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BAMBICRONY [Bellezza] Esther new tan skin Release

Apr 21, 2011

    1. Hello, everyone!

      We're pleased to introduce [Bellezza] Esther New Tan skin to you.

      Date : April.22 2011

      We hope our beloved customers are happy to hear this good news.


    2. Very very pretty, I aodre her!

      I'm curious - I read your announcement regarding the new tan skin and I understand that you have improved the quality a lot which is great. But what about the color? Is the new tan skin lighter or so? Do you have a comparison? thanks!
    3. Thank you so much for your interest in our Esther.
      Our new tan skin is almost same color as our old tan skin and we can't tell the difference.
      We'll post our new tan skin versus old tan skin photo comparison at our web site sooner or later.