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[BAMBICRONY] Addition of Ciao Bella Tan skin

Nov 4, 2010

    1. Date: November 5, 2010 - November 20, 2010

      All CB basic type can choose skin color among peach puff, floral white and tan skin(new).

      We offer 3 free extra hand parts when you purchase CB basic during the period.


    2. So...if you order the CB basic, do you get all three sets of the hands with them AND the normal ones, or just the ones shown in the photo's of the sculpt you're buying?
    3. When you order the tan skin version, what will th face-up look like? More brown or more red??
    4. If you purchase one CB basic, you'll get a pair of basic hand parts, a right hand part making V sign, a left hand part making a promise hand sign and a right fist hand part(same skin color).

      Thank you:)
    5. I'm sorry but we haven't prepared an image of CB tan skin version.

      But there are pictures of other tan skin dolls (i.e. Judy, Marion and Ozzy's Children) on our web site. Please refer to the them.

      If you let us know the color or image you want when you place an order, we'll reflect your opinion to face-up.

      Thank you :)