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[BAMBICRONY] Bumblebee Release & Updated News Oct, 2009

Nov 1, 2009

    1. Will the bumblebee wings be available seperately at all?
    2. They're already up for seperate sale!:) (or at least will be when prices get added tomorrow!)
    3. It appears so: wing/parts
      And in three different colors.

      edit: oh dear! Sorry, I don't know how I missed the response/answer to the question. Sorry for the double answering.
    4. Any news on when the wings will go for sale? Nov 2 with the dolls, too?
    5. Question: the antlers the picture shows two different shaped antlers for sale do you get two sets of antlers? also is there a magnet that you put under the wig to attach them?
    6. Treelore It looks as tho' on the basic limited editon u get a choice of either antenna or antler.
      I'm sort of presuming that the magnets will be in the head ?
      And I am very curious to see how the bee's tail is fixed on ^_^
    7. Thank you for your inquiry, littlegretel,
      There are magnets both inside the bee's bottom part and the bee sting part.
      And you can attach the antennas to the head because there are also magnets inside the head lid.
    8. How long will they be for sale?
    9. Thank u Bambicrony. Mystery is solved ^_^
      Misuka Limited Period of Time : Nov 2,2009 - Dec 15,2009.
    10. This might be a stupid question, but to be sure are the wings attached on by magnets or some other way? Thanks!
    11. they have magnets inside the body on the back under the resin and close to the surface where they attach to the magnet in the wig parts
    12. Can I ask: what is the difference between a ver.1 body and a ver.1-1 body?

      Thank you :)

      p.s. BeeYa is really adorable!!
    13. Does anyone know if you get the antlers if it comes with both of the different sets? I saw there are two different types of antlers when you look at it, but it doesn't give you the option to pick one. Thanks!
    14. Yes, I am trying to order the antler, too, but i want the ones in the second picture - not the ones that go straight up. How do we get the ones we want? I don't see any place to differentiate in the order form. Cheryl
    15. Also, can someone please tell me what the shipping zone is for the US? I have been going cross-eyed trying to read the lists and have done the "Control F" search and cannot find the USA, the United States, or anything. I know I must be being stupid somehow. Cheryl
    16. Hey there! Just a friendly reminder--this thread is announcing News and it seems to be getting more and more into discussion. Feel free to begin a new discussion thread in the Tiny Size Discussion subforum. Thanks.
    17. Thank you for your inquiry, mistress_S_
      The differences between a ver.1 body and a ver.1-1 body are as follow:

      1. The arm joints changed.
      2. The hand parts changed.
      3. There are magnets inside the feet(shoes) parts and the ball joints of the feet. So it's easier to change parts.

      Besides these 3 changes above, you can say a ver.1 body and a ver.1-1 body are basically the same.

      Thank you for your inquiry, FairyEars
      We have only one kind of antlers.
      It may look different because we changed the angle between the antlers and the headcap when we took the pictures.
      You can also create various images with the antlers like I did.
      Thank you for your inquiry, Kedrian
      U.S is shipping zone 3.
      You'll find U.S.A in zone 3.
    18. Hello everyone,Bambicrony updated new outfits for 1/4girls(Brava Bambi & MSD)!

      ■ Elinshiny blue

      ■ Elin pink
    19. Hello, I have some questions.

      (1) If I order Elf BeeYa (for example BeeYa), can I request those ED eyes separately? Or those ED eyes are only available with Bumblebee BeeYa set?
      (2) Which parts are "outfit" in this case? Only "Yellow & Black pants" and "socks"?
      (3) Are shoes in the picture included?
      (4) Will you release Moya/Beeya/HeeYa heads with human ears in the future? I would love to get them with human ears.

      Thank you very much.