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Bambicrony Bunny Land Discussion

Nov 12, 2007

    1. I thought I would start a new thread for those counting down for the release of the new Bunny Land range.

      Releasing Date : 15th November 2007 Bambicrony Bunny Land

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2. The release date range is killing me ^^;;. Bambicrony+bunnies = death to my bank account *lol*.
    3. I am hopeing it will be tiny ...like very small

      12 or 14 cm ...Im dying for a very tiny rabbit and kitty
    4. I can't wait either, Yoon over at BambiCrony told me I may be amused by the bunnies, I hope they come out soon and that I fall in love, so I can order some wings along with the bunny!
    5. I can't wait to see what they're coming out with as well, I've been holding back on a baha just to see what BC may do and the wait is killing me ; ~;
    6. I am so damn anxious ;_____; Bambicrony is my favorite doll company and bunnies are my obsession. BC + bunnies = total meltdown! :o
    7. Sooooo, still no release of anything yet??? :(
    8. Not yet :( They probably won't release anything for a while. They only gave a tentative date and haven't followed up with a firm one yet.
    9. I've tried not to get interested in this because the money is dry at the moment, but the bunny factor has drawn me in! I'm really curious to see what it is they came up with!
    10. I hope they release the Bunny Land before the Butterfly Wings date is over.
    11. I can't wait for pictures!

    12. They're up now ;)
      I'm not quite sure what to think about them though...
    13. Hum. They're.. interesting :O

      They're pretty cute, but I'm not sure they're for me after all... :sweat
    14. The set is cute... But... I'm confused!

      What's wrong with their hands? Their heads?

      I bet these things will be worth a lot in like 5 years when people want them because nobody bought them.
    15. I think they're in bunny suits :whee: It almost looks like the bunny "hoods" are caps that could come off. I'm not sure though.
    16. I see hair coming out from underneath, so maybe they are hoods. The Kumi one looks like it sticks out a bit on the sides, but almost not enough to put her ears in there. And the Roko looks smooth. I guess they don't need human ears when they have pose-able bunny ones on top.
    17. they are cute but thank god they don't call out to me. i dont need anymore lil ones..hehe
    18. oooook...that's....disappointing. I was hoping for actual bunnies...as opposed to weird genetic experiments with ciao bella's and strange animals...so, safely not for me I think! lol

      *nodnod* totally!
    19. That is exactly the best way to put it! :lol:
    20. Im safe ...they did nothing for me at all