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Bambicrony doll craftsmanship

Aug 10, 2006

    1. I purchased from Bambicrony a Kumi during the buy a doll get a head for free promotion. After a long wait, my doll arrived. I've not seen many owner pictures on the forum and wanted to see if their doll has the same kind of problems as mine does.

      Here are some pictures of defects on my doll.

      This is the doll I received:

      At first glance, she looks really nice. I chose the Viya faceup and it's very lovely.

      Upon closer inspection of the doll, I noticed some glaring defects and signs of (in my opinion) poor craftsmanship. The finish of the doll's skin is not smooth or uniform. There is evidence of rough sanding in many places leaving scratches on the body. I could not show these very well with my camera. But here are pictures of other, more visible problems.

      Left finger showing a bubble defect:

      Another angle of the left finger showing the bubble defect:

      Left thumb showing another bubble defect:

      On the right hand, the defect is bigger. Here's a picture of the right hand showing the defect where it didn't mold properly and left noticeable indentations on two fingers:

      The rest of the pictures shows the heavy, bold, mold lines:

      Question for other Bambicrony owners. Does your doll have these same problems?

      I'm currently in communication with Bambicrony. I've sent them the same pictures showing the defects so that they can send me replacement hands. Also, they shipped the doll without the extra set of hands as advertised on their website.

      Even though there are heavy mold lines and scratches on the body of the doll, I'm not asking Bambicrony for a replacement since it'll be costly to ship it to them and have another one shipped to me. I've never done any kind of resin sanding before. If anyone can give advice on how best to fix these mold lines and scratches, I'd greatly appreciate it.
    2. Well, the mold lines aren't necessarily a defect. A lot of dolls come like that- and it's just up to you to sand them off..

      But everything else I'd take issue with. D: Just my two cents.
    3. I understand that mold lines are not necessarily a defect. I own several bjds and have seen anywhere from light to noticealbe mold lines. This is an exception though. These mold lines are the heaviest I've seen on a doll. I'm curious if other Bambicrony owners have the same kind of problems and any advice how to best reduce the lines and scratches.
    4. Those look like normal mold release lines to me, I had a mini fee body with ones like that over the whole thing :) Real pain to sand.

      Depending on the country your in, the grit for sandpaper is different. But you want the black wet/dry sandpaper in a fine grit, and use a cirular motion. Test it on a place that isn't as noticable to start with. (Also check out the customising forum).

      As far as the funkyness between the fingers, I've seen that on both CP/Luts dolls and Soul Doll fingers. The bubbles though are definately an issue.
    5. Kiyono,

      Thanks for your help and sanding tip. I'm searching through the customizing forum for sanding information. I'm in the USA and have access to 2,000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Do you use the it wet or dry?
    6. Her face is gorgeous, but the quality control is really lacking!

      I think we get used to the high price of BJD dolls and forget that these are very expensive items. If you paid $300 to $400 for a pair of shoes and they had poor quality stitching or flaws in the leather, I guarantee you we'd be squacking!

      I hope you get satisfaction from the seller. Reputation is very important in a specialized hobby like doll collecting.

      Good luck,

    7. My Bambi Crony doll did come with seam lines (but my $800 HyperManiac had seam lines just as badly, and took a hell of a lot of sanding), but no bubble defects -- I'm sorry you had this experience!!

      I'm sure they'll take care of it for you with replacement parts . . . unfortunately, in the summer months, there are sometimes resin-curing problems, and it appears that they missed the defects on your doll's hands.

      Sanding is very easy, if a little time-consuming -- a lot of people find that they bond more with their doll during the modification process, since it's very hands-on and personal. But, yes, seam-lines are a fact of life, and sometimes they're worse than others. The bubbles, though, aren't acceptable, and I hope that you're able to get it sorted out with the company.

