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[BAMBICRONY] Bella Contest 2nd and Free Shipping Event!

Mar 31, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      It's been already 5 years since Bambicrony opened.
      To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Bambicrony,
      we are holding Bella contest 2nd that everyone can participate in and enjoy.
      There'll be four prize categories.

      We'll select a grand prize winner and a runner up in each category.

      1. Beauty category
      2. Fan Art category (illustration, artwork, etc.)

      ● Application Period : April 5, 2011 - May 5, 2011

      ● How to apply :
      send your work to bambicrony@gmail.com with the title of your work,
      your Bambicrony user ID, your name and a message saying what award
      you're applying for.
      Please add a brief explanation for your work if possible.
      Also, if you have a blog or a personal website
      you want to share with us, please let us know.

      ● Image size should be a maximum of 1280 pixels wide by no limit pixels high.

      ● Criteria for Selection:
      All the applied works for the contest will be posted in Bella Contest 2nd corner at our website.

      ● Criteria to be considered are as follows:

      1. Number of comments
      2. Opinion of Bambicrony Operating Committee

      We look forward to your participation!

      ● Prize:
      - "Beauty category" grand prize winner receives [BELLEZZA] CARLA
      - "Fan Art category" grand prize winner receives EMILY
      - Each runner-up prize winner receives 100 points
      - All applicants receive 3 points

      Winning images from our contest will be used in our commemorative postcards
      which will be distributed to our customers for free.

      ● Winners will be announced on May 15, 2011 at our website.
      If you have questions concerning Bella contest 2nd, please e-mail us at bambicrony@gmail.com

      ● FAQ

      Q) Can only Bambicrony dolls enter the contest?

      A) Not necessarily. No matter what company made your doll,
      any Asia Ball jointed dolls are more than welcome.

      Q) May I submit an entry has previously posted?

      A) No. We may cancel the winning selection
      when we find out then entry has already revealed before Bella Contest.
      But after it's introduced at Bella Contest page,
      you may post it at your blog, your webpage or community.

      Q) Who holds the copyright to all entries that are submitted to the contest?

      A) Of course, people who submit their entry do.
      However, we'll ask permission for them individually in case
      we want to use their entries for advertising.

      *about Beauty category
      -Submit your photo that captures the beauty of your BJD.

      *about Fan Art category (illustration, artwork, etc.)
      -Submit your non-photographic art

      *You may apply for 2 categories.
      -But you may only ENTER ONCE in each category.You may enter a retouched/edited photo.

      We hope you enjoy the contest and you're welcome to join in.

    2. [​IMG]

      Date : April 1, 2011 - May 1, 2011

      Get free EMS shipping on your purchase of $300 or more!

      ■ Original policy : Shipping fee follows by the 'Size and Weight of items'. And by Country zone
      ■ Free Shipping Event : Shipping fee follows the total purchase amount

      * If the total purchase amount is less than US300$, EMS shipping fee of $25 will be charged.
      * If the total purchase amount is equal to or more than US300$, we'll be offering free shipping.
    3. What time today are the winners going to be announced?