Bambicrony Bellezza - 60cm size dolls

Mar 16, 2011

    1. Ever since Bambicrony added a section for Bellezza on their website (at least a couple years ago), I've been eagerly awaiting products to show up there. So far, they've sold wigs in Bellezza size, but no dolls or other items. Finally today, a preview photo of the very first Bellezza showed up on Flickr:[email protected]/5532326756/

      She looks amazing! :D Can't wait to see where Bambicrony goes with the Bellezza line! I'm sure I'll be doomed eventually, since BC is my favorite company, and SD-size is my favorite doll size...

      What does everyone think of her?
    2. Oh wow. Now I'm really sad they discontinued the tan. T_T
    3. Very pretty! I'll have to keep a close eye on this size; I love my mini Bambi. She reminds me a little of Peakwoods girls.
    4. I love both my mini and tiny bambicronies so if they bring out a sculpt I love I'm sure I'll be doomed. Carla is gorgeous but not for me thankfully (says my bank account! lol).
    5. She does look like a sister to the Peak's Woods girls. Very cute! Her head does look a bit tall above her face, hard to tell with the wig. The body seems to be mature, I look forward to seeing how the rest of her is sculpted.
    6. I have been looking forward to the Bellezza line for a year or so and while she is beautiful I just think she's a little bland. I was sort of expecting more extreme sculpting in the face, something highly stylized. Maybe the next one will be more appealing.
    7. I think she looks like an older version of Katherine. She is pretty, but I am completely safe from temptation.

      I wonder how well she will pose? My Ciao stands pretty well, but of my three Bravas, only one really poses well. Still waiting for my Bella to get here to see how well she poses. I wonder if the engineering problems would just be magnified in the larger version.
    8. I really like her <3 But I have had bad experiences with BC. If I get her, it will be second hand. But boy, she is adorable... I just love her.
    9. I was hoping for one that would remind me a little of Sunday. I like her but not enough to buy. I'm a little wary reading about the problems people are having. I know my Sunday took a while to arrive, but I paid via layaway so the wait didn't seem to be as long. I also didn't order the special eyes which shortened my time.
    10. I really like these girls' quirky faces, but are they all limiteds then? And I think Carla and Esther are the same... (at least they look that way to me). Still, they're both really cute, but I think I'll wait for some owners pics. (They look a little young for SDs for me... )
    11. I wish their heads were a little more mature, I'd be all over them. Love their body shapes though.
    12. greeniebone, Carla, Waiting for Spring, and Ester are all the same sculpt. I asked Yoon and they are all limited. Carla is limited to 50 pieces total regardless of skin tone. I also asked her whether the outfit for Carla could be purchased separately, but she didn't answer that.

      I didn't care for Waiting for Spring, but I really like Carla in WS. DD loves Esther, but I can pass on her. I finally got the problems with my orders from back in September completed tonight so I am very tempted to order Carla, but I'm tapped out. Too many other bills to pay.

      I did finally get my Marianne (Bella Bambi) and the body for my Katherine (Brava) and they are perfect posers so maybe the posing on the Bellezzas won't be that bad.
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    13. Did anyone ever get one of these girls? I haven't seen on the forum and I saw only a few on flickr.
    14. I got my Esther, she's just waiting for a face up and I haven't felt really inspired to take photos lately. I'll post some on Flickr after I get her ready~
      But I've been wondering too where the other 47 Esthers have gone to : P There was still (only) one left on BC some time ago.
    15. I was always hoping to see one of these girls here or on flickr. Hoping for photo's ! There has to be more people on the forum who ordered one! right? lol
    16. I currently have a WS Carla on layaway from another member here. When I get her home this month I will take loads of pictures, as the forum doesn't have enough Carla!! :D

      I'm hoping to make her a bit more of an edgier girl then the Bambicrony defaults, if anyone's interested :)
    17. I have a WS Carla, she is really beautiful, but I do not have many photos, only a few of her arrival, but I did not post it here. I will try to post some later today.
    18. /Pokes Tanpopo excitedly!! Please post some pics when you can!! :o
    19. I can't wait to see pics of these girls, I was wondering if anyone had gotten one.