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BAMBICRONY-Bella contest!

Apr 11, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      It's been already 3 years since Bambicrony opened.
      To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Bambicrony,
      we are holding Bella contest that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

      There'll be four prize categories.
      We'll select a grand prize winner and a runner up in each category.

      1. Beauty category
      2. Costum Play category
      3. Photo Story category
      4. Fan Art category (illustration, artwork, etc.)

      Application Period :

      April 15, 2009 - May 15, 2009

      How to apply :

      send your work to bambicrony@gmail.com with the title of your work,
      your Bambicrony user ID, your name and a message saying what award you're applying for.
      Please add a brief explanation for your work if possible.
      Also, if you have a blog or a personal website
      you want to share with us, please let us know.

      Image size should be a maximum of 600 pixels wide by no limit pixels high.

      *Criteria for Selection*
      All the applied works for the contest will be posted in Bella Contest corner at our website.

      Criteria to be considered are as follows:
      1. Number of comments (50%)
      2.Opinion of Bambicrony Operating Committee(50%)
      We look forward to your participation!

      * Prize*
      - Each grand prize winner receives 500 points
      - Each runner-up prize winner receives 250 points
      - All applicants receive 3 points

      Winners will be announced on May 29, 2009 at our website.
      If you have questions concerning Bella contest, please e-mail us at bambicrony@gmail.com.

      Q) Can only Bambicrony dolls enter the contest?
      A) Not necessarily. No matter what company made your doll,
      any Asia Ball jointed dolls are more than welcome.

      Q) May I submit an entry has previously posted?
      A) No. We may cancel the winning selection
      when we find out then entry has already revealed before Bella Contest.
      But after it's introduced at Bella Contest page,
      you may post it at your blog, your webpage or community.

      Q) Who holds the copyright to all entries that are submitted to the contest?
      A) Of course, people who submit their entry do.
      However, we'll ask permission for them individually in case
      we want to use their entries for advertising.
    2. Can we enter in only one category, or can one person enter all of the categories... and can we only enter one picture, one picture per category, or as many pictures as we like?

      Also, I know you said any Asia BJD can enter... but just to make absolutely sure... you can enter a picture that has no Bambicrony doll in it at all... as long as there is any Asia BJD in it?
    3. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I was just hoping to clearifly something. I was just guessing but is this what is meant by the following contests?:

      1. Beauty category: is this a face-up contest? Face-ups we've done ourselves? or do you mean just a beautiful pictures of the doll in general?
      2. Costum Play category: is this a contest of a bjd in an outfit or costume we've made ourselves?

      These one pretty much explain themselves ;)
      3. Photo Story category: photo story contest
      4. Fan Art category (illustration, artwork, etc.) non-photograghic art
    4. I too am curious about the contest, because i have no Bambicrony doll :( But i'd like a chance to win one.
    5. The photo story contest, is it a story done in several pictures, or one picture only that tells a story of sorts?
    6. Just wanted to point out that, it says in the post made by Bambicrony, that the grand prize is 500 points. Which I am assuming works the same as in other online BJD shops...the points can be accumulated and redeemed in the shop.500 points looks like it is enough to redeem for a wig, some single pieces of clothing and other misc. items. It is not enough to redeem for a doll, though. :(
    7. hmm it isn't?
      Ithought bambi c worked the same as luts where 1 point = 1usd.
    8. 1pt is 1USD. So basically 500usd
    9. I'm still curious as to wether it HAS to be including a Bambicrony doll, or if anyone can enter, and join in the fun, to try to WIN Bambicrony products?
    10. comicbookartistboi, In the FAQ above it says:

    11. Ohhh....i was just going by the little listing of points it had on the site, a doll was listed at in the thousands of points..maybe that's something else then. 500 usd is pretty good, that's worth entering , to winn 500 points then! wee!

      edit : Oh i was looking at the non-english version. woops!
    12. Just where is this listing of points you're talking about? I have never seen it on the site. (I will make sure I look at the English version).

    13. Anyone already got the answers on what the 2 first contest exactly are about?
    14. It sounds pretty interesting that any type of BJD can participate and not only Bambicrony.
      I can participe then !

      Like Naiara, I'm curious about "Beauty" and "Costum Play" ? Does it means a face-up and an outfit contest ? Or is it more a photo contest and it is the theme ?
    15. It lists a point value directly beneath the price of every item. On the .com site those points are in the thousands, which is why I was confused. On the english site though,(.net) you can buy a whole doll and then some with 500 points.
    16. For the beauty contest,
      can we use photo editing programs such as Photoshop? And also, is there a limit to the number of pictures that can be submitted?
    17. I am interested in the photostory category, how many photos are allowed? The text must be in the photos or can be outside them... Etc.
    18. Hi,everyone!

      Thank you for your interest in our contest and thank you for your specific questions.
      I hope these would answer your questions.
      First of all, these are the details of the categories.

      1. Beauty category - Submit your photo that captures the beauty of you BJD.
      2. Costume Play category - Dress up your BJD as a character shown in animation, TV show, novel, fairy story and movie. And submit the image.
      Or dress up your BJD with your own designed outfit and submit the image.
      3. Photo Story category - Submit your story added to more than two images.
      4. Fan Art category (illustration, artwork, etc.) - Submit your non-photographic art

      A) You may apply for more than 2 categories. But you may only ENTER ONCE in each category.You may enter a retouched/edited photo.

      And 1 Points equals 1 US dollar. You can use your point money at our web site.
      If you have 10 points, you'll see the message saying "Would you use your points?" on the screen
      when you start the Check Out procedure. Just enter the amount of points you want to apply to your order.
      Redeem as few or as many as you wish on your order and pay the rest.

      Lastly, I hope you enjoy the contest and you're welcome to join in.

      Have a wonderful day!
    19. Do you mean we can enter only two categories, or that we can enter three or all four if we wanted?
    20. Torren: You can enter ALL of them if you want, but you can only enter ONE picture in each category. I think that's what they mean by that.