I seriously doubt my thing will end well
    11. The 4th clickable link does not show picture.

      Some of the problems look bad. A couple of the hand pictures just look like incomplete sanding (example - photo 2). Some BJD owners do final sanding themselves, and others ignore small areas of roughness. But many your problems look like molding flaws. Molding flaws, bumps, and large bubbles are bad.

      About one longer leg - 43cm Narae also has one slighter longer leg (a $500 french resin mini). But it is a problem if one Bambibicrony leg is longer because knee does not fit.

    12. This is really sad, i think you deserve your money back or at least a perfect new replacement doll.
      I will also be crossing BC dolls off my wish list for the time being, at least until i have heard through the DoA grapevine that they have sorted out their dreadful QC problems.
      This really is'nt good enough, it is'nt even as if the dolls were cheap! You could understand it if they only cost a few $'s but not the amount we pay for these dolls.
      I am seriously beginning to wonder that as more and more people get into BJD's these companies won't be able to cope with the demand and the quality will drop and drop - but not the prices!

      I hope you get a refund or new doll:aheartbea
    13. That is *beyond* unacceptable. They can't show a photo of a perfect doll on their website and then send you a defective one. If you were in the same country, you'd have a legal claim for sure...gah, stuff like this reminds me of how risky it is to order expensive items from overseas :(

      It seems like Bambicrony bit off more than they could chew with all these new molds and sales and whatnot. Too much, too quickly, I guess.

      Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you!
    14. It really depends on the company. Some companies know their limits and produce dolls in limited quantities.

      So it really comes down to are people willing to live with soldout issues but get good quality dolls or we'll take your order and give you shoddy work if they can't handle it.

      During the sale of the colored elves the soldout sign showed up more than once for the dolls. People lamented and bambicrony relented by taking off the soldout signs
    15. Good lord, this is horrible! If I didn't already have my Sisley, I would never consider ordering from this company now. First it's the color fading, then the problems with the resin, and now this. It wouldn't be quite *so* bad if they were quick to make reparation for the problems, but they don't even seem to have good customer service.

      I don't think it's intentional, I suspect it's a problem with extreme growing pains. They want to do so much, and think they can, but then when they find out they're not quite ready, they can't admit it in order to save face. Regardless of the reasons, it still leaves us, the customers, with shoddy goods for a considerable amount of money spent.

      I hate to see this, the dolls are so adorable in their pictures. But if what you see isn't what you get, then ultimately folks will stop ordering. My Sisley is mostly ok, but does have blobs of resin to be sanded off, and she has to be restrung to get the knot out of one shoulder, she can't hold that arm up as well as the other. I count myself lucky that those are the only problems I've encountered. I truly hope Bambicrony can pull out of this downward spiral before it's too late.
    16. IMHO
      There is never an excuse for shoddy workmanship - you would'nt accept it from the shop down the road, you would take the item back and demand a refund:) People wouild'nt think you were mad to expect good workmanship or a refund.
      We buyers pay lots of our good hard-earned moolah for these dolls and the companies are quick enough to take it off our hands.
      I say no to shoddy and won't be ordering from BC until they get their act together again.
    17. 0.0 eek.

      I almost bought one of the colored elves. The company has such nice ideas and pretty sculpts but unfortunately I'm going to have to say I'm glad I didn't buy one, after all the problems I've seen people experience.
    18. It looks like it might be the same leg issue someof the rest of us are having -- the knee doesn't sit in the joint quite right and the thigh joint doesn't sit flush, which makes the leg a little longer... which I wouldn't mind if it didn't make the doll almost impossible to stand barefoot. @_@
    19. I hope you can get it resolved.

    20. Well that's totally put me off buying from them. Shan't waste my hard earned money!