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Bambicrony 2nd Anniversary event coming soon!

Mar 19, 2008

    1. I wonder if they will have new dolls.

    2. Someone on the Bambicrony discussion thread found out they launched their website on the 26th of March so not to long now.

      Punkawalla just posted this in the thread aswell.
      Looks like its about to happen, whatever the event is anyway :XD:

      Credits to Punkawalla for finding this and such!
    3. The site is updated with a new picture

    4. they sure did...


      event: buy one doll, get one free pinping!
      starts on march 22
      only 200 pingping are available

      comes with 7 ear parts and 2 tail parts

      .... o_O
    5. They're also releasing basic versions (male and female) of Shy just in time for the event aswell~
    6. How tall are they ?
    7. They're listed as "Bunny Land" so they're about 16.5cm at most.
    8. they have the same body as my Spade Roko , so perhaps just a fraction taller than Lati Yellow
      I think they are amazing ...a Tinybear :)
    9. I guess, if they run out of the 200 limited Pingpings, then pingping won't come up as a faceup option in the order process?
    10. Just wanted to let people know that the Pingpings as an anthro doll on it's own was deemed off-topic for DoA but you can still show pictures of it with other on-topic dolls.