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BambiCrony (CB) body Ver. 2 question...

Jun 25, 2008

    1. :sweat I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm very new to this and I have no idea myself...

      If I bought the BambiCrony Ciao Bella body (ver 2) does it come with a head? Or just the body? I tried to find the information elsewhere, and I couldn't, so I also apologize if I wasn't looking in the right place and this was answered before :(

      The thing is: I want the cute little fairy body and face, without the extras that come with the Fairy herself in the Wonder World section. I don't want a face-up or anything, so I was thinking that it made more send to just get the body without the extras...
      But if the doll doesn't come with a head, then I'd be better off just getting the Fairy version.

      Please help, if you can! Sorry again is this is a stupid question....
    2. If you order the body, that is all you get. You would have to buy the head separately. And none are available right now
    3. You can buy the fairy girl without faceup or extras :) but wings are included. if you dont wish to have them, you can sell them when you recive your doll
    4. Darnit, that's what I thought. Thanks for your help!
    5. Thanks for your help :)
    6. Is it something you already ordered, or you haven't yet? If you've already ordered just the body, I'm sure you could contact them and get it changed (or cancel if you haven't paid yet).
    7. No, I haven't ordered it yet, though it was close! :doh
      Something made me stop and come as you guys here before I put the order through. Thanks for your help! :)
    8. Let me get it straight. You want Kiera with the new body, but you don't want her with wings? Because the only extra included with her by default are wings and eyes. For the rest (outfit, wig, shoes, make-up) you need to pay more.

      If that's the case, then you probably won't have much trouble selling the wings later. However since the fairy body comes with magnets installed in the torso, they might be seen through the resin slightly, depending on the cast.