      Good luck!! I've been really pleased with my BC girl so far -- she's just the right size to tuck in my purse and carry around, and she has SUCH a sweet face . . . I'm sure that you'll love yours once you're satisfied about the hands :>

      -- Andi <3
    8. Here is a FAQ about seam lines...


      I bought a variety of single sheets of fine grit sandpaper on Ebay, with low shipping.

      BTW - I think you should at least try to get them to send you a free new left hand though it may be impossible to get them to cover the shipping. A related example - when early Dollmore Banji buyers got dolls with badly designed knees, Dollmore made replacement leg parts. But to get them we had to buy and pay shipping for something else from Dollmore, or pay shipping for just the leg parts, or arrange with someone else to get them sent with their Dollmore order.

      Another suggestion - when you complain to Bambicrony, send at least that second finger photo, and use very simple English.

    9. delicateangel: I agree with your comments. While I love her face, I'm terribly disappointed with the rest of her. I received word back from Bambicrony that they will send me replacement hands along with the extra pair of hands.

      Ashbet: I hope your seam lines were not so bad >_< and I'm glad to hear you didn't have the bubble defects. I've decided to view the seam lines as a challenge to get rid of them :D

      Carolyn.S: Thanks so much for the link - really appreciate it! I did a bunch of searches last night on the forum for sanding and have made a list of supplies to purchase. Will definitely check out Ebay for fine grit sandpaper - thanks.
    10. Just a thought, but would a store like Sally's Beauty Supply carry really fine sandpaper nail buffers/sander? When I get my nails done they use a sandpaper type sponge--you might want to check, may be cheaper than e-bay.
    11. Bubbles are an issue? My Si had one on his pinky... I never thought much of it and then I modified his hands so he had longer nails anyway... Though I guess I cound see where it would be a bigger issie in a smaller doll because its harder to remove the smaller they get without destroying detail... Good luck sanding and getting replacements. ^^
    12. I got very fine grit wet/dry sandpaper from Lordco Auto Parts. One was 2000grit, and the other was 2500.

      You might have to ask the counterperson to find it for you. When I bought mine is was kept in the back and was for use on car paint.

      And it was only about $1.00 CAD for a 5.5 x 9 inch sheet.

      I used mine to sandmatte a Blythe doll, and I they're vinyl. I used it wet and there were no visible scratches at all. I've never sanded resin. Yet... But I think it might be close to the stuff they use for body work on cars?

      I found the sanding process to be enjoyable!
    13. This is the Ebay seller I bought paper from. I have not tried the paper but the back of it says waterproof. People often recommend sanding resin in running water to stay safer from the dust.


    14. Bubbles can be an issue in humid, hot weather. Making dolls in Asia in July and August is extremely challenging due to the high humidity. I suspect your doll was made in the summer and this could be the cause. Perhaps they'd send you another hand if you sent the photos? : -)) I'm sure they want you to be happy.

    15. a ceramic knife from volks will really cut down on yoru sanding time.
    16. Thank you all for the sandpaper supply suggestions. It really helps with my search.

      Dollyholic: ::waves hi!:: After receiving my Bambicrony, I look at both my 43cm Narae and Narin I bought from you as so much better in every way. The craftmanship quality is like night and day.

      lilmissmaya: Thank you for the great suggestion! I bought the Zoukei-mura Ceramic Knife/ Thin Blade and a few other items from the Volks USA web site - yay! :D
    17. OMG, I am so sorry that this happened to you.
      Gosh it may me change my mind about getting a couple of bambicrony dolls.
      Thanks for posting the pictures

    18. I've used the different grades of nail files/buffers they use for acrylic nails on the dolls I've sanded and they were fine. I didn't use them wet, though.

      Years ago, I used 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper to sand the final finish on decorated eggs. The finish was matte but absolutely smooth.

      I haven't used the wet/dry because I have equipment to suck the dust away but wet/dry is safer if you don't have a big fan :)

      I also wouldn't use your kitchen hood because the dust is fine enough that the filter wouldn't catch it.