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Bambicrony CB body questions

Aug 20, 2008

    1. So I am looking to replace my little girl's body. I have seen some comparison pics between the new CB body and the old, but is the new one better? Does it pose better? Better quality? Any reason I should prefer it over the old? Because I like the look of the knees and the shorter chubbier limbs on the old.

      And will this older body ever be restocked?

      Also, were the magnetic bodies just limited?

      One last thing xD Does "snow skin" = "old floral white skin" or at least something similar enough?

      Thank you for anyone who can help!
    2. Well, the new body poses fine, and doesn't have the issues with the knee popping out that the older body had. It doesn't have the gate sanding issues of the last version of the old body either--no flat knees or behinds. It's strung well, and stands well. The hand sculpt is very, very nice, and the feet seem more delicate. They will wear Barbie clothing much easier. The sculpt is more elegant, fairy-like.

      Do I prefer it? No.

      In my opinion only: The new body lacks a lot of the definition of the old body, especially in the lower torso, though the upper torso piece looks to be exactly the same. The arms and legs are much slimmer than the previous version, which to me looks a bit awkward. The legs are not as bad, they just don't seem to fit the hip ball as well. The arms don't look as if they go with the torso to me, and when the arm is straight the elbow joint ball is much more noticeable than on the older body. This new sculpt just doesn't have the cuteness or appeal to me that the older body does. Overall, if given a choice between the two bodies, I'd choose the first version.

      As for whether or not the older body will be restocked, that would be a question for Bambicrony.

      I believe the magnetic bodies are only for their elf/fairy versions. Those have all been limited so far.

      Snow skin is the new name for their white skin. I do believe it is whiter than the old floral white, but I don't own either, so I couldn't tell you for sure.

      Hope this was helpful.
    3. clochette - That was very helpful! Thank you! I like the look of the older body as well, more childlike, but I see how the new one is more fairy-like for the new elf/fairy/fantasy releases.

      Silly me, didn't think to ask on Bambicrony's Q&A board. I did and here's what I got:

      I was worried that they might not be made anymore since there is a version 2 body but it looks like they are going to restock and I'll just have to be patient. I know when I looked about a month ago, there WAS a magnet option when ordering just the body, and from the sounds of it, it may be offered again once it's restocked. YAY! ^^

      Sweetiemi - Thank you, I missed that! That really helps too and I have official word those colors are the same now. =3

      If anyone else has opinions on the different Bambicrony bodies and how they pose, please still post! =D
    4. Hello,
      I appreciate your questions.
      My question is how do you change the heads? for like the sleeping roko to the awake roko? Is it easy to change it out? or is it better to buy a body for the sleeping roko head and a body for the awake roko head? thank you for your time and help.*_*

    5. It is a little tricky to change the bodies out, but it can be done. I don't know if ALL Bambicrony heads are made the same way, but my Kumi has a magnetic head cap. You pop that off and inside the head there is an S-hook. Make the S hook go through the space at the bottom of her head.

      To put a head back on, it helps to use wire to pull the strings through the bottom of the head, and then attach the S hook.

      I hope that made sense without pictures. ^^

      I guess if you want to buy two bodies or not depends: do you want two faces for the same character or two different characters? I know I want to have twin YoSD Suzunas one day - one with sleep eyes and one with open eyes. That could be cute with Roko too!
    6. NyuNyu's dirrections are perfect, but I took some pictures too incase it you haven't got a doll yet to have seen inside their head.

      Tilt headcap back and lift up (it has a little lip on the back)

      The S hook is sitting in a horizontal indentation - lift up and turn lowering gently into vertical slot l.

      Lift off body
      (I took a picture so you can see slot/indent without the hook)

      Place other head on body, hook through vertical slot, lift and turn hook to sit back into the horizontal indentation to secure head in place.